“The Unitary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Andalusia is and is not casual”

La Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (la Veterinaria a secas, en Córdoba) llega a su 175 anniversario con la primera mujer al frente de su decanato. When I was a couple of months Rosario Moyano concluya su segundo mandato, su retrato sera el único femenino que habrá en la sala de juntas de esta facultad, donde ella misma se licención en 1983 y donde las mujeres han ido copando cada vez más espacio en las orlas. At the University of Córdoba (UCO), the Department of Toxicology in 2011 has a teaching assistant, researcher and teacher, and the director of the centralized service of experimental animals and president of the council of the administration of the veterinary clinic.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is close to the insignia of the University of Córdoba, which is a genius in antiquity, and a recognized faculty in Europe and among the 50 major veterinary investments. Are we conscientious in Córdoba de lo que tenemos con ustedes?

I think that the cordobes society identifies itself a lot with the faculty, even though it has more respect for the history that is relevant. Precisely because he is the team of the friends of the faculty, our point of view is that we can not live to see the past; we want to live in the present and in the future. Tenemos, from the year 2010, the village of EAEVE, which is located between the major faculties of Europe, and now it is revalued; and now we have secured the international science and technology of food, our other degree. I believe that the company is conscientious of this, which is not 100%, but Veterinaria en Córdoba es la Veterinaria y no hace falta decir más.

Having ten alumni of 15 distinct nationalities, why are you looking for foreign students?

The quality. This faculty has a national and international reputation. Luego es verdad que somos un referent en medicina equina desde hace años con grandes maestros.

The Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Rosario Moyano. AJ GONZÁLEZ

Ese fue, además, el origen de la facultad, ¿no?

Effectively, the School of Veterinary Medicine was born in the 19th century in Córdoba as a succession of the society before the great agricultural and ganader descent, and in particular of the equine ganaderia. Estab, además, vinculada a las Caballerizas Reales. We have students studying many countries, and in Spain, at the number of classes in all faculties, there are some who can have good qualifications for your university at the University of Córdoba. That’s for our satisfaction. The problem is that we have 150 beaches and everything to enter. The important thing is the quality and safety of a referent, but live in the past, which is very good and our cousins, of which we are very organ, but I want to think about the present and about everything in the future.

¿What is the importance of having the same world in the faculty?

We have the Center for Sports Medicine Equina, Cemede, the only one in Spain specializing in and dedicated to donations and investment in the sports department, and the veterinary clinic of the Rabanales Campus, which is a national and international reference.

The Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Rosario Moyano. AJ GONZÁLEZ

The UCO has opened its doors to the students of Ukraine and has recovered funds for refuges. Á Cuál debe ser la postura de las universidades en un conflicto de estas karacterísticas?

Being in all the moment and holding on to the refuges you miss. I am completely satisfied with the position that the UCO has because it is ours as an institution and a morality. Every one, from the place where he is, has something to say. It is a tristeza that I am not pare con tanta gente que está sufriendo. If you are a Ukrainian, you will be able to do your best. Huelga says that we are condoning the Russian invasion.

«The important is the quality and follow a reference and live the pasture»

La Veterinaria ha conocido tres sedes (Regina, Medina Azahara y Rabanales), ó cómo las las aktuales instalaciones y qué necesitarían para mejorarlas?

It is also indistinguishable from the identity of the building of the actual Rectorate, to bring to the attention of the Rabbans our commitment to a great installation, a veterinary clinic, with the input of a great installation and professional; an equine medical center, the only one that exists; the service of experimental animals and an experimental farm, which is essential for research and investment. The unique Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Andalusia is the city of Córdoba and is not casual: form the veterinarians in the car and we need to maintain these installations. Además, in 5º course we have the rotator, a practice of tutoring by which the alumni can pass by all the areas of the profession: companies, clinics, hospital clinics and public health of the SAS inspectors, where you need to work mataderos. Poner todo eso en marcha es complicado pero se ha conseguido y es una fortaleza del grado. For all that we want to do. We now have our sentiments sent, but we apostatize for a faculty of quality, we need an apprenticeship, staff, professorship, maintenance of installations and a grant that we maintain in national and international rankings. The City of Veterinary Medicine is a regulated title, dependent on a European directive, with an international quality. For this, we have to open our new faculties, – only 13 in Spain–, it is important that we are well-informed and that we are well-educated.

The Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Rosario Moyano. AJ GONZÁLEZ

The 175th anniversary of the celebration with a finished program of acts that include exhibitions, charles, spectacular events ¿¿What is the purpose of this program?

