The brutal goleada of the Catholic University of Emelec is 42 years old

On the 23rd of March 2022, the anniversary number 42 of the most important part of the Catholic University in the Copa Libertadores, when it was 5-0 at Emelec in the Atahualpa Stadium.

Dicen que la goleada hubiera podido ser mayor. “It is a unique party, with football from high quality and high performance. Notables in the camp of the game. A solo team on the bench, infinitely superior ”.

This is how this periodist is recommended Alfonso Laso Bermeo in the press note that the publication was published in Diario El Comercio, in the day of the golenta cruise, when Trencito Azul passed by Emelec.

Catholic University disputaba, por segunda vez, la Copa Libertadores de América. Emelec, who had a consecrated champion in 1979, came to win the Guayaquil match 1-0 and in the return match, the coach Hector Morales gave all the figures in the game camp.

“The Catholic attacks on superior women in recurrence and in speed. The defenders of Emelec have been making puddings for children ”, said in the narration of the recorded ‘Pancho Moreno’, as if he were going to call Laso.

Emelec should be in the defense, but the emperor’s goals will be taken as torpedoes. Polo Carrera (minute 34) opened the marker with a goal of ‘crack’. Recibió el centro por izquierda en la mitad del area. Without making the balloon, enganchó and remató.

In the second time the wine cascade of goles, all highways. Etalo Estupiñán (minute 49) recibió el balón, with assistance from Antonio Arias, to score 2-0.

Cristóbal Mantilla (minute 70) also received the balloon from ‘Negro’ Arias. Juan Ramón Silva (77 minutes) y Vinicio Ron (84 minutes) close to the goleada, which was followed by 36,815 people in the colossus of El Batán. The recovery of 2,852,343 sucres.

“Redondo, brilliant, indisputable”, as described by the chronicle of the press of the epoch, the triumphant triumph of the Catholic University. “Superior individual football and collectively speaking”.

And the work of Fausto Carrera in the defense, the great work of the mediocampists Antonio Arias and Juan Ramón Silva, “Bajo la poloral dirección de Polo Carrera”.

With the beautiful sun also Cristóbal Mantilla e Etalo Estupiñán, que anotó un gol y estuvo muy cerca de hacer otro.

“Catholic is the most important team in the world. Emelec no pudo hacer nada ante un equipo superior ”, se puede leer en los parárfos finales de la crónica del diario quiteño.

Catholic University is just that with Mario Rubén Quiroga; Edison Méndez, John Landeta, Fausto Carrera and Frisco Cajape; Antonio Arias, Juan Ramón Silva and Cristóbal Mantilla; Polo Carrera, stuptalo Estupiñán y Vinicio Ron. At the 69th minute Mario Enrique Raffart entered the place of Polo Carrera.

Emelec indent a Miguel Ángel Onzari; José Rodríguez, Rodolfo Manzo, Jesús Montaño and Miguel Cedeño; Xavier Delgado, Juan Carlos Gómez and Jorge Valdez; Carlos Torres Garcés, Lupo Quiñónez and Horacio Miori.

The very price of the catalog as a part of a series of recorded durante years and your reason es victoria que maş attesoran los hinchas de Universidad Católica in the Copa Libertadores.

With the motif of the historical anniversary, the Confederation of South American Football publishes social media and a video with the few goals of the ‘camaratta’ community, with the relations of Alfonso Lasso.

“It simply came to our notice then the best plan of the Catholic University in history ”Polo Carrera opinion, that in this part of the show all the magic of your shoes is done.

In this edition of the Copa Libertadores, Catholic University is now 4-2 at the American University of Cali y 1-0 a Independiente Santa Fetwo of the most iconic clubs in Colombia.

The UC finalized in the fourth position and did not take to the second round. The team is here wait for 2021 to return to the top of the tournament of the continent.

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