El último Rey: quual fue el rating del estreno de la bioserie de Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernández is by Pablo Montero, the queen Juan Osorio señaló that alcanzó “las expectativas” (Photo: Televisa)

The past Monday, March 14 se estrenó The last Reya bioseries of Vicente Fernández inspired by the book of Olga Wornat. On the occasion of the issue of the controversy, the controversy was opened due to a production authorization by the family of Charro de Huentitán; to pay attention to the communication of Televisa Univisión señaló that tuvo buen recibimiento por parte del publico.

Acquired with the TV newsletter, the example of the production chapter of Juan Osorio alcanzó more than 8 million TVsbe careful that this series is transmitted the moon in the canal Las Estrellas at 8:30 p.m.

The last queen: The hue del pueblo register an impressive volume of audiences on the outside. More than 8,000,000 people in the first half of the series in the whole republicel pasado lunes 14 de marzo ”se leyó en el texto compartido en redes sociales officioles de las televisoras.

(Photo: Twitter / @TUPrensa)
(Photo: Twitter / @TUPrensa)

To determine the rating of the series, the TVs analyzed the comments of the public to the groups of children, for which Television and the University concluded that “The drama drama of the beamlas actuaciones y los altos valores de produkción de la serie compliant with expectations of the admirers of the icon of music ”.

In the same text, the TVs share some comments from the public, some people from the future breathe for those who have been injured in the pandemic, you know your world ” “What we want to know about the sequel and is the first thing that happens.”

This ultimate observation makes reference to one of the principal aspects that generate a conversation in the series, and that follower of Vicente Jr. in 1998 y the possible necks of Gerardo with the narcotics they are very delicate in the life of the Fernández Dynasty, but they do not appreciate that the investigator Olga Wornat initially started the book.

The conflict with the TV escalates his legal relationship (Photo: Instagram / @ elultimoreymx)
The conflict with the TV escalates his legal relationship (Photo: Instagram / @ elultimoreymx)

The controversy over the bioseries of the official series Vicente Fernández, The last thingtambién llegó hasta los tribunals de México, pues abogados de amb partes mantienen los vivos los legal resources to transmit or prohibit the series.

Recently, the representatives of the Fernández dynasty, Del Toro Carazoinform about the social networks of the failing song that Television has presented an ampoura recurrence to transmit the seriesI hope you will be able to notify the recipient.

In exchange, with the company, the representatives of the television company said that “the only thing that is known is that it is a waste of the Fernández family, published in a newsletter.”

Juan Osorio confirms that this is the next time (Photo: Instagram / @ elultimoreymx)
Juan Osorio confirms that this is the next time (Photo: Instagram / @ elultimoreymx)

“The falcon with what is being condensed before the society results in inaudita. Claro que estaban y siguen estando notificados de que no pueden transmitir su ilegal producto”, Consider the representatives of Doña Cuquita and family.

The weight of the conflict, Juan Osorio announced that the bioserie has been created by Olga Wornat has a continuum and includes an assurance that it is in the process of production:

“This is the duration of the week, we are on the 25th of March in the air, y we are working in a second time”, Said the telenovela producer. In conversation with the program For example, Juan Osorio also satisfactorily by the elenco de The last thingyou can consider the project as a reference to show that Televisa is better than its productions.


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