Carrousel cumple 100 years in the Balboa Park of San Diego

Durant 50 years old, Bill Brown has a state of mind to work.

No esgo malo malo: dirige el carrusel del Parque Balboa.

Ha permanecido en el puesto tanto tiempo porque disfruta trabajando en un lugar donde la diversión es el objetivo y todo el mundo está de buen humor. Now the man and the machine are very inseparable, preserving for San Diego an attraction that is more than a diversion pass. It’s a time capsule.

The carriage is exactly the same as the one that works in the Balboa Park for 100 years. Practically, the collection of 52 animals made of wood and four cars, can be moved by the General Electric motorcycle with 10 cables. The military organ of the military band is the music of the music. The paintings painted in oil that adorn decorative panels.

All of them are in a rarity, including the few miles of carts epoca dorada constructed between 1890 and 1930. Quadan entered 150 repatriates by all countries in the distinctive phases of the original expander.

There is an embargo, but you are looking for a museum piece that accumulates. In 2019, the latest year before the coronavirus pandemic, the carousel will be mounted at more than 102 million times.

The Balboa Park carousel collects 100 years in the park.

(Nancee E. Lewis / PARA EL UT)

At the end of the year, I have the idea: ¿What other attraction of San Diego offers an experience that has not changed in 10 decades?

There is another old carriage in Seaport Village, from 1895. It was left alone here in 2004, transported from Burbank to live in other cities, such as Dallas and Portland. Some of the main features have been modified with time.

The zoo, which was opened in 1916, is no longer one of the most popular collections in the Park Boulevard, and the difference between the carousel, the animals that are now in the sun. The Russian Giant Dipper from Belmont Park dates back to 1925, but its carriages for passengers are not original. The Plunge-covered swimming pool, also in Belmont Park and the epoch, is a great place to eat salad and now it’s sweet water.

The Hotel del Coronado, built in 1888, is intended to be a house of fire. It is also an aspect that is very important in the past, so much in the interior as in the exterior there are many modern times.

The only modern thing that is in the car is the LED bombs that are in the kitchen, a guide to the lighting efficiency of the weather and the electrical engineering he brought.

The fact that the attraction has always been intact in all of these years is a testament to the property of the property and the number of reductions in the number of people who have passed on meticulously, to all the people who love it.

El secreto no tan simple de su longevidad, según Brown: “Lo cuidamos bien”.

New York in San Diego

The carriages are looking for the origins of the twelfth century and the training of cavalry in Asia and Europe. The jackets are cabalgaban en circulo, attracting small arms with their arms. With time, we adapt a version of the dance for the little ones, and the carousels equipped in parks and festivals.

It was extended by America and became popular in the decade of 1880, and the mediocrity of the Christian cities and the weather was extended. The trolley lines linger on the beaches and parks, where the carriages and other diversions are part of an attractive part. Various business options, singing songs, lights, music and pets most elaborated.

The Balboa Park was built in 1910 by the Herschell-Spillman Co. in North Tonawanda, NY, the Buffalo neighborhood. Primero fue al Luna Park de Los Ángeles y, tres años más tarde, a la Tent City de Coronado, una vtracción de verano instalada en la playa.

The carousel in the veranda installation Tent City de Coronado

In front of the car park in the Balboa Park was installed in the attractive Tent City of Coronado, as a masterpiece in this photo from 1915. The carriage was transferred to the Balboa Park in 1922.

(Coronado Historical Association)

The principles of the 1920s, the Navy wanted the lands of the Coronado where they found Tent City. The proprietor of the carousel, Harold Simpson, discussed with the cabling about the license fees. El y su esposa se mudaron de Coronado a una casa en Bankers Hill.

On March 17, 1922, the San Diego Union published an article about construction projects in the Balboa Park. In the quote from Simpson, he said to a committee of the city “that a man will open a business with a car, only at the entrance of the train in the street, in the extreme of Balboa Park”.

Ese lugar, donde ahora se encuentra el Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, fue el hogar del carrusel durante los siguientes 46 años. In 1968, with the planes in the march to amplify Park Boulevard, the carriage and the building that housed the hotel fueron trasladados in a platform truck at the actual place, near the entrance of the zoo.

Someone created the attraction and the estate in the park of the years before 1922, which was transferred to the grass of the bahia to form part of the Exposition of Panama-California 1915-16, and was chosen at the Coronado.

But David Marshall, a local architect who researched history, said he had no idea what the car was looking for in a state of poison for the exhibition: no photos, no maps, no periodicals, no contracts.

“Es una bonita historia”, dijo, “pero no hay ninguna prueba de que ocurriera”.

The lagoons in the history of documents do not surprise Marshall. Para mucha gent, el carrusel ha sido algo secundario: siempre está ahí, no es gran cosa.

