The training of the fire from the college of health

A leading international studio at the University of Granada, in collaboration with the University of Navarra and the College of New Jersey (EEUU), has demonstrated that los centros educativos pueden ser espacios adecuados para mejorar la fuerza muscular de los nñoswith benefits for your present and future health.

This study planned a systematic and metallurgical revision to investigate efficiency of physical interventions in the school context.

For him, the studio of the leader Emilio Villa, of the Department of Physical Education and Deportivo de la Universidad de Granada, is basically based on the training of the muscular force, in less than 13 years oldha informado este jueves la UGR.

A recent update of the Salud World Cup (OMS) in 2020 recommends that children in a single school participate in a few 60 minutes of physical activity intensity of high intensity.

This includes medium vigorous intensity ejections aerobic activitiesas com ejericcios de muscular and axial strength to me three times a week.

The compliment of these recommendations is associated with the best in the world cardiometabolic healththe composition of the corporation and the inclusion of academic yield and quality of life of young people.

Without embargo, recent investments have shown a total of 49 positions, which alone 34-46% of children and young peoplerespectfully, complete with recommendations.

Specifically, the regular participation in activities that include exercises for muscular and axial strength, such as the implementation of exercises with the corporal peso property, salts, trainings with elastic bands, handcuffs, barrels of medical balloonsassociated with favored changes in the skeletal muscle system of young people.

Además, a bajo nivel de fuerza muscular in la infancia se associia with una for motor competence and functional of young people y parece, según las investigaciones previas, que los loños de hoy en día presentan una menor fuerza muscular, en general, comparado con las generaciones antieriores.

Yaira Barranco, co-author of the studio, said that he wanted to the interests of the child are completely connected with the adultshaving to pay special attention to the integration of health facilities in the first stage of life.

Por ejemplo, ya se conoce que aquellos niños con poca fuerza muscular en su juventud, tienen muchas probabilidades de ser adultos igualmente con poca fuerza muscular.

Habitualmente, el training of fire and its derivatives establish more opinions for the people who help the gymnasium that pretends to be the best in their corporate aesthetics.

Without embargo, he has learned from the literature that a good level of muscular blood can be magnífico marcador de saludthe majority of this physical capacity is now more important than anything.

By the way, this studio has been identified school centers as a strategic place to promote this type of practice of physical training in the training of fire.

As well as the most important students of the studio, the authors reflected that the exercises of muscular and axial strength, realized to my three days by week within the school context, can improve the muscular strength of children.

Además, se recomienda la utilización de intervenciones integradoras, que incluyen una variedad de actividades y materiales que promuevan el entrenamiento de la fuerza y acondicionamiento físico general, como estrategia prometedora para promote muscle aptitude and health in the school.


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