Advancing the consolidation of Polo Productive from the Bonaerense Ocean Region

With a geographic gap, there is a corridor that is a reference to 40 districts of the Atlantic area of ​​our province including our city.

The organization is a part of the confluence of a team of leaders and experts in business, industry and port. It is located in a region that has a population of 2,200,000 and occupies a surface area of ​​more than 1,500,000 km2, equal to superior to different areas in the world.

“In this space we have similar problems that we can solve collectively,” said the conductors of the chamberlain, who is currently in Tandil, and won a press conference.

It includes the project, private and public institutions, regions, provinces and nationalities in the search for opportunities to achieve that, “by the way ‘production between the sea, the city and the country’, offers alternatives possible for a zone that including the Tandil, and which is located in the Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Park Tandil as members of the important entities of the Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca and Olavarría, between the offices.

Este viernes, Tandil fue sede se segundo encuentro a través de una convocatoria en la que se prevé consolidar gestiones en torno a la ide central del Polo:

Redolatti: “It’s an ambitious project”

El Secretario de la Cámara Empresaria de Tandil, Marcos Redolatti, dialogó con LA VOZ DE TANDIL, y detaló que esta conjunción es “una agrupación que empezó de las bases con distintas instituciones que se fueron sumando i conociendo a recién ahorañ, , is like being in the legal form and structure. I have a trajectory and this is the second reunion of formal después de la que se hizo en Olavarría “.

The conductor explained that the possibility of controlling the three important gates in Bahía Blanca, Mar del Plata and Necochea, in the region, “a little is the dispatcher, but the project is a little more ambitious to search for a region that is home to him. Olavarría y un poco lo que siempre que plantea, es que la provincia es muy grande y tiene realidades muy distintas ya veces nos quedamos en la queja de que no somos escuchados y que el conurbano siempre está primero, y buverse, díimoz ‘jumos about what our troubles are, in which we can work together and have a particular problem of the region ‘”.

The involute territory extends from the Bahía de Samborombón, hasta el fin de la provincia en Patagones y hasta el oeste, a Olavarría.

“The idea is a little better to make the production and not to have it dependent, so much for providers like entering and closing the market markets, through the gates of Buenos Aires,” Redolatti said.

In relation to the information of the different districts, about the problems of the communities, the directive of the CET signal that “basically divides the subdivisions into two large groups: the infrastructure, speaks a lot of Route 3, the ferrocarril and the port guard , which in this idea is a summary to be a little more expensive; que a veces uno lo hace en otras regiones, sin saber que se puede hacer internamente “.

At the moment, the Polo Regional is integrated: the Chamber of Industry of Tandil (CET), the Industrial Park of Tandil, the Association of Metallurgical Industries of the Republic of Argentina (ADIMRA), the Chamber of Industrial Metallurgical of the South Buenos Aires (CIMSción), Association Bonaerense de la Industria Naval (ABIN), UTN Regional Mar del Plata, Cluster de Alimentos y Afines de Mar del Plata, Parque Industrial Gral. Savio, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Balcarce, Chamber of Professionals of Puerto de Quequén, Consortium of Gestión del Puerto de Quequén, Consorcio Regional Portuario de Mar del Plata, Consortium of Gestión del Puerto de Bahía Blanca, Consorcio de Gestión de Puer Union Bahia Blanca and the Union of Olavarría.

Assimilation, we are informed that “there is a total amount of actors in this space, which only works with the relationship of food and service activities, also with respect to cultural, social, educational, infrastructure, etc.

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