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A la prometedora Ángela Aguilar you know everything Mexico for their excellent talent for singing and for their great presentations about the script, in the sea in solitary confinement or on their own. Without embargo, as a person, you have passions, tastes and activities beyond the laboratory, your hands are not very familiar to the fanatics, women, for the general, only know who you are in the media of communication social networks.

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We have videos that are circulating on social platforms in the last weeks, which is a record of one of the tastes of Angelael tual también compare, casualmente, con Mariana Rodríguezthe esposa of the governor of New Leonwith whom he has formed a respectable relationship in favor of the persons who most want him.

La hija de Pepe Aguilar always showed a taste for the animals, especially for the caballos (Photo: Ángela Aguilar / Instagram)


El fin de semana pasada Ángela Aguilar dio concierto en la Monterrey Arenaen el que assistieron el gobernador de Nuevo León y su esposa como parte del publico, incluso la pareja apareció en la divertida kiss cam, por lo que se dieron un tierno beso delante de todos los spepectadores.

The next day, the political show, Mariana Rodríguez, and the young singer present present in an act of benefit in favor of the DIF children in the region, in which the main topic is equinotherapy, which can be considered a treatment. thank you to the cavaliers.

The two protagonists of this event, said in a clear voice that the most powerful and go on a cable. Además, ambassadors show the respect of all parties and for various minutes before they can talk about a match that compares.

Vale precisar que el gusto por los caballos de Ángela Aguilar initió cuando era solo una niña y vivía en el rancho de su familia, en el que existent varios animales de granja mui tradicaionales en todo México. It’s more, in some of the presentations she wants to sing a song about one of these animals.


Con tres discos como solista y dos premios en su haber, la cantante cobra la cifra de 74.8 million dollars for a private concertto find the way through the canal YouTube Regional Mex. If you are interested in what you are interested in “In reality” you will present to your father, Pepe Águilarthis is the sum of ascendería a $ 250 million.


Hasta mitad de 2021, La fortuna de Ángela Aguilar is near 20 million dollarsdinero que ha logrado acumular gracias a su trabajo en el medio musical y su canal de YouTube, donde sube videos de su día a día.

Accustomed to the Herald of Mexico, the video platform has been selling between 2 million and 20 million dollars in “The Princess of Mexican Music” for a million reproductions that alcanza. MORE DETAILS AQUÍ.


Antes of your presentation in Mexico City Arena el pasado viernes 18 de febrero, la artista tuvo una entrevista con Maxine Woodside y There Soto, en la que habló de muchas cosas, sobresaliendo su extraño ritual antes de dar un recital frente a miles de personas.

The first thing to recognize is that this day is absolutely nothing to guard the fire and concentrate on the night. It is more likely that with different variations of hours of anticipation to be prepared, the quality of your demise is professional.

“I’m in the middle of nowhere, all the days of the show are about to make you happy and start playing what you want to do. Always treat yourself to two of the three hours of the show to be very vocal ”indicó.

But I was surprised by the surprise of those who did not know in detail, that Angela was in a minute before and waiting for the moleste, as she was cast in the school.

“Llega un punto, como 15 minutos antes de que me suba al escenario, en el que ya nadie me puede tocar, me tengo que concentrar. I want to be able to study in a kitchen for a while, literally, to help me, to empathize and modulate the train, to concentrate, meditate and visualize as I want to end the concert ”, detail. MORE DETAILS AQUÍ.


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