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Two years ago. Only used furniture in the holiday campaign.

October 12, 2020. Aquella noche, y sin saber que ocho días después el país iba a entrar en confinamiento estricto, se disputó la última deportivatad deportiva en el estadio Aldo Cantoni. He took part in the UPCN and the River, during the quarterfinals of the League of Volleyball Argentina, and he was the only one to solicit the organization that played against closed doors. La pandemia ya acechaba y desde aquel día, el estadio nunca más volvió alojar un evento deportivo pues se hizo funcional para luchar contra el covid. And now, libera ya de esa función, el Cantoni entrará en fase de refacciones y la idea es que a fines de octubre de este año vuelva a su función de origen: sede deportiva.

The Ministry of Health resolves that on the 11th of March, the 729 days of the last part of the water, El Cantoni is not even active in the pandemic. Hasta el día anterior estuvieron testeando y vacunando contra el covid y entonces volvió a manos de la Secretaría de Deportes. No embargo, but he wants to take part in any discipline on the beach.

Sucede que, según informaron las authoritades, ahora tendrán que hacer obras para devolverle su funkcionidadad y de paso mejorarlo para lo que viene. The lens is that in the following months the Cantoni quede list for alojar parte de los World Roller Games, which will be discussed between October and November.

So much, pretending to win the auction to find the work, enter the cues to figure out the cloacal system as a priority, adamas of paintwork and variations, variations, other.

The final. From the 11th of March in El Cantoni ya no vacuna ni hacen teesteos.

Between the end of March and the principles of April 2020, the stadium was converted into a hospital in Campania. However, before the possibility of collapsing the hospitals, the center of the houses in the house, while the Secretariat of Sports will be transferred to Annex 1 and all the offices for the strategic plan of Salud.

With the advance of the pandemic and the dynamism that is present, the hospital of the Cantonese campaign (as the children who have been trained in polydeportal differences) is not used by the authorities as well as the centers of education, which also helps us.

As it were before the first day and the need to summarize the points of the test, the patients of the Urquiza street were conspired in a center of the world, so much of the third role was assigned in the light against the pest that you have done. In the end, in the fines of 2020, with the history of the ancient vacuum, El Cantoni wanted to understand a protagonist paper because of the design of the center of the vacuum and all, where the most established establishments that generalize anguish, applied to the first vacuum.

Only 15 new cottages

El Publicio de Salud Publica informs que ayer no hubo decesos por covid, a la vez queron fueron detectados apenas 15 nuevos casos, por lo tanto se mantiene con minimas variantes la curva de contagios.

From the diario part of the province, 422 people were prosecuted and 15 others were visited. It is said that the positivity is really very good before the totality of the test. With these figures, the accumulated number of infected persons at the point of the pandemic is 144,491; to the point that there are 51 patients with an infectious process. It is a very small proportion, which means that 0.03% of the total number of contagious assets are active, when the sample is in the upper part of the country, 30% at the moment of the third third, when more than 41,000 sanjuaninos sick at the very beginning.

In the number of boarding schools, Public Health indicates that only there are four people who are required to receive attention in health centers. In total, there is a patient who is permanently interned in a critical area, but who is not a person who receives mechanical respiratory assistance.

For other people, the interns in the covid sector can be found in a pediatric patient (but not packed with puerperium).

On the other hand, there are variations in the number of cases, the total cost of 1,317.


209 mil vacuums anticovid fueron colocadas en el estadio Aldo Cantoni durante la pandemia. All, on December 29, 2020, the administration of the first of all in San Juan will be administered.


55 years old the old Aldo Cantoni in July. Precisely, it was inaugurated on July 1, 1967, and it was followed by the most important deportation of the province of Cuyo.


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