Top 600 people in sports activities at Triathlon PrevenIMSS – The Herald of Chihuahua

More than 600 people participate in the PrevenIM Triathlon at the Deportiva Morelos University, Chihuahua Capital, where they present the present authorities of the Social Security, enlisted by Dr. Célida Duque Molina, Director of Medical Services Marie Baráso, and Sports ”, Professional boxer; Omar Mendiburu Cruz, ex-professional footballer, and Canek Junior, luchador.

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After the event, you will be able to activate the physical activities of the components “Corre, Brinca y Rueda”, start to sensitize the population about the importance of preventing accidents and improve the median health, prevention and detection of emergency, medical treatment. walk, Taekwondo, football, between children.

Dr. Célida Duque explains that the network of 10 Mexican women is obsessed with obesity, in addition to the fact that Mexico has an example of infantile obesity, cases that generate affections in the health and despair of chronic illnesses.

Subject that physical activity is one of the most important components to generate health and benefit in the society, obesity ”.

Aggregate that also is necessary to counteract with a sana alimentation and help the familiar doctor to realize periodically a check, to be accommodated with sex, sex and physical condition, with the lens of prevention, detection and attenuation of interventions in the field.

Abundó que el Seguro Social, in sus Unidades de Familia Medicina (UMF), cuenta con una serie de detecciones para cada grupo de edad, además acciones de promoción de la salud como Programa Pierde Kilos, Gana Vida, orientación alimentaria, difusión de planes de alimentation, healthy meals, NutrIMSS, other children.

Invite a lore derechohabientes a acudir a su unidad médica más cercana y realizarse un chequeo PrevenIMSS, a través de la CHLC Application en Línea, en pagina del Instituto, en el apartado correspondent o en la lénea de atención telefónica 2323 800 6.

In the opportunity, the professional boxer Mariana “La Barbie” Juárez said that the pavidemia of Covid-19 “we found out that we have good food, including an exercise in our diarrheal lives, influencing our little ones and some of them. learn to eat ”.

Congratulations to the people who assist the Triathlon because it shows that there is a change, be careful “and be careful not to say that you are our wine to attack, you will be the only person who loves us”.

On the part of Omar Mendiburu Cruz, a professional football player, he affirms that the activities that will take place in the Triathlon project are an image that shows his faith in the fight against sports, well ”.

We recommend the practice of education and alimony of “very much in the PrevenIMSS program, with which we will be able to play what the youth, the best people, but the society, the best. We are going to have a lot of things to do with us, our families and our country ”.

An example of the PrevenIMSS Triathlon was realized at the Deportiva Morelos University, the components of the “Corre” were realized by football players, trotters and football players; in the apartado “Brinca” there are classes of zumba, aerobics / step and baile; in the past, in the activity “Rueda” there is an individual cyclist, familiar and spinning.


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