The cruise range of 14,000 Cordillera wagon heads

The figure of Don Antonio de Carvajal and Saravia certainly warns the attention of the lecturers. Don Fernando Morales Guiñazú, en su Obra “Corregidores y subdelegado de Cuyo”, nos dice que nació en Mendoza en el hogar de don Alonso de Campofrío de Carvajal and de su primera esposa Leocadia de Quincoses y Martínez de Busturrias.

We know that there is a lack of action in Chile, the captain of a battalion in the city of Santiago, the corrector of the part of Colchagua, and the leader of Valparaíso when the pirate Hawkins attacked the city. Pasó posteriormente a su ciudad natal donde el 1ro. de febero de 1680 presentó al Cabildo su nombramiento por el capitán general Juan Henríquez como lugarteniente de capitán general y Justicia mayor de la provincia de Cuyo, cargo que ocupó hasta 1683. Continuó su carrera militar en Chile, se avecindó en Santiago donde ejerció cargos en el Cabildo local. Murió como maestre de campo en una fecha que no pudimos meet.

Antes de ocupar los empleos mencionados, fue protagonista de un episodio que no exageramos al decir que fue una proeza. It is well known that the pilgrimage can be found in more than 10 cities in the city of Buenos Aires. In 1660 he organized an expedition to the pampas of the center of the province, because he had a troop that took me to Mendoza, seized the conductors and robbers all the way.

Carvajal, mostly Chile, was established in Buenos Aires in November 1663 and studied the form of cabo on the project. Contract as a mayor of the country that should be transferred to the cordon of the grass of the cordillera, Manuel González de Ybarra, including the hacienda that is inverted in Mendoza. The work of the two years and the retribution for two years was 300 pesos from a real eye. Para que nada quedara al azar se hizo una escritura ante el notario del Cabildo y de la ciudad don Juan de Reluz y Huerta, que hacía poco había llegado a Buenos Aires a ejercer ese empleo.

In February of the year Carvajal arranged with the haciendados porteños la entrega de dos formas de la hacienda, en caso recibía un numero determinado de cabezas y se comprometía a entregar esa cantidad en destino, pagándole el flete en effect. For the rest of the recognition, you have received a number of heads and a compromise for your account and risk of leaving a party, staying with the restaurant in return for work and guests.

The entry should be realized in March 1665, proving that it was possible to pass the cordons without inconveniences. Located in the village, the destination is located in the valley of Uco, where it is located with good shepherds, to cruise through the Paso de Portillo. Finally, the entrance will take place in the rivers of the Río de Maipo.

It is surprising that the archives that contain the writings preserved in the General Archives of the Nation, which contains 14,000 vacuums. We have an account of the fact that every 200 or 300 heads need to be rebuilt, without any cables for reclaiming, but I want to pay 50 men to dedicate myself to this place, a general mayoralty, some helpers, and the chariots to llevar los animals and people to cook for staff; more people who want to vigil during the nights can get to the price of people.

Everything that recalls more than a kilometer, in the middle of the dessert with the amenaza of the attack of the Indians, the possible sequels, ice cream, the calories sofocantes, and the cruise of the mackerel andino, where most animals and quizzian tambourine dates your days in the background of a barranco; it is that corao relief relieves de proeza.

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