El Real Club de Polo de Barcelona repite doblete como amfitrión

Al igual que en 2021, el titolo se quedó en casa. The masculine and feminine events of the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona gobernaron los dos quadros de juego del XXXVIII Campeonato de España por Equipos de 1ª categoría que, po segundo año consecutivo, se ha celebrado en sus instalaciones.

The combination of masculine, which is impulse in the final of El Perú Cáceres Wellness, mantene la se victoriosa initiada el pasado año en esta cita tras siete años de sequía; I think that the women’s squadron, with the triumph of the new front of the Tennis Club Chamartín, firm of the third consecutive.

Honorio García, Antonio Duch and Laia Subils formed the arbitral team that conducted a competition that you can translate into some parts of the Padelarium installations by the lluvia. El presidente de la Federación Española de Pádel, Ramón Morcillo; the FEP directive, Diego Gil; the president of the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, ​​Curro Espinós; the responsible of the Section of Pádel, Ricardo Cabot, and Isidro Serra, vocal of Pádel del club, fueron los encargados de realizar la entrega de premiums.

The feminine team of the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona is not an option The combination of women from the Real Club of Polo de Barcelona ratified on the runway with the condition of the favorite. The power of Barcelona formation, the main candidate for victory, but the option of their rivals.

Conquest the title with only two sets and a point of abandonment. The captaincy of Eva Gayoso debuted with a lot of authority before the Real Sociedad Hípica de Valladolid (5-0). In the semifinals, midi at the Club de Pádel Riba-Roja, which has a great form of support at La Capellanía A in their match (5-0).

Tampoco titubearon las amfitrionas que en esta penúltima instana superaron con claridad al conjunto valenciano (4-1). This is the final final, an itinerary that also takes place, a year ago, the Chamartín Tennis Club.

The squadron madrileña also scored an intratable result in the itinerary with an initial triumph in front of the Tennis Club and Pádel La Capellanía B (5-0) and a victory in the semifinals at the Padel Center Plasticband (4-1).

The final duel will take place at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, ​​which will certify the title with a full triumph. Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay anotaron ante Alix Collombon and Lorena Rufo (6-1 and 7-6). Ariana Sánchez and Lucía Sainz summed up the club before Anta Marta Talaván and Julieta Bidahorria (6-4 and 6-2).

Patty Llaguno and Marta Ortega scored against Isabel Dominguez and Cata Tenorio (6-3 and 6-4). Eli Amatriain and Xenia Clasca are impressed by Patricia Garcia and Sara Pujals (6-4 and 6-1). Nuria Rovira and Cristina Gomis scored the last point before Ana Grandes and Paula Hermida (6-1, 3-6 and 6-4).

This form, the formation of the feminine club of the affirming club, has been awarded a title that consequently follows the manner of succession from 2020. The property of the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona Also, the team of the masculine rehearsal itinerary has the title, as he passed the year.

In this edition, the Barcelona squad debuts in the manner of the roller coaster before the Río Grande AR Sipádel al que no dio option alguna (5-0). In the semifinals, the amphitheaters repatriate the event of 2021.

In this situation, the three most important points of interest before the Real Club Tennis Barcelona 1899 to secure the pass and abandon the other two (3-2). For the other side of the quad, the best of the favorites El Perú Cáceres Wellness, which protagonized a splendid act of action at the Red XXI Pádel Center Bipadel on the debut (5-0) and, according to the Real Club Marítimo de Melilla in the semifinals 4-1).

In the final, without embargo, the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona impuso dictado sober el conjunto extremeño. Así, locales Toni Bueno y Marc Quílez derrotaron con claridad a Aris Patiniotis y Javier Valdés (6-1 y 6-2).

Also summed up for the team of the house Javier Ruiz and Josete Rico that was scored by Álvaro Melón and Martín Sánchez (6-1 and 6-2). Fernando Belasteguin and Alejandro Ruiz also played the duel in front of Agustín Gómez-Silingo and Francisco Gil (7-6 and 6-3).

Y Coki Nieto and Javi Rico also won the first part against Juan Cruz and Ramiro Moyano (6-2, 6-7 and 6-2). For El Perú Cáceres Wellness sumaron Teo Zapata and José Antonio García Diestro al imponerse a Agustín Tapia and Maxi Sánchez (6-1 y 6-4).

As, the local masculine logger will edit the title that will be logged in 2021. Descent in the 2nd category The other focus of competition interests is centered in the light for permanence.

In the male square, descending from the category La Red XXI Bipadel, which is located in front of the Circle Sabadelles 1856 (3-2), and Rivapadel, which is located in front of Rio Grande AR Sipadel (3-2). En feminine, the descent is for La Capellanía B, which is ahead of the A team of the Malague team (5-0), and for the Real Sociedad Hípica de Valladolid, which is dedicated to Ibiza Pádel Indoor (3-2).

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