Motto of the day: Bultaco Matador Polo Norte

Between the motorcycles and the most famous of Bultaco is the matador. A model created by the Catalan brand for the enduro segment, having new evolutions since 1963 was replaced by the Frontier. Everything with three different motorizations and a notorious evolution in the aspect. Without embargo, this story is well known in Spanish motorcycling. See you Bultaco Matador Polo Norte. An adaptation that is only on the runways of the mission, characterized by a history that trades so quickly as a result of disillusionment.

All modos lo sejor sera situarnos en las coordenadas del comienzo. Spain, 1982. Antonio Axeiro, Javier de Pablo, Aurelio Rodríguez and José María Molina are a combination of passions for exploration with different professions such as medicine, engineering and chemistry. But there are still explorators who want to be more than normal, because they want to comment on the idea of ​​being the first Spanish Prime Minister in Alcanzar el Norte. Y además en moto! Así las cosas, de cara a lograr el dinero necesario piensan llevar suficiente equipo audiovisual como para grabar la salida del sol antártico o diversas auroras boreales.

Here are the things, I think this is the result of the most attractive. In the meantime, in the case of Spain, he has produced a number of cases of major trips realized through the fabrication of national goods proposed by the Union of Patronizing Divers. Quizás el más cercano en el temêpo al de nuestros protagonistas fue el del Pegaso Comet que emprendió la vuelta al mundo en 1976 con el nombre de Operatión Globus. Oh, we don’t want to get rid of the world of the two roads, the Tricontinental Moto 80. monturas eran de la marca Yamaha.

With new generations to his spades, the Bultaco Matador was all a myth of enduro in Spain. No stay, this expedition will return a conjunction of the best part of the proprietors of the brand

Bultaco Matador Polo Norte, protagonist of a voluntary expedition but misses the media

The weight of the Spanish Diary Principals is known as the way of life – so much in the heresies of El País as ABC there are various news – that it is known that the exploration of Polo Norte does not include the public relations. Without embargo, there is a mark that can be offered to help all the people who are in my hands with our main protagonists. It is based on the iconic Bultaco. With a traditional tradition in the enduro specialty, this offer is made by Bultaco Matador Mk9 350 with its respectable cargo trines.

It is more, with this model as a base to differentiate different adaptations to make the version Bultaco Matador Polo Norte. Specific data on the route to the market, a new and reformed electrical system, heating system and the use of escaping gases and other major pensions to pass through the bank of the forest that will reach the area with access to Longyby in the North Polo. An arduo trip for the cad cada motorcycle debería arrastrar de 300 a 500 kilos.

Including here is the combustible, the comedy, the pontoons, the instrumental, the radio fin In the end, a logistics company to support one of the places most extremes of the planet. Además, y por si todo esto fuera poco, al marcar la salida del viaje un 14 de febrero coincidieron con el despertar de los osos polares tras el invierno. Reason for what the Norwegian man is obliged to do in all expeditions to port fire weapons, to defend himself against a hypothetical attack. In fact, it is possible to record attacks in 1982 that were palpable in the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union.

blataco matador polo

The difference between the expeditions of Polo Norte is the beginning of the month of the month with the great number of events that can save the moment, always with a context of adversion for the sake of the temperatures and the winds going on without a break

Fruit of the elk, in the zone there is a multitude of secret bases affiliated to a potency in the con con cucales tampoco era conveniente toparse. Y eso por no hablar de las frakturas en el hielo y las temperatras a -28º. Así las cosas, y con el apoyo final de la empresa de gestión deportiva Total Sport junto al de la propia Bultaco, la expedición echó a andar en marzo de 1982. Desgraciadamente no pudieron llegar a su destino, teniendo que dar la vuelta ante la imposibilidad to advance with a heavy load in an open land. No rest, but the world alone is the most normal, also the most sensible, in the tremendous history of the explorations of Polo Norte. Sin duda uno de los lugares más inhóspitos i aislados del planeta. Only in the waters Bultaco Matador Polo Norte llegar hasta semejantes latitudes es todo un hecho histórico.


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