The Accident of the Polist of One of the Trillizas de Oro: The Moment of the Fire and the Impact of Clemente Zavaleta (h.)

The constitution states that the pilgrimage is very large for the police, because it depends a lot on the type of accident that sufren. The great mayor’s greatness of the protagonists, paradoxically, menor the risk: in conjunction with the period of stability of the mountain, the jinete suele salir despired lejos del animal. In fact, it is usually possible to find the polis term with northern clavicle fractures, brazos or pears. In the open of Palermothe tower is more important than the world of this sport, los caballos suelen alcanzar velocidades de hasta 60km / h cuando están lanzados.

But you can do all that you can produce in a lot of speed, or in the middle of nowhere. In particular, you have to deal with the impossibility of the extremist player. Quedan como enganchados, sujetos, y al rodar el caballo resulta inevitable el “Lactating effect”, es decir, el golpe fuerte contra el piso. A pesar del casco protektor, que es de mucha utilidad y necesidad para evitar males mayores en accidentes no tan severos, los impactos en la cabeza existen. Con el agravante que en muchos casos el animal, en su rodada con el jinete, pasa por arriba con sus 500 kilos o más. This is a good choice for everyone: the goal and support the weight of an animal in these seconds that will be eternally.

Clemente Zavaleta (h.), A producer of LA NACIONFernando Massobrio – LA NACION

Accidente de Clemente Zavaleta (h.), Este jueves, en los Estados Unidos, durante un partido del torneo de hasta 26 goles de handicap por la World Polo League, foie de los más peligrosos. Hijo de Clemente Zavaleta and de María Emilia Fernández Roussse, one of the Trillizas de Oro, “Corchito” Zavaleta sujetó su yegua y se topó con rival, in a situation of a game that can be played in the games. The fire is inevitable and impacts, tremendously.

As informed by the NATION in an exclusive way around this evening, Zavaleta (h.) Permanently lasts approximately 15 minutes, less than a paramedic’s assistant, has a helicopter left in a helicopter at a local hospital in Palm Beach, Florida. in an induced state.

The moment of the accident in Zavaleta (h.)

The video of the accident at the Trillizas de Oro

The match between Alegria, the team of Zavaleta (h.) (Jugaba junto with Agustín Merlos, Juan Bollini -h.- and the Canadian Fred Mannix), and Catamount, in which Polito Pieres, Ignacio Novillo Astrada, Victorino Ruiz Jorba and the patron Scott Devon) are suspended, when they are 3-3 in the second chukker.

The state of “Corchito” Zavaleta, 36 years old, is critical play last in the last 24 hours for variations of operations to uncompress coats in the head. Además, presenta numerosas frakturas de costilla y tiene un pulmón perforado. Permanently induced. Even in the last hours he reduced the medicine and your positive reactions: you want to catch your breath and clean your hand.

Los Clemente Zavaleta, hijo y padre, durante el Abierto de Palermo
Los Clemente Zavaleta, hijo y padre, durante el Abierto de PalermoMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Zavaleta (h.) Is a native of the Triple Crown of Argentina, which protagonizes with 7 goals of valorization. Hincha de Independiente, is casado desde hace siete años con la francesa Isabelle Strom, amazona profesional. Contracted online in 2014 at the Chateau Saint-Mesme, property of the Strom family, and a good part of the view of the countryside of the church. Sencillo en su trato, ameno, suele jugar como número 3 (creador de juego) o como back (defensor). You are always the protagonist of the photographic productions with which THE NATION presenta el Argentine Open Championshipque desde chico anhelaba protagonizar, algo que se le dio por primera vez al borde de los 30 años de edad.

In the social networks, many colleagues of Zavaleta (h.) Are manifested in the social networks in the country and the family, with cadences of oration, something habitual in the police environment. In the United States, where the capital of the professional police officers of Argentina are located, there are a number of handicap categories. Participant, among others, Adolfo Cambiaso and Poroto Cambiaso, Bartolomé (h.) And Camilo Castagnola, Facundo, Gonzalito, Nicolás y Polito Pieres, Hilario Ulloa, Pablo Mac Donough, Juan Martín Nero and Pelón Stirling.

In the last 14 months there were various accidents of polar resonances, between the Pedrito Heguy (12 years old)hijo de Eduardo Heguy y ya recuperado, y de Diego Arayain full convalescence.

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