This is the place of Argentine police Clemente Zavaleta durante el Palm Beach Open

Preoccupation in the world of sports: the police force Clemente Zavaleta

The world of sports lives in moments of preoccupation. They are very different and crucible in the life of Clemente ZavaletaArgentine polo player and boyfriend Trillizas de Orowho has played the role of a celebrity cabaret in a party in a game Palm Beach (Florida) and should be hospitalized for emergency. An accident that happened 15 minutes inconsistent and the provocative variations of the legions that the demandaron of the surgeons.

Recently, it is known that the images of the action that provoked the hospitalization of the emergency Corchito Zavaleta, quien tuvo que se trasladado rapidamente en helicopter a un centro medico cercano. In the video you see what your horse lost the stability in the dispute with a rival y ambos terminan en el suelo. He left the peor part.

Zavaletawhich is a game for the Canadian team Frederick Mannixdenominated Alegríatogether with the Argentines Agustín Merlos y Juan Bollini, which is visibly important. Your teammates and teammates Catamount –Integrado by Pablo Pieres, Ignacio Novillo Astrada, Victorino Ruiz Jorba and Scott Devon– get together quickly with preoccupation.

Clemente Zavaleta, Argentine polo player, suffers from a bad accident and a party in the United States.

Corchito I was hospitalized for a while. The official medical officer indicated that he had one coagulo en la cabeza only one lesion in the encephalic trunk, mentsras that un pulmón le sangró and varias costillas se le frakturaron. Specialists should be able to use the zone induce a coma para proceder a la operión de anoche, que resultó exitosa.

During the last hours of the day, a surgical intervention was performed to uncompress the area. Your state is reserved, but you can find out Infobaefind yourself stable: these people are constantly monitoring their arterial pressure and evaluating their evolution minute by minute.

The party in the que Zavaleta suffix is ​​a grave accident that is suspended at the moment it is equal 3-3 in the second chukker. It was found in the south of the brand World Polo Leaguede 26 goles de handicap, en la temporada alta de Estados Unidos.

Clemente Zavaleta es hijo de el ex polista homónimo y de María Emilia Fernández Rousse, integrant de las Trillizas de Oro
Clemente Zavaleta es hijo de el ex polista homónimo y de María Emilia Fernández Rousse, integrant de las Trillizas de Oro

Your father, you too Clemente Zavaleta . In the Triple Crown in Argentina, Corchito is the protagonist habitual con 7 goals of valorization. Your positions in the camp are number 3 (game creator) o back (defensor).

Your mother, singer and actress María Emilia Fernández Roussetravel to the nearest hours a United States to accompany the police officer 36 years. She is looking for holidays between her Germans and her mother in the locality of Mar de Cobo, province of Buenos Aires.


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