Senate: 15 curbia cambiaron de titular ¿Quién se las quedó?

Entender the new map of the political policy of the Congress, which is based on the dominance of the country and will occupy approximately the 20th of July, requiring a series of incognitoes, which will have all the mathematical operation to summarize the curves and movement gobiernista, independiente y oposición) podrían situarse una vez se defina la sucesión en la Casa de Nariño.

One of these inaccuracies is considered, precisely, to be determined by the movement of the leaders of the world, all of them in the Senate, where the most important thing is to change the political map. In other words: which parts won the curls and queues of the curtain, part of the base of which number of the number he had in the game was the age of 100 (100 national circuits), and which of the two indigenous circuits and the five of the Communes (part of the ex-Farc al que se le assignan automatitamente esos asientos) no generaron mayor competencia. As you know, the rest of the curve to complete the cup 108 corresponded to the presidential candidate in the second round.

The author of the ultimate newsletter of the Registry about the vote (a preliminary report that will change the term of the scrutiny) is that the historic Pact of Coalition and the Conservative Party of Lograron has a history of 16 years. The Liberal Party with 15, and the Vienna Esperanza Coalition with 14, the missions of the Democratic Center.

Quinto lugar, se ubica Cambio Radical con 11 curules, después está La U con 10 y por ultimo la coalición de los partidos cristianos (MIRA y Colombia Justa y Libres), que conquistó cuatro.

The basic comparison, by the way, should be made with the map of the political Congress, configured in the comics of 2018: Centro Democrático, 19 escaños; Cambio Radical, 16; Conservators, 14; La U, 14; liberals, 14; Green Alliance, new; Democratic Polo, five; MIRA, tres; Colombia Justa y Libres, tres; y coalición Decentes, tres.

This is the scenario, the primary conclusion is that the Democratic Center is one of the most important, the same number of changes, The retroception of three curls and the union of religious origins, two.

It is said, at the end of the month, only 15 of the 100 silvers of the party, no more. Obviously, the destruction of the Historical Pact suggests a revolt of the fund in the political map of the party, but analyzed in the cold the numbers that are clear and an advance of the center and the center, but not a profound remnant.

Real banks

To listen to the real political map, let’s differentiate between what is eligion in 2018 at the Senate and how it is always part of the commissions of March 13.

El Democratic Centerfor example, presented himself with the sensitive feelings of the ex-president Álvaro Uribe (875 million votes in 2018), in such great numbers he never searched for the show, like Ernesto Macías, María del Rosario Guerra, José Obdulio Gaviria or Carlos Felipe Meí otros.

In the final, the list of logs is dominated by 1.9 million votes, only 600 million votes with respect in 2018, when you are in contact with the expatriate and these other numbers of trajectory. Yes, the collection has lost a lot of curls and this is an incessant retrocession, but I did not register the decision to take over the maximum electoral salary, the least of which is to be the mayor of the mayor’s office in 2014 and 2018.

A su turno, La U presented with three very good words: Roy Barreras and Armando Benedetti (who cared about poetry) and Eduardo Pulgar (captured in 2020). In this order of ideas, in 2018 there were 14 escalators, you can dominate with 11, from the 10th round.

Radical change also disguised Venice. Perdió a senadores como Rodrigo Lara y Germán Varón, ninguno de los cuales buscó reelegirse. The first step was taken by the New Liberalism and the youth, together with the second, terminating the pre-nominated presidential president Alejandro Gaviria. Igualmente, la senadora Emma Claudia Castellanos no buscó la reelección y lanzó a su hija al Senado pero en la lista liberal (saliendo allí elegida el domingo). From other countries, lost, for being captured in 2021, by Senator Richard Aguilar. It was said that the domingo with 12 escalanes real in their stories, from the backs of 11.

The most interesting: Gobierno y Asofondos replica propuesta pensional de Petro

Do you want to pay 15 votes?

Come on dijo, los conservadores sumaron dos escaños y los liberales uno. Here are some of the three.

Without embargo, an analysis is made in the fund records el conservatismo tuvo un desempeño superlativo, si se tiene en cuenta que no partía de las 14 curules ganadas en 2018 como plante.

Why? First of all, because of the commencement of Aida Merlano’s court, she lost the penalty of the penalty process for voting. Well, Soledad Tamayo is still in time for the scales, but the final one is the vacilla. He will sum up the sensitive failure of Senator Eduardo Enríquez Maya, of Nariño. Claro, a senior senator who did not search for the election, as Juan Diego Gómez or David Barguil (presidential candidate), but projected re-election. Without embargo, the houses of Merlano and Enríquez Maya are full of lost votes. As las cosas, los conservadon ganaron dos curules frente a 2018 (pasando de 14 a 16) pero, en realidad, llegaron el domingo con 12 escaños.

In a lot of liberals, you can also make a differential calculation with more than a simple math of 14 and 15 curricula in the Senate. In reality, the stories told the roar of the urns with three sensitive sensations -y no reemplazadas- como las de los senadores Luis Fernando Velasco y Guillermo García Realpe, que se pasaron al petrismo, y la de Horacio José Serpa, que renunció a buscar reelegir . By the way, a total of 15 escapes is a very advanced advance to the waiting.

Are you conservative and liberal in honor of three of the 15 curls that change the title of domingo, and where do you want 12 of them?

Obviamente las miradas recaen de entrada en el Pacto Histórico y sus 16 escaños en el Senado. Without embargo, he has to have a question that is well new to the era of the new domingo pasado, no arrancó de cero. On the other hand, Polo entered the blockade of the past year, together with a number of senators from the base, with the exception of Jorge Enrique Robledo, who was not alone in the opening party (Dignidad), but presented himself as a presidential candidate in the location of Centro Esperanza.

In the final of the accounts, the domingo reeligieron Alexánder López, Iván Cepeda and Wilson Arias, all of Polo in the list of the Pact.

It was summed up that the Pact also included some of the three senators of the Decentes: Gustavo Bolívar and Aída Avella (the third was Jonathan Tamayo, who had a passion for uribism and included ‘who’ dominating the list of Centro Democratic). Los dos primeros, sin embargo, fueron reelegidos.

At the front there is a summary of what the Pact also said in the list of Senator ex-La Roy Barreras (relieved), in such a way that Pedro Flórez lies for example in the Senate, but in the Senate you can see that this is the quote of Senator ex-La U Armando Benedetti, I also read the Petrist stories.

This view is also open, it can be concluded that the Pact, in reality, is located with the eyes of senators in the border (four of Polo, two of the Decentes and two ex-La U). In this order of ideas, only I can find new curls in the past, from the 16th to conquist.

The last four

Todo lo anterior implica que entre conservadores, liberales y el Pacto se encuentran 11 de las 15 curules que cambiaron de partido el domingo pasado.

¿And the other four? Esos puestos los ganó la coalición de la Centro Esperanza, que llegó el domingo pasado a las urnas con la base de las nueve curules que logró la Alianza Verde en 2014, a lo que se suma el escaño que hoy ocupa el senador y ex precandidato presidencial Jorge Enrique Robledo. It is said that it is a block of flats with 10 baskets and a sum of new ones, which is 14 per week.

As you know, you can have a change in the political map of parliamentary committees, the people of the world and the center of advances 12 escalants in the Senate, the 15 that lost La U, uribistas, Cambio and the Christians . The rest of the three conservative and liberal sumaron.

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