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  • With the presence of the provincial authorities in the Polo Deportivo Kempes, the test was officially presented in its three modalities.
  • In the traditional Vuelta Altas Cumbres, there is a competency of hope and a trail running on the mountain.

The Altas Cumbres (EAC) experience, which includes three different competencies, can be found at the epicenter of the Mina Clavero location. For example, the edition of “Nado Altas Cumbres” is being held, competing in the open water that will inaugurate the event, the 25th of March in Club APA2 (dique La Viña). On Saturday, the 26th, there was a tour of the running track of the “Run Altas Cumbres” train, with a salute from Mina Clavero. By the way, the domingo is realized once the consecutive year of “Vuelta Altas Cumbres” of the cycling cycle.

The presentation was held at the Polo Deportivo Kempes, with the presence of the President of the Córdoba Deportes Agency, Hector Campana; the vice-president of the ACD, Gonzalo Sosa; and vocal of the Córdoba Tourism Agency, Alejandro Lastra.

Tambéen estuvieron el intendente de Mina Clavero, Claudio Manzanelli; the director of Turismo de Mina Clavero, Emiliano Podluzansky; the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture of Mina Clavero, Ariel Panella; the mayor of Las Rabonas, Marcelo Matos; the director of the Tourism of Las Rabonas, Alberto Martínez, among the other provincial authorities. Participate in the organization of the event “Deportistas de Aventura”, assistants Sandra Scholz, Juan Ávila, Ricardo Graglia and Agustina Tagle.

Campaign approves presentation to download: “It is an event that benefits a very important sector of our province. This competency is transcendent, but only that it is installed, but that it generates a generation in the community ”.

For your part, Manzanelli said: “It is a great event to be deportivated by quality and tourism by the impact of a generation in the whole of Valle de Traslasierra. There are more than a few sports deportees, who together with their companions, are close to the capacity of the beaches of Mina Clavero, who are benefiting from the majority communities ”.

Download address: “This competence is significant for the province of Córdoba as a tourist offer. Present a proprietary supradora year to year, which distinguishes the national level and that he assists the people of all countries ”.

For the last time, Ávila manifested: “All these years are a new and very big problem for you to consolidate. This year, además, agregamos el nado. We want to have a lot of passion and a lot of care, because the people who live in Traslasierra can go, work and go on a bike, in a determined era of the year ”.

The competition, which corresponds to the province of the Province of the Province, contains the following modalities:

• Nado Altas Cumbres: above the open water with three distances: 750, 1,500 and 3,000 meters.

• Run Altas Cumbres: distances for participation of 5, 10 or 21 km. There are also ultra distances of 42 and 60 km, which are organized by the ITRA International Trail Running Association and UTMB.

• Vuelta Altas Cumbres: mountain cycling competence, distance distances for participants are 120, 82 and 32 km. We have three places of long distance: a distance of 120 km. in Mina Clavero, 82 km. in the commune of Ambul and in 32 km. in La Posta. All finalized records in Mina Clavero.

The EAC offers an integral part, where the deportees will be able to participate in some of the competencies. Además, has combined categories, NADO RUN VAC, in which it is 1,500 m above sea level. el viernes, run 21 km. the sabado and realized 82 km. of MTB el domingo. You can also combine RUN VAC, 21 km away. the sabbath and hacen 82 km. of MTB el domingo.

Expo Altas Cumbres

Además de atletas de todo el país, se ha confirmedado presencia ciclistas de Uruguay y Paraguay. On the occasion of the event, the “Expo Altas Cumbres” will take place, where you will be presented with more than 40 brands of food, entertainment, health, food and recreation.

The expo will be located in the holiday area of ​​Mina Clavero, in the entrance to the locality, on route 34, where the accreditation will be realized from all the modes of sports.

The instructions can be implemented on the web site of the “Experience”.

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