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I don’t want to take more than two minutes to record a person who has been sent away (if he hasn’t been able to save us). Y no es que se rodee de mala suerte, sino que es una lesión de lo más común entre la población. There are miles of beautiful houses in the world. Además, no ocurre unukamente durante la ppractica de deporte sino que le puede pasar a caququier persona que no tenga preparados sus tehidos para hacer frente a una “metedura de pata”.

The weight of the frequency, but we know so much respect as we think, can be the last year he has recommended new news that he has a lot of popular treatments like the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the cost. But before entering the material, we know how to produce this lesson.

Asi se produced el temido esguince

Imagine that you are going on a tour of the country, that you are going to work, working on the fireplace to buy the pan and to play against a “torpedo torque”. Warning!

Lagados a este punto, debe saber que el esguince majs comun se produ por por inversión. It is said that the articulation has more or less the rank of a physiologically motivated movement that is normal and gets better.

Asi deriva en uno de los tres grados de lesión (grado 1 o leve, donde se produn micrororroturas de los ligamentos; grado 2 o moderado, en el que habrá una rotura parcial, y grado 3, que será el peor desenlace, en el cual has a total turn).

Alarms, we need to know how to proceed and be alone or not to differentiate the posterior process of recovery. At the moment we want to take the opportunity to notarize and hypersensitivity to work and debate. This initial inflammation is generally localized to compromised ligaments. Without embargo, many people from the medical school have received and with the frequency of hypotension and possible hematoma are present in the form of diffuse, deficient in diagnosis.

How long does it take to recover?

The times of recovery of a squirrel of a madman will be a leader of three days for a city of life; between a week and six months at a time when there is a partial turn; y hasta un año si hay rotura total e kurgúrgica. In this script, además de la gravedad, influenced the first examples.

As it was mentioned, the mayor of the lesser strands of white balls (as muscles, ligaments, tendons or hues) is characterized by an intermediate weight. You can do less than a minute. From the fact that the main objective sea limit is internally and to the best, with the final condition of the conditions for the posterior treatment and for a quick return to the activities of the diarrhea, sports or laboratory. ¿Qué hacemos entonces al respecto?

This article can be used as a reception desk to recover from a lesson. Without embargo, it is possible to design such great things as the imagination. For this reason, we are centered in making it easy to produce the lesson for which it is possible to have a better pregnancy.

El uso de hielo, a debate

Traditionally, the medical principles are denominated ICE, the acronym Ice (cold), Compression (compression for sale) y Elevation (elevation of the legionary member).

Let’s go with the first of them, the cold. The procedure for the application of the glass must be very present for its main function: align the dollar for its analgesic effect. Hay evidentcia, pero también controversia respecto a su uso y al tiempo de aplicación. Why?

The application of intermediate modal differences (yellow piccolo, combed bags, with salt, etc.) reduce the fluctuation only between 5 and 10% of centimeters per foot in about 10 minutes of application.

In order to increase its effectiveness, it is necessary to apply more time, but to provoke an excessive vasoconstriction that impedes the production of an inflammatory cascade that is necessary to correct the repair of the tape (incremental inclination of the risk of loss). There are various recommendations and protocols about the use of ice in the repair of white blood vessels (as the ligaments), but no one with a strong record.

Junto con la controversia sobre el uso del hielo encontramos también el polemico consumo de antiinflamatorios, ya que ambos tienen un efecto similar. We have to keep in mind that the inflammation is always negative, and that it has the main function of repairing the Danish tax. So much so that inflammation can lead to negatively affecting the treatment of long-term plague.

Pearl elevada for the heart of the heart and sells finished but not sick. Shutterstock / Sirisak_baokaew

Celebrate the pier, but for the heart of the heart

The second element to have in mind is the elevation of the spring in the case of the wind, for the effect is similar to the authorization of the sanguine flux.

That is, it is recommended to kill the extremity of 30 centimeters by the level of the heart. We are not served to the senters with the pier. For this reason, you are the first of the two days, to the hour of astonishment, you are the first to come.

It has been observed that the beneficiaries have benefited from the elevation combined with other important points: compression (other than the points that disqualify the acronym ICE).

The main action is to reduce edema, one of the causative agents of the disease, reduce the health of the river and avoid cavern in the tentation of moving the tobillo. For it, we recommend the application of a vendor, but not elastic, to be elastic, to reduce the inflammation due to the first days.

Reposo o levimiento leve?

More than that, ICE met in RICE when he started the time, today Rest (rest). What time is it? Give me an explanation. Hace unos años, el reposo siempre se había enfocado con la idea de no empeorar la lesión, de evitar que chronificara y tardara más en recuperarse.

For this reason, the reposo is absolutely absolute as a panacea for the recovery of an optimum from a lesson. It is recommended to stay with the pier, the walker with mules and, if you are going, cut the pier with your mother.

But now we live in a world of sedentary life, our style of living and being without movement. Además, el deporte ha llegado a tal nivel de rendimiento que el objetivo lens de una rehabilitación sera acortar estos tiempos de recuperaçion.

Ba Estaba sobrevalorado el reposo?

If it is true that it is necessary to have at least a rest to recover from the lesion, the structure of the country should be at least repaired. The rest of the body should be able to move in the form of physics.

The ability to build with passive and isometric movements, including active work, a week pass, with a cycling meter (bicycle estatic for the production of a person) is not even complete. Including support we can move the vehicle in a cycloergometer and we are loading the corporal peso.

Here is the game with the concept of cargo loading. So, we can replace the reposo for a gradual rehabilitation (RHB) in which the activity is timed to recover. It is a treat of superior to mechanical and progressive cargoes that are available in its natural action as a whole.

You can make the most of the three poster sites in the school, providing recommendations for personal sanitation, to restore the mobility and strength of the extremist legionada.

This movement is due to the acceleration of cardiovascular disease. For a part, the work of aerobics, always without a dollar, should be started again during the lesson to increase the sanguine flow and, in connection with, increase self-esteem and motivation.

This form, we adhere to the adherences of the fibers alrededor del tejido dañado, debilidad del tejido connective, changes in the artillery cartridge, etc. And, for the other part, but not for me, the condition of physical condition that can be considered.

Optimism for a better recovery

Ultimately, we recommend the news that we talk about the principle of inclusion of art, in addition to therapeutic therapy, an optimal education of the patient and the patient and a dose of optimism, as a condition for cerebral palsy for recovery.

If you have the right attitude, you can work against the negative and counterproductive of other passive therapies that can be used to create dependence on the patient, as a series of masotherapy (popularly known as massage), electrotherapy, invasive interventions, etc.

Most of the multi-therapeutic options for high and new technology are based on the patient’s self-esteem, make it a part of the treatment, which is known as the experience and management of the cargo of optimal recovery. And always have the recommendations of a professional sanitary.

In this case, we will record that we will always treat patients with a patient bed and no patient bed. (I)

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