In the program we have to have different types of acts: cultural, academic levels of many levels, but we have to make acts of the society to which the cordobeses are involved in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. For this we have passed social acts like that, thanks to DO Montilla-Moriles, a day of the Cata del Vino to dedicate to the faculty. Also, there is a spectacle of ecuestre in Caballerizas Reales in collaboration with the City, Córdoba ecuestre and Defense and the participation of the Guardia Real, which has a lot to do. We offer the great day, coinciding with the day of the patron, where we invite the authorities of the faculties of Spain and Europe, with representatives of all veterinary promotions.

“It is very important the ethical component in the veterinary profession; be honored »

Tienen todo tipo de medallas y galardones.

Tenemos ya la medal de oro de la ciudad, la medalla de oro de Andalucía, tenemos highísimos, pero afortunadamente nos siguen llamando para seguir entregandonos reconocimientos. This week we have won the College of Veterinarians of Badajoz, recognized the award of Ana María de Souto and this day recognizes the distinction of the Real Circilo de la Amistad.

It’s like Penelope Cruz, vaya. The 175 years of the history of the faculty are well-known for the hits that are relevant as the visit of the doctor. Menudo historical.

Yes, yes, Juan Ramón Jiménez has a reference to a real veterinarian who exists and we have the opportunity to study academically. And Fléming, Claro, we guard our company in our book of visits. History we have to do with others.

Illustrations, ¿tiene preparado ya el rector su despacho de vuelta en Veterinaria?

Always lo tenido, y volverá como todos después de los años de magnífica gestión.

Tambén usted acaba ciclo, después de dos mandatos como decana. Do you have your own investment group time? Ó Cómo se hace eso?

Yes, you can watch the hours and finesse of the week. Me gusta la gestión, pero no puedes dejar tu labor investigadora y docente.

What is the value of your stage at the front of the Veterinary Office?

I’m content, because I want to work with me and have a harmony in the center. With a great team, I feel very sorry.

Do you want to be a veterinarian without being a lover of animals?

I believe that no, but for veterinarians it is very important not only in the clinical part, but in the health of the veterinary community. He spoke of a unique health, one health. In those moments that habido a human pandemic, the Nile fever, listeriosis cases …, the veterinary paper is fundamental. The food safety, the ambient health, all of these veterinary plots and many times are not recognized. In Andalusia, we have veterinarians who are in sanitation and public health, but we are failing to consider this paper, which is essential. No, that’s what we hope for, because we have a unique health. It’s a global concept of health.

How did the coronavirus come to the docent and the university life and what did he say?

In a week we will be able to change our form of importation; we want to improvise so much the tools as the methodologies we have to be here. The deans of the two reunions with the rector of all the months and days of my hand. We are proud of the value of new technologies, but it is true that there are many experimental experiments where it is complicated. We have decided to use alternatives, but we logically want to return to 100% presenciality.

In November, a convention was created for the creation of the Institute of Investment in Zoonosis and Emergency Emergencies.

Ahora mismo se están solicitando las ayudas y se han empezado a tener las primeras reuniones. For this project, you can contact everyone with animal health, pathological anatomy, environmental health and food and toxicology. I think it’s a very interesting topic in the news and with a lot of futures. Va cé clave para nuestra Universidad i para la Facultad en particular esta unidad de investigación y esentjal para abordar importantes temas sobre salud public sa la actualidad.

“El covid, the Nile fever, listeriosis cases … the veterinary paper is fundamental”

With 34 investment groups, 13 leaders by women, in which of the investment lines do we need veterinarians of the XXI?

The woman has a lot of money, comfortably, she has a piece of paper in the investment and in many places. Work in food safety, animal health and emergencies, an important group of reproduction, equine sports medicine, genetics, food safety and public health. There are many investment lines in this faculty and excellent researchers. They are potent groups with a lot of futures and with many exits from the point of view of the investment.

What are the principles of transfer of the transfer of the faculty of the presiding faculty?

The transfer is very important, many companies require us to transfer, for example, in our case we also evaluate the risk of substance disturbances to analyze the toxicity of food products based on herbicides for commercialization. We are interested in very important conventions with different groups of students from the faculty.

“The Institute of Investment in Zoonosis and the key to the University”

What are the veterinary medicine meetings on the beach?

Follow the investment, transfer and maintenance quality. We have the potential to increase the pluralism that we have in the first place in the market. In summary, follow the search for quality and especially in the formation of our alumni.

What qualities do you have to have a good vet?

It is important that you are well-formed, that we are the ones we love, but it is very important that the ethical component is in this profession; que sean personas honestas y honradas, cualidades muy importantes para un veterinario. When the Salen de la Facultad les pedimos que velen por la la professiona veterinaria con honradez y que sean integros.


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