What are the effects of health effects?

Various Mediterranean provinces are offering a polio episode of the Sahara Desert, which is completing the images in Murcia, Valencia, Almería and also in Madrid. It is a meteorological phenomenon known as Cali and is very common in the Canary Islands. Without embargo, you can also produce in the regions of the peninsula of Ibérica, which is not very habitual.

From here, a powerful Saharan delicacy, which has the ultimate time to stay in the provinces of Spain, has become a mediator in this meteorological phenomenon, which can have an impact on the health of a lot of people. . Communities such as the Region of Murcia have adopted medical methods during this polio episode in cities such as Cartagena, Molina de Segura and Murcia capital, where the Level 3 of the Protocol of Medicine has been activated to adopt durable episodes of atmospheric contamination.


What is going on in Spain: What are the effects of health effects?

Es Qué es la calima?


Calima and Murcia


The climate is a meteorological phenomenon that can be produced in the atmosphere and is characterized by the presence of pollutant particles and an arena of suspension in the air. The result is most visible in a turbulent environment. Here are the interesting images of orange color that most of the cities and municipalities of Andalusia are parecen sacadas de Marte.

La calima se suele producir cuando existent fuertes vientos que arrastran grandes cantidades de arena y polvo (arcilla, yeso, calcita y otros minerales) procedenttes de miles de kilokmetros de distancia, normalmente suele venir del norte de África, desde donde es transánto , pasando por Canarias y Cabo Verde, y en ocasiones llega al continente y affecta a España, Italia o Grecia.

What are the maximum exposure levels?

The concentration of these particulars in the air reduces visibility, which can provoke transient accidents. In this sense, it is possible to be a pimp for the health of the people. On the other hand, you should be able to find out the specifics that you can find in the body of our respiratory system, so that you can be very careful to save your health and keep the details in the air of a continuous form. As far as the World Health Organization is concerned, the maximum level that can be found is that it is 50 mg per metro cubic meter.


An exceptional polio episode of the Sahara desert is registered as a moon in various Mediterranean provinces

Natxo Francés / EFE

The automatic control stations and the vigilance of the atmospheric contamination of San Basilio and Alcantarilla, the ambassadors in the area of ​​the urban agglomeration of Murcia, have superado el valor medio diario of 100 g / m3 of Particulas PM10, of a value of 144 g / m3 and 141 g / m3, respectively.


A person working in Aguadulce, Roquetas de Mar (Almería) who has been amazed by the hardships of the effects of intense heat

Carlos Barba / EFE

In Cartagena, the Saharian polling company in the penitentiary, it is motivated by the fact that it also consists of an active tambourine at Level 3 through contaminants in the medical stations of Mompeán, Alumbres and the Valley of Escombreras. In particular, the diary of these moons in the stations of Valle de Escombreras (203 g / m3), Alumbres (179 g / m3) and Mompeán (114 g / m3), super value of 50 g / m3, y with ello el valor limit diario.

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Chus del Pino

The power and suspension complicate visibility in the city.

The medicines of the stations of San Basilio and Alcantarilla, the municipality of Molina de Segura, are located at a maximum of 1,500 g / m3 at the station of La Alcayna.

What effects do you have in your health?

La calima tiñe el cielo de Murcia.

La calima tiñe el cielo de Murcia


El polvo en suspensíón en el aire podría constituir un grave riesgo para la salud humana si se está expuesto durante mucho tiempo. Its negative effects are proportional to the tamaño of the particles that the component and can provoke irritation in the skin and eyes, conjunctivitis, asthma, tracheitis, non-immune, allergic rhinitis and silicosis. For the most part, most people are affected by this type of phenomena that are allergic to respiratory pathologies.


the people most affected by this type of phenomena are those who are allergic to respiratory pathologies


Assimilation of exposure to polluting sugar increases the risk of mortality in patients who have algae heart failure. In this sense, from the Council of Health of Murcia he recorded that he had the intrusion of the African mass that affected the Region of the March and end of the approximate days of the sanitary recommendations that he adopted, with special attention to the adoption. the mayor rises.

Avoid physical activities indoors as well as outside

The sanitary authorities of Murcia have recommended to avoid physical activities and intense sports, including in the exterior as in the interior, especially for people with respiratory problems, before the provision that is superior to the normal levels of particular suspension.


A man observes the footsteps of the Mirador del Cerrro del Tio Pio, in Madrid

Carlos Luján / EP

In case of difficulties in resolving the heart disease (sibilancias, palpitations) you should consult a professional sanitary, reduce physical activity or intensify deportiza and prioritize the salts of the courts, as well as requiring me to experience.

Also, he was invited to travel through the main courts and to escape from his leaders in the periods that are concentrated in the highest seas, he said, for example, the man and the last of the torment.

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