“Do dopa, puede morir”

In my opinion, it was part of my work

Lance Armstrong


The review by José Luis Terreros (66):

–What is the best thing to do with the sportsman?

–Depend of a lot of sports, the level of sportsman and geneticist. How many advances in medicine, more illusions are their benefits. Of course, there are those who have genetic characteristics, some barbarism. Pasa con quien se inyecta EPO, en el ciclismo o el atletismo. The weight can be between 10 and 20%. It’s significant, right?

–Lo es, lo es.

–Son doparse, Lance Armstrong no hubiera ganado sus siete Tours.

– What are the benefits of special benefits?

–In some cases it is easy to produce benefits in terms of resistance, power and potential: athletics, cycling, training, triathlon …

Listen to the Terraces and guard the silence.

In case of dopaje, it is an institution.

Terreros dirige la Agencia Española de Protección de la Salud en el Deporte. La Aepsad: la española antidopaje.

Y de joven había sido atleta: corría los 400 m en 49s y los 400 m vallas en 53s6.

–No progress has been made in June and July, in the era of competitions, the exams. I am a doctor, specialist in sports medicine.

If you have 450 ml of blood, but you don’t need it, you can have coagulation. And at night, on the pulse … ”

José Luis TerrerosDirector of the Aepsad

We are occupied by a party of the Union of the Federation of Catalonia (UFEC). La Aepsad recorre el país. Meet with responsible federations: present the new Ley Antidopaje, on March 28th of December.

–Ablaba usted by Armstrong: the impression that dopaje is especially instituted in cycling, isn’t it?

–No es asi. Pondría la mano en el fuego por manyos ciclistas.

The digo:

–Nunca accepted the dopaje, but I can find someone who wants to get back on the social elevator …

“Usted lo cree?” –Me pregunta.


–The dopaje solo es bueno para el bolsillo del tramposo. For your health, but it is.

Lee also


–Pero hay quien defiende que, dadas las exigencias de la strugición de elite, es mejor doparse que no doparse –le comento.

–Hablemos de las autotransfusiones, por ejemplo –propone.

– Why is it illegal to inject you?

–Veamos, esa es la transfusión autóloga: te vas a entrenarte en altitud, generas todo lo que tienes que generar, te sacas una buena cantidad, la congelas y luego te la injectas en julio, en vísperas de las grandes competiciones.

– Why is there a trade? ¿No te has given the hell to the general?

–It is 450 milliliters of blood pressure that I do not need, it can be coagulated. And the sportswoman can die tonight, when the pulse is bad and the blood circulates in disarray. Además, es una trampa deportiva …

Rebobino a la Operatión Puerto, hasta el chivatazo de Jesús Manzano, ciclista.

The US Postal team, with Lance Armstrong as the head of the filas

The US Postal team, with Lance Armstrong as the head of the filas


In 2006, Manzano’s death was dismantled by a police macro-operation with decades of detention, and among doctors, technicians and deportees.

Everyone has a lot of absurdities.

–To Operation Puerto … –the comment.

–You have a lot of frenzy and labels in a fresh and labeled way with the name of a feather and the cones in an unbelievable case, you can confuse and inject the other blood. De esa, igual no sales. I am a doctor and I am.

– All salieron absolut …

–Entonces yo no dirigía la Aepsad. But it’s a good story. Había bolsas de sangre circulando por ahí. La Antia Mundial Antidopaje (AMA) mandosa a Suiza y nunca nos dijo de quienes eran. We know that AMA analyzes ADN and identifies people, but not our names. In the final tampon hubiéramos podido hacer nada: aquellos casos estaban prescritos.

– I say that Spain is the city of dopaje and much more to do.

“Do you want to go to Armstrong?” ¿Y a varios triatletas …? The culprit of Spain has good luck and a great deal of money and money. Armstrong bought fire. And your doctors are Italian.

– What do you want with the biological passport? Is it valid to sanction in Spain?

–La nueva Ley Antidopaje ya lo autoriza. The biological passport (the period of data from a deportee to determine the profile) is extraordinarily effective in the case of blood: it has a probability of 99.9%. According to 99.78%, it is sufficient to determine the paternity test or the number of condensed people.

Lee also

Sergio Heredia

Facade of the Superior Council of Sports (CSD), an organization that depends on the Aepsad

Lee also

Sergio Heredia

GREECE EUROPEAN ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP: ATHENS, 03/03 / 1985- The Spanish athletes Jose Luis Carreira (s) and Jose Luis González (c), during the semifinal of the 1,500 meters of the European Athletics Championships on the covered track.  EFE / Mondelo GREECE EUROPEAN ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP: ATHENS, 03/03 / 1985.- Spanish athletes José Luis Carreira (l), and José Luis González (c), during the semifinal of the 1,500 meters of the Indoor Athletics Championships of Europe.  EFE / apj

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