Interview with Cristina Barranco, Director General of OMD Spain

Consolidation, differentiation and talent are the three pillars about the essence of the OMD brand philosophy. “In our culture, we search for diversity in ideas, plans, mentalities and search for conventions,” said Cristina Barranco, general manager of OMD Spain. A philosophy that, according to the plan, guarantees the comparison of 20% in 2021 and validates the trust of many customers (Beiersdorf, Bimbo, PepsiCo or Renault), as well as important aspects of its portfolio (Atida, Lidl o AliExpress, entre otras marcas).

This is an intrinsic information, the director general of the OMD also heard the question and the medicine as a key factor in the good development of the agency in a context that presided over the uncertainty. Recognition that this is a stage of “a lot of action”, but with great recompensation and appreciation.

2021 was exceptionally positive for OMD… Do you want to “give a title” to the success of the match with the year, which series?

The year to answer the rules of our business. Claramente, lo que antes era valido ya no tiene por qué serlo, y nuestra misión como agency za servicios es ayudar a los majs de 50 clientes con los que que trabajamos a entender los nuevos ecosistemas de negocio.

2021 ha sido un año, para OMD y para toda la industria, para seguir conviviendo con la incertidumbre y el cambio como una constante, para seguir practicando la capacidad de adaptaçion i una mentalitad maÅ Åbierta que nunca, muy necesario en un contexto como en el that we live. Y doy fe de que mi equipo ha sabido tener esa capacidad de escucha ante nuestros clientes, los consumidores y los diferentes indicadores del mercado para evolucionar como industria.

By the way, the weight of the sanitary situation is followed by surprises, the economy has been reactivated, the publicity has increased by 10%, and in the OMD we feel very satisfied with the news create 20%, thanks for the new customer incorporation like Lidl or AliExpress to renovate the trust of customers who are our new partners y hen incrementadoo inversión en publicisadom como motor de crecimiento de sus negocios.

We look forward to the year with the assignment of Atida (before MiFarma), a company in a moment of tremendous expansion with the will of the leaders, además de in Spain, the online pharmacy sector in Europe. And for him he confided in us. So much for a lot of action, a lot of initiative and proactiveness, with great recompensation, to be able to do everything and answer a question about the company’s route and security, to focus on creating our customers’ communication efforts. .

Let’s talk about the total amount of money generated by a new business activity of up to 40 million euros and the figure of as much as 90 million euros when we talk about customer retention and increase in investment.

“We have generated a new business activity of up to 40 million euros and a figure as high as 90 million when we talk about customer retention and increase in investment”

The pole of attraction

Blacke Cuthbert, who is going to be like the CEO of OMD EMEA, I think I have a fever since February chief digital officer de la red en an etapa anterior, comentaba que, “este era el momento mâ emocionante para volver OMD”. Usted hizo el mismo camino de ida y vuelta ¿¿Cuál es el polo de atracción que les hace regresar a la compañía? Why is this moment really emotional in the OMD hall?

The attraction of the OMD, for the best time it is also a camel of the world, is a company leader in the world level and in many markets, with a level of high self-awareness, always looking for the best, without conformity, words the rules of the industry and looking for help to bring more of our customers.

A company with a great focus in controlling with the best team, the best recurrences, and the best tools and technologies, which is the right vehicle to accompany the customers in a moment of profound transformation of all businesses, and of media, asking for advice insights of consumer, data, medical content, between many other things. The escucha and the medicine in OMD are a key, which is why we always guarantee that the reversal of the inversion of the marks is the best.

Cristina Barranco, general manager of OMD Spain (in the center of the image, of gray), rodeada de su equipo: Sergio Martínez del Moral, business transformation lead, a su izquierda, and Ana Escrivá, growth and communications director (derecha). De pie, Alicia Sampayo, digital business director, and Marta Jiménez, content and experience director.

