What are the benefits of bringing women to work every week?

Between the capabilities of basic qualities to realize any type of physical activity or deportation of muscle damage. It is a capacity to be able to work and emphasize, as it is in the house of women with great benefits about health.

The physiology of the mother changed to the length of life, because of puberty he had menopause. In each of the stages, hormonal fluctuations are produced that affect the metabolism, the muscles and the muscles, between the eyes.

Y para combatir esos cambios los ejercicios de resistencia muscular son esenciales. Why? Because of the need to prevent only injuries, there are also cardiovascular diseases and sarcopenia (loss of muscle and muscle mass in advanced stages).

Experts from the University of Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) Laura Esquiusdirector of the master university of Alimony in Physical Activity and the UOC Department, and Cristina Rotllanprofessor collaborator of this master, explicit that benefits in women should work the muscular force.

Reduce the risk of legions

Al realizar de forma rutinaria ejercicios de fuerza las mujeres fortalecen los tendones y el tejido connective. This is to keep the stability of the joints, providing the legions.

Respectfully, working on physical fire is especially important in women with a predisposition to give birth to parents and children in major women.

“I have a strong musculature better mobility and ability to react en caso de incidente, y, por lo tanto, ayuda a evitar caídas y frakturas “, señala Esquius, experta en physiología y nutrición deportiva.

Grass loss

One of the most direct directions to work on the heart is the increment of the muscular mass. The musculature is a very active metabolic that adipose tea, it is said, you need more energy than grace.

As, as explicitly Esquius, we have more muscular mass, the calorie carorico sera mayor. “When the training is especially intense, it consumes oxygen, including the hours of training. This is what the warmth of cooking means to get more oxygen,” said the UOC expert.

Work on muscle fusion help prevent osteoporosis

Finding out that in Spain it is estimated that 22.6% of women aged 50 or more have osteoporosis, which is the key to preventing heart disease.

La osteoporosis debilita los huesos y suele provokar frakturas de cadera y columna vertebral, de modo que affea a la movilidad ya la independencia de quien lo sufre.

So much for Esquius as for Rotllan, he hecho de aumentar la fuerza muscular it is important to have everything in postmenopausal womenbecause of the importance of axillary density and contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis.

Mejora la salud mental de la mujer

Ejercicios como correr no son los unicos que ayudan a mejorar los sintomas de la depresion i la ansiedad. Liberian endorphins, which contribute to mental well-being, are also eager to help.

A study published in 2014 in the magazine Frontiers in Psychology demonstrated that the use of bad weight or moderates has beneficial effects for the audience. Además, as explica Esquius, also has benefits for memory and cognitive function.

An alumna realizes yoga in the installations of a gymnasium that can be used in sports activities in the Community Robert Solson – Europa Press

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Rotllan, an expert in physiotherapy and physiology, explains that working on muscular resistance is an essential hernia to reduce the risk of suppressing cardiovascular effects and metabolic syndromes such as diabetes.

A study published in the BioMed Research International magazine demonstrates that he also needs to train the muscles to absorb the ability to absorb and utilize glucose or blood sugar.

The expert said, in the case of the embalmed women, el hecho de combinar ejercicios de fuerza con ejercicios aerobicos se associated with multiple benefits. Between them, the reduction of the risk of diabetes mellitus gestation, the maintenance of physical condition and the reduction of the possibilities of a part of the caesarean section.

Combate effects of envelope as sarcopenia

One of the benefits of having to work on muscular blood is to fight sarcopenia. We speak of a syndrome that produces a gradual and generalized period of fire and muscular skeletal mass among the major people. This provokes physical disability or a disability of life.

Rotllan insures that the training of the help of the warrior is infamous, and at the same time indicates other studies.

Reduce the symptoms of polyvaric syndrome

The polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal trajectory common to women of reproductive age. One of the causes of this syndrome is an excess of insulin.

For this, “make muscle resistance exercises a good strategy to reduce the symptomatology of this syndrome. Concerns of high blood pressure also liberate endorphins, which contributes to mental benefit. insulin “, affirms Rotllan.

An alumna realizes yoga in the installations of a gymnasium that can be used in sports activities in the Community Robert Solson – Europa Press

Fireflies for women

But what do you mean by the benefits that you have to work in the muscular world, the question is ¿como and when working?

Para Esquius, el tipo de ejercicios que hay que realizar depende de los objetivos y de la condición física de cada mujer. The most suitable series is the equipment of a professional.

From all forms, in general terms, the professor of the UOC recommends making an effort to create between two and four weeks of the week, in alternate days.

“Es Important to support and avoid training activities. It favors the increase in body temperature and activation of muscles and neuromuscular connections, a form that reduces the possibility of legionnaires, “said the expert.

Además, Esquius también señala que “se puede entrenar la fuerza sin usar máquinas ni levantar grandes pesos”.

“We can make different rehearsals with resistance (elastic bands, pesas, etc.) media or league, which can be considered the most important make the movements correct“, come on.

Y para ser constante y no abandonar es importante elegir ejercicios que gusten y que se adapten a las capacidades de cada persona. It is possible to get an extra motivation to follow the training and, to make the most appropriate lessons, to avoid legions.


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