Quedó reinaugurado el polo deportivo “Heroes of Malvinas”

The Municipality of Ushuaia initiated the activities in the Polish Heroes of Malvinas in Andorra with the function of its nataries, y de los vestuarios.

“Intendant Walter Vuoto has a pedigree, he is responsible for the responsibility of the IMD, of the deportivo espacios de valor, and one of them is the Deportivo de Andorra,” said Guillermo Navarro, president of the Institut Municipal de Deportes.

Joining the IMD team, recreating the renovated installations, accompanied by the Laura Avila conception, the Chief of the Omar Becerra Municipal Office, the Secretariat of Culture and Education María José Calderón, directorates of experimental schools and educational institutions and the Provincial Director of PAMI, Yésica Garay. Navarro contou que “fue un trabajo integral y hoy es un día de muchísima allegría porque trabajamos mucho para la reapertura del Polo para nuestra komunidad, que va a ser utilizado por distintas instituciones, y por cientos de vecinos y vecinas que van a poder hacer u of the chickens ”.

The conception of Laura Avila was carried out by the work of the city of Polo de Andorra. “Hubo un trabajo en cojunto de todas las áareas del Municipio para lograr esto, poner en valor este espacio a pedido del intendente Walter Vuoto, y ya están articulando con las distintas instituciones para el uso de las piletas”.

El Jefe de Gabinete Omar Becerra accompanied the first day of activity, which, first of all, dedicated to the alumni and alumni of the CAAD and dialogue with representatives of the educational institutions that are involved in the place. “After the two years of inactivity during the pandemic, and the reparations that are being avoided in Polo, we finally decided to open our doors and this is the day of happiness,” he said. “The intentional Vuoto will always be able to open the sports facilities for the majority and most of the cities, and this is a sample of it,” he said.

The Provincial Director of PAMI, Yesica Garay, said that “we have a convention with the intentional Walter Vuoto for the affiliates and affiliates of PAMI to be able to enjoy all the years of distinctive sports and cultural interests, such as Poland and Andorra. important for the city. We estimate that we will be able to have 200 active people in permanent form ”. Aggregate that “we are in dialogue with the IMD staff to present the mayor with an offer of activities for the adult mayors of the city, and who will be able to improve the space in which they can recreate.”

“It was wonderful to finish the works in the Polish Deportivo de Andorra, a great work that will continue to continue with the articulation that we will always be able to achieve with our community Walter Vuoto with our community”, said the Secretariat of Culture and Education Calderón. “We are reclaiming the installations with guidelines and guidelines for experimental schools, also of the educational institutions close to the Polo Heroes of Malvinas and coordinating the workloads that can accede to and destroy this space.”

The director of the La Bahía de Andorra Experimental School, Cecilia Urruti, said that “for ours it is very important to be reaperturable, and that it is possible to marry Polo in Polonia with the girls of different levels to realize activities”. In the sense of identity, the director of the Jardín de Infantes N ° 24, Natalia Sosa, indicated that “we welcome articulation with the IMD of 2017 and that we have the institutional project of irrigation for 4 and 5 year olds. We want to talk about the pandemic and now we will be able to retaliate ”.

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