Video: a post of the light cayo about the cavallos in a defile gaucho in Salta

A post of light cayo about the caballos in a gazebo in Salta

Dos caballos sufrieron un fuerte golpe en la ciudad salteña de Metán. The episode sucedió ayer, sabado 19 de marzo, luego de que un poste de luz se cayera encima de ellos mientras participaban del defil de gauchos en honor a San José. Afortunadamente, los jinetes salieron ilesos y los animales no sufrieron heridas gravespero podría haber sido una tragedia.

The parade is produced by the classic procession that, after two years without celebrating, reunion of 20 million people, the weight of an intensive llovizna. Accustomed to the testimony of various persons who establish themselves in the place, everything is very fast. The sequence is registered for the seigniory STV de Metán y luego fue compartida por el diario The Tribune. In the video, the entry of 20 seconds of duration, we know how the two cabalganets with the sombreros in the brazo derecho, when I heard a second, another post of light of the caballos.

During the incident, promptly, police officers were assisted in assisting the affected persons. “It’s a salvation of milagro”, Commented. Desde la Municipalidad de San José de Metán, sin embargo, no hicieron declaraciones al respecto. “Llama la attencio porque hace no mucho se reemplazaron todas las lamparas del centro de Metán por luces led”, indican los medios locales de Salta.

The moment is exactly what the post of light means about the cables

This Saturday, March 19, which is 150 years old, the city of Methane deserves to be the patron saint of San José. The procession is accompanied by miles of people and people who have lost two years of pandemics, finally, they are trying to recover to recall the streets of the city. The height of the high convocation, the local authorities solicitaron that compete with the barbie.

Accompanying the procession and the holy mass of the intentional José María Issa; the intendant of Río Piedras, Moira Dantur; the senator Daniel Dauria; los diputados Nancy Jaime and Sebastián Otero; and Mauricio Abregú, Secretary of Gobierno.

Tras el incidente personal policial se acercó a assistir los jinetes y sus caballos.
Tras el incidente personal policial se acercó a assistir los jinetes y sus caballos. “Se salvaron de milagro”, commented

For the closest months to the world and winter, the province of Salta is an intensive tourist agenda. The announcement was made by the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Mario Peña. “The reunion industry will be one of the most affected by the pandemic and is very important to work on the recovery of the sector”, said on March 31, in order to unleash the technical raid of Columbia Raid, a competency adventure adventurers for a record in the highlights.

Between the activities of the Free Council, the Assembly of the Federal Council of the Notary of Argentina will be held on April 21 and 22; las Jornadas Nacionales sobre Sistemas Procesales del Instituto de Derecho Procesal del Collegio de Abogados, el 3 y 4 de mayo, y un encuentro de la Confederación Odontológica de la República Argentina. el 5 y 6 del mismo mes.

In the last week of May, from 26 to 28, the students of tourism celebrated at the Regional Enlightenment, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the 3rd and 4th of April, the final of the Primary Regional Competition of the Empanada. Among the sports activities of the great tourist attraction is the Grand Carrera de Autos Clásicos, which records 1,000 kilometers in three provinces and visits Salta on April 29 and 30.


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