El Barça, the only club with the limit in the negative

El Real Madrid is dressed as the Spanish team with the mayor’s team to host matches for football players. The white balance has the capacity to debug 739,163,000. Asi lo refleja the update that is on the way to the LaLiga de los salariales de los equipepos de Primera y Segunda tras el cierre de mercado de invierno y la llegada de 700 millones de euros a las arcas de los clubes. In total in LaLiga Santander, the technician is about 2,046,983,000 (in October it was situated at 2,277,214,000 euros), while the second is 252,242,000 (244 at the beginning of the season).

The current leader of the Prime Minister will demonstrate the economic economy in the new update of the limits and will be included in the Top 1 for the next consecutive time. Many people from Barcelona, ​​which can currently host -144,353,000 . The delicacy of the financial health of Barcelona is about conocida, tuvo que hacer encaje de bolillos para reforzarse en invierno con futbolistas como Ferran, Aubameyang, Adama Traoeré y Dani Alves teniendo la sanción de la regla 1×4 . In order to find the solution to this situation, Barcelona is looking for a CVC to get an account of the oxygen in its accounts.

El Sevilla and Atlético are convertible in the teams with the mayor’s margins for solariums of their players, behind Madrid. Monchi has a top of 199,147,000 for clothing and sportswear; el Atlético, 161,221,000. El Betis, who has planted the LaLiga Grand Prix and won the Champions League, has a limit of 61,254,000. El Valencia, a rival of the Verdiblancos in the final of the Copa del Rey, has reached 57,748,000.

What is the limit, who and how to calculate?

El Limite de Coste de Plantilla Deportiva es the concept that takes into account the maximum capacity that every Spanish team can spend in the destinations destined for players, trainer, trainer and physical trainer (plantable), así como en el filial, la cantera y otras secciones del club (plantilla no inscribible). It is the main pillar within the Economic Control for the lonely clubs.

In the deportivable plant the inclusive inclusions may be included and variables (ya sean pagos en dinero o en especie como puede ser una casa, un coche o un viaje …), las remunerationes por cessions de los derechos de imagen, la amortizaón de los fichajes, las cuotas de Seguridad Social, indemnizaciones por la extinción de contratos, primas kolectivas, gastos de adquisición al tener que pagar primas a representativeantes …

You can calculate the difference between the differences between the sources (for television, commercial, ticketing …) of the structural guests and the reparation of the goddess at the time of the weather. Each team has the opportunity to work on the Salary limit, as well as the possibility of a job (as he has a club), but also always complies with the norms of the Economic Control of LaLiga and that it should be approved by Validan. . In case you have a salary limit that does not guarantee the stability of the club, this organization will reduce the amount of money you have.. Salary limits are calculated with mathematical formulas objectively without any individual subjectivity. In a case that a team has time with the excess heating limit, it is sanctioned with 1×4 rule during the next year. It is said to be only 25% of the amount of money that is free (salid de jugadores).

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