Regresa el Bachillerato SABES a las deportias deportivas – Boletines Dependencias

  • Leader of 250 sportsmen from the 7 regions of SABES competed in the disciplines of team training, athletics and competition of the Bandera National Team.

León, Guanajuato, March 18, 2022. The Bachillerato Advanced and Educational System at the Guanajuato State, SABES, is dedicated to the “XXIV Youth Games SABES” and the “XII Contest of Escorts of the National Flag”, in the installations of Macrocentro deportivo León 1.

The event has a lens that contributes to the formation of the integral formation of the students in their various ambitions, as well as the practice of sports, the competence and the vigilance of civil values.

The inaugural ceremony of the event was held by the Director General of Education Superior Media in the representation of the Secretariat of Education of the State of Guanajuato, the Director General of SABES, the Director of Physical Culture and Deportivo de COMUDE León in the representation of the Municipal President León, the Director of the Bachillerato SABES, the Coordinator General of the Alto Rendimiento and Discapacity in the representation of the Director General of the Commission of the Sports Department of the State of Guanajuato, an alumni of the Bachillerato SABES and the Secretariat of the General SUTEEEG.

El Director of Cultura Física y Deportiva de la COMUDE León, dio el mensaje de bienvenida a lost students:

On the other hand, the Director General of SABES expresses a very emotional feeling of regressing the sporting events, “in SABES we have a lot of content to have the opportunity to recover and be able to compete with the victims of deaths due to contingency. , this is our great satisfaction ”.

“Approvechen mucho este día dejando muy en alto a su región i centros educativos, no me resta más que agradecerles por estar aquí, que tengan una muy buena competencia y mejores resultados”, mencionó al final de su mensaje.

Externally, the deportation court realized Alexis Ernesto Barrera García del Bachillerato SABES Cabecera Municipal San José Iturbide, to finalize the inaugural declaration of the sports games by the General Coordinator General of the High Representative and Representative Guanajuato State Sports Commission.

The “XXIV Sports Games of the SABES” and the “XII Contest of the Bandera National Bachelors team, athletics and competition of the Bandera National Athletes.

In addition to the event, the participation of public authorities will be taken into account, in addition to the modules, information on the programs of attention and promotion of juveniles with the accountant. The institutions invited to the Center for Juvenile Integration, Juventudes GTO, the Secretariat of Health and the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office and the Territorial Order (PAOT).

In the term of each competency, the entry of the trophy was realized, recognition of the medal in the first 3 examples of each discipline of the discipline by the frame. It is important that the winners of each competency have the opportunity to participate in the sports games CONADEMS Estatales que se llevarán a cabo el proximo mes de mayo.

In the SABS we recognize our sportsmen who are ready to be represented by representatives of all competencies, it is important for our motives and skills to be prepared, which is a future of national and international competition. our state.


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