Social organizations protesting in front of the Ministry of Social Affairs against the FMI

“We salute with everyone in the country and in the gates of the Ministry of Labor reclaiming an urgent district with the Minister (Social Affairs, Juan) Zabaleta and with the Minister of Labor, (Claudio) Moroni. We make solutions to the most difficult situations social that is produced in the country against the workers “, said Eduardo Belliboni, referent of the Bonaerense del Polo Obrero, one of the mobilized organizations.

Fuentes de la cartera que conduce Zabaleta dijeron a Télam que los conductors “no serán recibidos” por el ministro mientras continúe el corte de calles, aunque aclararon que “hay un equipo que está dialogando con quienes se movilizaron” y que, de hecho, ” permanent dialogue with social organizations, churches and NGOs “.

“This ministry will demonstrate various opportunities that do not want to cut the gap in order to start a dialogue and find solutions”, remarking and admitting that the Ministry “offers the protesters a meeting with the Viceroy and Vice President Gustavo Aguilera no “.

On the other hand, there is another group of organizations in front of the Ministry of Labor, on Leandro N. Alem Avenue: the front of the Front of Organizations in Lucha (FOL), a faction of the Front Darío Santillán, the Moving Resistance Popular (MRP ), the Front of Base Organizations (FOB) and the Teresa Rodríguez Movement (MTR).

In the declarations of Télam, Belliboni anticipated that he would not answer his demands, he summed up the protest that lasted in front of Trabajo, where the Council of Salario Minimo, Vital y Móvil was reunited.

“Mentras dure la emergencia hay que universalizar los social programs and duplicar su monto, también advertisam la assistecia integral a los comedores populares que el Gobierno no ha garantizado”, insistió.

Participate in the mobilization of the organizations that integrate the Block Unique Piquetera with the Teresa Rodríguez Movement (MTR); MTR- Votamos Luchar; CUBa-MTR; Bloque Piquetero Nacional; the Armando Conciencia Group; MTR April 12; Front of Resistance; el Territorial Liberation (MTL) and Polo Obrero (PO).

Assimilation of estuvieron present conductors of Movimiento Barrios de Pie / Libres del Sur; Coordinator for the Social Exchange; el MST Teresa Vive; el Frente de Organizaciones en Lucha (FOL); el Movimiento de los Pueblos y faracciones del Frente Popular Darío Santillán.

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