Angus Cloud, to make a fight in ‘Euphoria’ to play for Zara

‘Euphoria’ no solo es la serie del momento y la segunda más vista de la histori de HBO por detrás de ‘Juego de tronos’, también ha sido el trampoline that has catapulted all the protagonists to the star. Y no solo en sus carreras actorales. Sam Levinson’s fiction is a reference to a tendency to tendencies Generation Z: su estética, su música y su maquillaje con pearls brilli-brilli es lo que más se va a ver este 2022. Por eso las marcas se rifan a sus jóvenes protagonistas. Y si no que se lo pregunten Angus Cloudthat ha pasado de sell fried chicken in the neoyorquino barrio of Brooklyn to triumph in a small pantry of things that the boss of the casting of ‘Euphoria’, Jennifer Venditti, is looking for Irish pillars.

Even the main protagonist is Zendaya (Rue) and the masculine person with more weight than he Jacob Elordi (el guaperas Nate Jacobs), el secundario Cloud ha ido ganando peso in the second season, because of the narcotics profile of the narcotics, the most important thing is that the teenager will be enamored for example. Y igual que sus compañeros de reparto también you have to go through fashion companies que han llamado a su puerta.

Yes Zendaya ha fichado por Valentino, Lancôme y Bulgari; yes Hunter Schafer (Jules), lo ha hecho por Prada; yes Alexa Demie (Maddy Perez) colabora con Balenciaga; yes Elordi posa para Calvin Klein and the perfumes Boss; yes Sydney Sweeney (Cassie Howard) Rihanna Lancer Promotion, Savage X Fentyy Maude Apatow (Lexi Howard) is a picture of Ami; el pelirrojo Cloud acaba de convertirse en el primer actor de la serie en protagonizar una campaña de Zara.

Chico ‘preppy’

In her light hers, sweaters and anchovy trousersvery good taste of propio actor, all a style icon ‘preppy’, fresh and urban (del que también hace gala en su Instagram). The tambourine line also includes basic and contemporary pieces, as a white cardigan or a long cardigan for combining with pants trousers. By the way, we also have the latest design trends, such as the puck with a polo ball.

The young John, what the nation is 23 years old in Oakland [no se sabe en qué mes porque al actor le gusta jugar al despiste y porque no quiere que se sepa qué signo del zodiaco es], and what casual a study of the interpretation of the mission of Zendaya, is definitely defined by the Zara Man campaign como “a human being, a normal person, without the demisead of ten or so people”. Follow your words for the editorial photo of the bookmark of the Inditex insignia, which the wall in the life is “love”. “The world inspires me and I’m passionate about life,” he said.

The session took place in February in New York, the cargo of the legendary photographer Mario Sorrenti. And you can see that Cloud is for sale in the physical and online stores of the brand.

In an interview with the Norwegian American edition of ‘Glamor’, Cloud insures that he will not be able to talk to the girl of fiction who has landed in the name: “He is a completely different person”, jura. “Simply talk to you & rdquor ;, reconsider. Tambien compare with your personal and personal style.

University roll

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El mismo que el joven luce para Polo Ralph Laurenfor the perfume line acaba de realizar una campaña (después de haber protagonizado antes otras para GAP o Fila). Tanto Cloud como Fezco son muy de incluir los polos de ‘preppy’ style (los tipís de los universitarios de la elite norteamericana) en sus conjuntos cotidianos.

In the manner of expanding fashion, Cloud trust in real estate, but also account with a personal stylist, Tiffany Brisenowhich helps people in their ‘looks’ more spectacular, like the one in the ‘front row’ of the collection of the Otoño-invierno collection 2022 from Coach in the Week of Fashion in New York.


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