In 2007, reunion of a collection of 200 postmen in the book San Diego’s Balboa Park. The selection can be reviewed by 2500 postmen. I don’t have a car image.

“The whole world is the taste of the carousel, but the mayor’s office is not the most important and unique thing it is”, said Marshall, . “I really like the original elements.”

The finale of the year passed, the city approving a solidity that he presented for the attraction to be designed as a historical historical event. The designation signifies that the city recognizes formally the carousel as a hit that should be protected and preserved, dijo. Also, the attraction can attract subsidies from various organizations.

Forever Balboa Park, which bought the carousel in 2017 and has redeemed 3 million dollars for remodeling, has plans to reform the 12-storey building that attracts attractions, remodels the booth and boilers and builds a bathroom and a storefront.

Always have to work in something that has more than one sign of antiquity. Solo hay que preguntar a Bill Brown.

Bill Brown poses with a cabaret recently restored.

Bill Brown poses with a cabaret recently restored. Voluntary recaudan dinero para el carrusel y también son restorer voluntarios, bajo la atenta mirada de Brown.

(Nancee E. Lewis / PARA EL UT)

March of restoration

When he died in San Diego, Brown said that the girl had a taste of one of the cavalry girls outside the carriage, a black man. Le gustaba montarse en él and agarrarse al bronlo de bronze.

Tenia has 16 years of work and work all the time. “Solo parecía que todo el mundo se divertía”, dijo. Looking for the finesse of the week, I ended up preparing for the San Diego High School, at the San Diego State University and including Los Angeles to make a career as a composer of music for movies.

In case of a time, the working time is partially completed and the work time is complete, and the institutional situation is close to the carriage. What to learn and with what frequency. As soon as the brake of the hand and the embrace of the embrague solo. As we take care of the 102 rolls of paper that match the music in the band organ.

The domingo pasado, an hour before that the attraction opens to the public, estaba subido a escalera añadiendo aceite a un recipient de kristal. The ace of lubricants is a giant coin that helps to lift the car. Una gota cae sobre el rodamiento cada 10 segundos.

When I was married, Brown had a lot of influence on mechanics. Now I know the best carousel, which is a great encyclopedia. Included, the state of affairs in the Herschell Carousel factory in North Tonawanda is open to the public.

I also supervise them March of restoration, when volunteering to be reunited in the carousel to work in the different animals. On the web page is the list of fires that are unusual by amplitude: caballos, perros, gatos, cebras, cerdos, avestruces, ranas, burros, gallos. There’s a lion, a tiger, a camel, a cigar, including a marine monster.

Every one of them wants to have a job of painting in a corner, and someone else wants to have more confidence than others. When the carousel was conducted by a British man, he covered the barracks and shot at a pair of cavallos. El Tío Sam, in one of the cars, met a pirate.

Voluntarias lijan y preparan un carlusel car para una nueva capa de paintura.

Las voluntarias Tracey Ferguson, a la izquierda, y Gloria Shepard lijan y preparan un animal de carrusel para una nueva capa de pintura.

(John Wilkens / The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The voluntarios a veces se encuentran con cinco o seis capas de pintura en los animales que están restaurando. Ese fue el caso de Tracey Ferguson y Gloria Shepard, que han estado trabajando en una jirafa desde enero, lijándola i preparándola para una nueva capa.

Kenny’s handsome man, in honor of Ferguson’s first, Kenrick Wirtz, falsified in 2019. Eligieron is a giraffe because Kenny was high.

Ferguson and Shepard, ambassador of 60 years, live in the area of ​​San Carlos. Crecieron in San Diego, fueron a las escuelas local and montaron en el carousel.

“It’s hard to find the right person,” said Shepard. “Montan en él cuando son niños, y luego llevan a sus hijos, y luego llevan a sus nietos. A generation from generation to generation and converts to a treasure that can save money ”.

It’s getting serious. He went to the zoo to see the giraffes, he had a lot of photos. I want to miss the good times.

At the same time, Kenny is back in action. A user wants to go to the giraffe, take out the burgundy and wait. In the center of the carousel, Brown has a sonar campaign, a traditional form to assume that an assistant will be able to enter the attraction. The assistant applauds two times: “Everything and order”. Brown wanted to turn the bell to confirm that he had applauded.

Entonces soltar el freno de mano i akcionará el embrague. I want to play a three-minute arena timer to find out when to attract the attraction.

The organ is sounding, and in some place, in the imagination, other music is one. Los Talking Heads.

Here I go forever.

The Carbosel of the Balboa Park in 2019.

Edom Wondmeneh, 2 years old, and your father, Wondmeneh Berhane, will be on the carousel of the Balboa Park in 2019.

(Sam Hodgson / The San Diego Union-Tribune)

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