The recourse to the villages is part of the world of the flu in the most beautiful girls

“It is a time of influence, but in the years of old we are not given the opportunity to live in our houses, but in the end of all years we have returned to our classes, our sports and social life, but we are a little adelantada ”, indicated by the pediatrician Liliana Pereyra, from the Clinic of Niño, in a dialogue with Puntal. Explicitly, in such a way, that in the little ones the most common symptoms with intestinal problems, more than the respirators, which can be the motive for the preoccupation of many fathers. “Da mucho dolor de panza, diarrea, dolor de cabeza, fiebre y uno piensa otra cosa, pero es una influenza komún”, señaló.

Sostuvo que este virus habitualmente aparece a fines de april o mayo y en este 2022 se han visto más casos en marzo. “As a recommendation for all the activities that can be done in free air, sports activities, food, school, because it is presented as a surprise that you can have someone in this year of the year,” he said. very important in automedicarlos, “because the coronavirus is safe, he can consult a pediatrician’s head doctor”, dijo.

– In the case of presenting the synths, but to the garden or to your activities, correct?

– No, the child is sick of being in the house, but he does not want antibiotics or so much medicine, because of the virus he has on the cycle and as if he were wine. Aquel niño que tenga una patología de base, sea diabético o astmático grave, por ejemplo, por supuesto que apenas llega la vacuna para la gripe debe vacunarse. This week is a story in the drugstore, so it is close to the story in public and general. You can avoid sleeping spaces like the commoners of the pilots, but you have to hang out in open places.

This is an era of influence, but in the two years before we were given the opportunity to watch the girls in their houses, this year they will see the classes This is an era of influence, but in the two years before we were given the opportunity to watch the girls in their houses, this year they will see the classes

In this sense, Pereyra realized that he should be able to take care of all the parts of the bottles, in the fashion of the elements that the children want to play in the bottle: from another place, but I want to keep the cues that he installed on the Covid-19 ”, complete the specialist.

Society of Pediatrics

It is a phenomenal fact to open in Rio Cuarto también ha sido alertado por la Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría y el Ministerio de Salud de la Nación, que a traveles de un informé destinado a los pediatras de todo el país dieron cuenta de la presencia de este brote de influenza.

Ante el alerta epidemiologico emitido por la Nación, la sociedad de pediatras destacó que, “desde el initio de la pandemia de Covid-19, en Argentina, la aktividad de influenza se mantuvo baja. Without embargo, in the end of the year 2021 in the field, it has been detected in the number of influenza cases, mainly influenza A H3N2 ”.

In another fragment of the Senegalese information that is in the distribution of the positive cases of influenza by the group of children “he found the cases in all the groups and the mayor the number of cases was detected in the minorities of 5 years in the first place and adults between 25-34 years in the second place ”. I commented that the jurisdictions in which the current mayor’s number is registered with a positive result for influenza are the provinces of Buenos Aires, Salta, Buenos Aires, Tucumán, Santa Fe and Córdoba.

Entre las recomendaciones para la población, como medidas preventivas para todo los virus respiratorios, los spepecialistas destacan que se deben ventilar los ambientes, lavado frecuente de manos con agua y jabón; no compartir cubiertos ni vasos, y las personas enfermas deberán evitar acudir a lab activities, educativas o lugares publicos hasta la resolución del cuadro clínico.

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