Legendary Croatia Olympian Water Polo Player Damir Buric Switches to Basketball

March 13, 2022 – Legendary former Croatia water polo player Damir Burić played an official game for Pula’s KK Stoja against Rijeka’s Kvarner Junior in the 16th round of the Second League – West on Saturday night. The 41-year-old talks about why he swapped the pool for the court.

It was a historic Saturday for Pula sports and Stoja basketball, as the famous Pula water polo player Damir Burić joined them on the Stoja primary school court.

Burić was a significant part of Pula water polo history back when the city was without a pool. He won everything possible with the Croatia national team – Olympic, world, and European gold, while the same goes for the club level, as there is no trophy he did not win, reports Jutarnji List.

Here is a breakdown

Olympic games

– Gold (London 2012)

– silver (Rio de Janeiro 2016)

World Championships

– Gold (Melbourne 2007)

– silver (Kazan 2015)

– bronze (Rome 2009 and Shanghai 2011)

European Championships

– gold (Zagreb 2010)

– Silver (Kranj 2003)

Champions League

– gold (Pro Recco 2010 and 2012)

Thus, Burić made his debut in the yellow and blue jersey in a significant victory against Rijeka – 119: 66.

Buric participated in the victory with 10 points, 13 rebounds, and several attractive “water polo” assists, and he played for two quarters.

“Ha, ha, it turned out to be a much bigger story than I thought … It’s true, but I just started training,” said Damir Buric. Although the rhythm of training suggests it is more serious.

“Monday to Friday, once a day, 8 to 10 pm. Listen, after water polo, where you have two workouts a day for two and a half hours each, this is nothing, haha. In essence, I decided to train for myself , to clear my head and body. It would not be good to relax. “

His connection to basketball is not surprising.

“If we look purely at height, yes, I have some prerequisites.” Burić is 205 cm, after all.

“For athletes, it’s hard to separate yourself from sports just like that. I’ve been playing basketball since high school. When I got serious about water polo, I couldn’t practice regularly anymore. But even then, when I had some free weeks, I’d play. “

Can he dunk?

“I could, but now I’m not even trying, haha. I’m taking care of my spine. I train with young guys, 16-18 years old, a few 25-26 year olds, one is 33, and I am 41. So be careful. I run, I wear out, but I still avoid some things. I mean, I can dunk it in, it’s not a big success, but I save myself. “

How does he shoot?

“Haha, I have to admit that when I was younger, I shot better. However, it’s good and getting better.”

He plays on the wing.

“Wing, center, sort of. I mean, it’s the Second League. After all, we don’t have a lot of tall players. Thank God it’s like that because I wouldn’t even bother if it was different.”

How did he decide to join his hometown club, Pula’s Stoja?

“In principle, I played all last summer, but not seriously training. The club president, Šime Vidulin, is a good friend of mine from school days, and he persuaded me to come to training. So I trained a little for myself because swimming and gym get a little boring when you’re always alone. And then I came about a month and a half ago. I’ve been with them constantly ever since. “

Stoja Basketball Club has certainly never had a more celebrated member!

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