Durísimo ‘regaño’ de la FLIP by Miguel Polo Polo to stigmatize at the press: “Promueve un ambiente hostil”

Miguel Polo Polo is one of the 5 congressional members of the electorate: I want to read something afro. Photo: Tomada de social networks.

Luego de ganarse la curul afro en el preconteo de las elecciones legislativas del pasado 13 de marzo, Miguel Polo Polo started the controversy in the country, pues no solo hizo controversiales declaraciones sobre quiénes pueden percibirse como aphrodescendientes, sino que la emprendió contra un medio radial que hizo su labor: ask and inform.

It treats the emitter W Radioa team of periodicals interested in this influencer that, following the request through the Registry to be held by the Congress of the Republic, but it is not possible to be included in the Foundation for the Libertad de Prensa (FLIP), which is a very important way to communicate publicly to the communicators before the citados.

For more than just a few posts posted on the official Twitter account of FLIP, the Polish-born entity, affinity for uribismo, is not stigmatized at press. “As a representative of the Chamber, I should respect the periodicals as well. The three countries have contracted international and national standards of freedom of liberty, discrediting the work of the media, and promoting a hospitable environment for them and their communicators ”, advirtió la entidad que vela para que los periodistas colombianos puedan cumplir su labor.

Y no fue el único reparo que la FLIP le hizo al politica activist, que recientemente entró al pabellón de los politicos quemados. The institution recorded the critical credentials of the periodical Paola Herrera from the citadel issue, as well as from the members who are radiating from cadence and through this exhortaron to receive the critique of a manner of more assertiveness.

“Miguel Polo should be more tolerant of criticism. If you consider that in the published note there is impressive information, you need to know the democratic mechanisms as a solicitation of rectification and not all the penalties, ”recommended FLIP.

Asi mismo, le pidieron a Polo Polo que se comprometa “Publicly respect the freedom of the press, fight against misinformation and promote a climate of optimism for the periodical, firming that it declares that it is held by other congressmen”, concludes the Colombian entity, where he adjusts to a list of norms with which the political electorate compromises the respect of the press.

Without embargo, like the popular adagio, FLIP’s recommendations to Miguel Polo Polo enter for a year and save for another, I can only react with vehement, insults and qualifying lows to the recommendation, which can be used to discourage labor from the national entity.

“Inviting him to save the disinformation that W W Radio is promoting against me. No sean complices. Nunca he solicitado ni recibido una beca como indígena y la direccio de Communidades Negras no fue la que me avaló ”, señaló el joven, oriundo de Tuluá.

And, as he was expecting, he said he was one of the political mentors, as senators María Fernanda Cabal and Paloma Valencia, who also deserved the promotion of FLIP and the defense of Polo Polo in the cap and espada.

“Polo Polo is out of order but not accurate. The FLIP activist’s death is now in the hands of a young black activist, who is humiliated, just because he doesn’t want to be mediated. Lists for defenders of progress! ”, señaló Cabal.

For your part, Valencia also criticized the issue in action and the fact that it was so critical of FLIP as the media: “Hagam el favor! Utilize legal actions against the media in the middle of nowhere; acoso las mentiras en contra de Miguel Polo. It is evident that the superiority of the power of W against a martyr of Tolú, candidate ”, dijo la congressista uribista.


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