Epic Games, the giant world due of Fortnite, takes Mendoza to form young people in video games

“The City of Mendoza is the City of Innovation. Thanks for working with Potrero Digital (red federal of digital education centers), this unique issue allows you to position yourself in District 33 – a technology triple of triple impact on capital – and benefit from 240 people with an advanced capacity of Unreal. Engine (motorcycle game created by the epic game company Epic Games) ”, found out from the community.


This specialization is the example of the realization of Epic Game in our country and is a “dream of real reality” for Potrero Digital, which can be offered a trajectory of a great innovator of level and where the people who are realizing the formation of knowledge with a creature professional career without frontiers. In addition, there is a specialization that in this day is a great demand to take a special profile that can be found in the area of ​​video games.

This new free specialization is very important for the Potrero Digital alumni because of the great opportunities to open new opportunities to quiz before the results of the pensioners, because of the cost that implies embarrassing in a career of this style.

How to participate

Unreal Engine it is one of the most important motors of the moment, but only for the design of video games of the principle of fin. realism that permits alcanzar.

The interests in the course can be inscribed in the course link

This new formative ferry is included in 3 modules via 6 streams of 2.30hs of duration each, with a final class of practical presentation and a final work. Además, los alumnos tendrán disponible contendidos de habilidades socioproductivas e ingles a través de la plataforma de Potrero Digital.


She is a conductor of 3D artists – she has modelers, riggers, animators, illuminators, texturizers, FX artists, video game designers, level designers, programmers, architects, cinematographers and all kinds of experts who have experience and interest. el uso de Unreal Engine.

In fact, there is a great demand for a special profile that can be found in this area. It is because of the commitment of the alliance between Potrero Digital with a company of renown as Epic Games, it is an opportunity for all people of interest.

To be able to write about a 16-year-old mayor, have multimedia design activities, animation or motion graphics and access to a PC game. The start of the course is April 6th. Who needs these requests can complete the file in the following link

Epic Games was founded in 1991 and is the creator of the Fortnite, Unreal, Gears of War, Shadoy Complex and Infinity Blade series. The Unreal Engine technology of Epic translates high-altitude interactive experiences to users, consoles, movies, RA, RV and web sites. It is a company of video players sharing a seat with Cary (Carolina del Norte), now associated with the Chinese company Tencent Holdings.

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