Euneiz University offers professional talent to conquer new professional skills

University studies at the vanguard of the new demands

With a disruptive philosophy in the integration of disciplinary differences and a methodology ‘Learning by doing’, EUNEIZ offers a total of 180 plazas en cuatro titulaciones Cuyo nexo de unión is proportional to the students a formation of vanguardia and altamente personalizada, enfocada a la profesionalidad y el emprendizaje. This university offers a qualification in the specifics of the new technologies, and in the application of distinctive connoisseurs, especially related to health and sports, where integrated university degrees are integrated.

• Grado en Ingeniería Multimedia: El Campo de la Multimedia llega al País Vasco con esta titulación orientada a formar profesiales que respondan a las demandas de productos y servicios interaktivos que emergen de un mundo cada vez más virtualizado. La Ingeniería Multimedia treats a transversal and strategic material that agglutinates all types of disciplines and requires them through the web sector, the applications in mobility, technical technologies, and any interactive product with application in all types of final sectors. Of course, the design and implementation are required interactive content such as automotive, tourism, marketing education, between many others. He is a humanist engineer with mathematics or physics assignments, but also art, music, and graphic design.

• Degree in Music and Sound Production for the Entertainment Industry: Uncle in the Country of Vasco, this degree pretends to be the best and most useful skills for music and sound production orientations to video games and entertainment industry. It also offers university education in new musical technologies, the sound design of music, as well as applications for digital content. Creative and technological ambitions, and between the musical sectors, are in demand in the manner of increasing multi-faceted profiles in the form of special education programs specific to the development of digital products.

• Grado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte: Los titulados en este grado podrán planificar, dirigir i evaluar metodos de trabajo eficientes dentro de los ambitos de la educación, el entrenamiento, la salud y la calidad de vida, la gestión the eye. With an integrated integrator of new technologies, the plant specializes in new specializations such as Sports and Rehabilitation Directoratede la mano de Baskonia y Deportivo Alavés, without working on other professional areas. This city is present 77% of birthdaysthanks to the practice of sports practice in all levels and, consequently, the support of the sports industry as a sector of economic magnitude.

• Degree in Physiotherapy: Planning the incorporation of technological tools to develop innovative treatments that, in addition, contribute to the best of the effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic results. The students are under control design and unload computer information and applications (APP) for mobile devices to include in the field as physiotherapists, so that they can refer to diagnostic like al treatment in different areas of activation. The impact of the enlightenment and the impact of the pandemic has provoked an increase in the interests of the studios related to health issues, as demonstrated by the elevated indices of this city in El País Vasco. The synergies with the different technological studios allow us to implement collaboration projects to prepare alumni for digital future.

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