Petro ya es el candidato principal de la izquierda y apuesta a ganar en primera

Senator and ex-officio Gustavo Petro impulsively enlisted in the Coalition of the Coalition Historian in Colombia and consulted himself as the candidate for the presidency in this country, which also has a historic result in the parliamentary election. the domingo. With this panorama and the good numbers of the entourage, the exalted Bogotá also offers a chance to see the first presidential residence of May 29.

The last big step of its electoral strategy is to play an account with the centrist Liberal Party, led by the ex-president César Gaviria (1990-94). on the inside, he talked to her prematurely between friends.

For other people, with more than 99% of the votes cast, the alliance is transformed into the second minority in the Congress, with 16 banks in the Senate and 28 in the Chamber of Representatives, with the support of the Liberal Party, with 15 senators and 33 representatives.

Ambos Serán followed by the Conservador Party, with 16 banks in the High Chamber and 33 in the Representation Chamber.

Haha ahora, el mejor resultado la la izquierda en unas legislativas había sido en 2006, cuando alcanzó 17 curules en ambas camaras con el el partido Polo Democrático. This time, the Historical Pact is a total of 41 entries in ambassadors.

The history of voting also represents an incremental significant significance to the docena of parliamentarians who are represented at the end of the Congress. In Colombia, there is a lack of a lot of money in the mayor’s office, because of the alliance’s efforts to boost its projects.

El Centro Democrático, la fuerza en el poder, y su aliado en el congress saliente Cambio Radical (centroderecha) fueron los grandes damnificados de la jornada: el primero paso de 51 parlamentarios a 30 y el segundo de 46 a 27.

Le izquierda liderada por Petro tendrá que quar acercamientos con la centrista Coalición Alianza Verde (14 senadores y 11 representativeantes), los liberales (15 senadores y 32 representatives) o el partido Comunes (5 senadores y 5 representatives), integrado por exguerrilleros de las FAR that firmaron la paz en 2016.

Peter did not take a moment to start the alliance. La premura se debe a que el plazo para inscribir presidial formulas vence el proximo lunes, 21 de marzo. For this reunion with Gaviria. The eventual support includes Gaviria or a conductor who responds to a possible formula to support ministers in a possible coal mine.

Without embargo, some people are trying to recover the vice-president of the environment and feminist activist and feminist Francia Márquez, an aphrodisiac apologist who is now, with 783,160 votes, internally, that Petro is impulsive with 4.5 million votes.

On his part, the senator Iván Cepeda, who was elected to the list of the Historical Pact, also wrote an essay that he was in agreement with the authorities of the center to take the front end to the possibility of conquering the example of the Colombian presidency. insure governance with a parliamentary capital ».

Además de Petro, also consisted as a candidate for the presidency of Sergio Fajardo, for the Centro Esperanza Coalition, of the Centroizquierda, and of Federico Gutiérrez, for the Coalition Team of Colombia. This is the last plant that can be built in front of Gustavo Petro. “We want to find out that we are defending our democracy and freedom,” said Gutiérrez in a radio broadcast, according to Europa Press.

Gutiérrez, exalcalde de Medellín, 47 years old, won the presidential nomination of 2.1 million votes for Álex Char (706,000), in the primary counseling parties who took the lead in dominating the form of concurrence with the legislature. It is known as the list of the most important events in Petro, before the decree of the Democratic Center, the party of President Ivan Duque, funded by former President Alvaro Uribe.

“This is a union of all these sectors that defend democracy and freedom (…) Here is what is in the game and the country, which is the name of populist and authoritarian projects,” said the aspirant of the Coalition Team in Colombia.

Gutiérrez’s property is an example of impact in the re-election of the presidency nominated by Oscar Iván Zuluaga, of the Democratic Center, who has no competition in the primaries. “He has decided to re-appoint the Presidential candidacy for the Democratic Center to accompany the aspirations of Federico Gutiérrez,” said Zuluaga in a video broadcast in social networks.

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