Record yield in 2021. OMD triples international (global) invoicing and leader in new business classification COMvergence Net New Business and EMEA (RECMA also recognizes the OMD as the media with the best results in the region). What are the points that he correctly corrected in order to be able to have an exercise in a complete context?

I would like to see that there are magical magic, a lot of consistency, a global and local level, about which one should be the path of the company. This consistency and focus are fundamental for making things easier. And this is a hoa de ruta, además, va accompanied by an act of inconformism ante las cosas. In the culture of OMD companionship, we search for diversity in ideas, plans, mentalities, search for conventions, and search for determination in terms of helping us to mark our objectives and persevere in the final: consolidation, differentiation and talent as the three great pillars.

Consolidation of our position in the market guaranteeing excellence in the service; differentiation with a typology of service and product that can be used in the business of our customers, and talent for the benefit of working years to have the best teams in the industry. A talented talent who lives in OMD and places professionally. In the last two years, he produced more than 115 new incorporations of the company, of the cuals, 21 of which are new creations, which implies an opportunity to diversify services to satisfy the demand of our customers.

“In the last two years, he produced more than 115 new incorporations of the company, of the cuals, 21 of his new creation creations”

Mayor of fidelity

How did OMD Spain contribute to these good results? N Qué nuevas cuentas ha ganado la agencija? What happened?

We are very organically informed about the results of the competition process, such as Beiersdorf, Bimbo, PepsiCo or Renault, which has been renovated with confidence in our companies. OMD Spain takes place to be the agency with the mayor’s trade union trust.

Tambén chemos defendido y ganado Abbot en concurso y se han incorporado a nuestra cartera clientes como Phillips, Sanitas Dental y, recientemente Atida (Antes Mifarma).

Our consolidation route and a commercial strategy that can be used to maintain the trustworthiness of our current clients and to deal with future futures, with maximum transparency, which in OMD can have a reliable partner business results.

How does it present itself to OMD Spain? What are the objectives of Cristina Barranco on the 2022 agenda? ¿Se atreve a ponerle un titulo también a lo que acontecerá en los próximos meses en el seno de su compañía?

If we are ready for the evolution of the sanitary crisis, it is the futility of the predictions of the medio-largo plazo. 2022 acaba de emppezar, y estamos ante an situation muy cambiante, que nos obliga a estar atentos permanentemente ya replantearnos lo que hay que hacer de manera constante. The factor that governed inflation affected the manner of transversal all industry; the indicators of the market do not have any consistency to support the provisions, we will be able to last a lot of time to act on the right way to adapt and adapt the plans, including, the lenses.

If you want a title, play with us Better Decisions, Faster and in 2022 the lens series “Beyond Better”To build an agency that has the same success, that abraza el cambio, para ir más allá de lo mejor. Seek to reapprove, reinvent and search for excellence in el offering of services, in the talent of professionals and, for example, in the pursuit of disinfection of technologies and technologies that are available and agile in the volume of major decisions, and that are mediocre in return.

Choose the agency / customer relationship of transformation and one of the lenses that you want OMD… ¿What is the point of this fireplace?

I would like to meet you in the future, compared to the media of the industry.

Llevamos años trabajando en es direccio, en la que la differentiation a través de la aportación de valor a clientes es clave. A differentiation that we have taken into account the actual reality of OMD, our operational model, the structure of our teams, our new models of remuneration, but most of the issues are based on offering of services and consultancy, and, in addition, to medicine, which, in fact, is a fundamental element in everything we want to demonstrate to our clients that the inversion that makes, effectively, generously generate business.

Sentimos una firm determination and conventions of what we need our clients to be ‘transformational’, a model where the partner is in the strategy of communication and media, very focused on consumer consumption, to connect the relay form an inversion mayor. Y sin duda el ‘transaccional’, y el precio, seguirán siendo una cuestión fundamental, pero no la única en esta ecuación, porque primarán las estrategias que nos permitan connectar marcas y consumerid de de form significativa y que generen impacto real en los resultados de negocio .

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