Andy Polo: Maltrato, infidelidad y todo el escandalo legal que enfrenta tras las acusaciones de su esposa

In addition to communicating, the Portland Timbers of the MLS announced that they were contracting the Peruvian Andy Polo.

In 2018, the Peruvian footballer Andy Poloentonces jugador del Portland Timbers, fue destacado como una de las joyas de la MLS. Without embargo, your story is a hopeless day four years ago, when esposa Genessis Alarcón lo acusó de haberla agredido física i emocionalmente.

Pese a las graves denuncias que hay en su contra, Universitario de Deportes decided to play sports. This is the night of Saturday, March 12, the day of the 27th anniversary of the Peruvian team to sum up the team and discuss the League 1, the first division of Peruvian football.

We suggest that we arrive at the country, we have a summary of all that happened to Andy Polo and that separated from Portland Timbersclub que también está siendo fuertemente criticado por presunto encubrimiento hacia el jugador peruano.


The 8th of February, Genessis Alarcón account of the program of Magaly Medina the calvary that he experimented with Andy Polo when living together in a killer house in Portland, United States. Pareja decidió mudarse allí debido a que el deportista había sido fichado por el Portland Timbersin 2017.

The 27-year-old is sure to have a violin episode of Andy Polo’s hand and the front of his house, in May 2021. “He wanted to quit the cellar. “I don’t know what his chios are here, I’m eating the cable, I’m pulling on the piss, it’s all about my chios”, fueron sus declaraciones al programa.

To try, Genesis diffuses an audio demonstration that Polo is accredited in this opportunity. In the material there is a fierce discussion of the papaya and a man of a great deal of desolation.

Génesis Alarcón, espoa of Andy Polo, revela audios de los presuntos maltratos que sufrió a manos del futbolsita. (VIDEO: ATV / Magaly TV La Firme)


Genessis Alarcón sure that Andy Polo the control in the whole of what he wants, the point of not being able to save the house to buy without the supervision of a football player’s friend. This is because the economy depends on its expansion. It is also possible that Polo le daba 200 dollar quincenaltente para solventar los gastos de sus dos hijos.

Pero las humillaciones no solo eran por un tema económico, la esposa de Andy Polo account for the denigrant comments that hacía el deportista sober ella. “I feel like a mother, I say that I hope you can be with me, that I hope you can take care of me because I can’t have more of a story”indicó entre lágrimas.

Assimism, Alarcón said that I am in the business of having sex with my wife, aunque ella presume que fueron más. See you later, she gave us some text messages to help you interrupt with other women. I also found a love card that the Colombian family had.

Génesis Alarcón counted that the footballer had a lot of children in the United States.  (Photo: Composition)
Génesis Alarcón counted that the footballer had a lot of children in the United States. (Photo: Composition)


The esposa de Andy Polo signal that in the end of December 2021, when the retorts will return to the country, said that the footballer had a job in the department of the living department with his houses, in the district of Miraflores.

In this world, Genessis tuvo que irse a vivir a la casa de un familiar en Barrios Altos y aseguró que Andy Polo does not communicate with her for the sake of understanding how to establish the children, but also the money for their stay.

I want to kill everything, the mother the record of a football player’s alimony for which he bought his obligations as a father. Cabe resaltar que Genessis Alarcón precisó que Andy Polo also lost his life.


The center of selection for the Peruvian selection will be suspended from February 9, a day after the declarations of Genessis Alarcón, by Portland Timbers de la MLS due to accusations against domestic violence.

The 10th of February, the North American club decided consider the contract that tenia with Andy Polo y lamentó no haber actuado antes para evitar este tipo de acciones, puesto que Genesis said that the Timbers will be released in May 2021.

“We are looking forward to hearing about the suspended Polo, especially considering the preoccupied new details of the abuse that surgeron this week. Have a fraction of our part, and one that will never return ”fue la disculpa del club.


In addition to communicating extensively, Andy Polo has dismissed the abandonment of his home, ensuring that rent the department in Miraflores only for the Genesis and the living children all the time and timeyou can return to the United States, the country where you live permanently.

Assimilation, the footballer indicated that denounce that the intermission was held on December 15, 2021 for the delicacy of domestic violence fand archived by default. Discover the audio that is presented in the program of Magaly Medina.

About the accusations of infidelity, the Peruvian deportee señaló that he is separated from his esposa desde hace 3 years and that includes his knowledge of his new relationship sentimental with Vida Carrillo. Dijo también no haber podido divorciarse de Genessis por las pretensiones económicas que tiene, ya que deseaba quedarse con el 60% de su sueldo.

Communicated by Andy Polo.
Communicated by Andy Polo.
Communicated by Andy Polo.
Communicated by Andy Polo.


A police report told everyone what happened to Genessis Alarcón durante el episod de de violencia que vivió en Estados Unidos. In the translation of the document, see what the members say Portland Timbers take care of your life to ensure that the official is in charge of what he wants to do next night.

“The security director has arrived. He spoke with the fire and I said that he would be sure that he would be able to build the house. Dijo que si era necesario trasladar a Andy o Genessis fuera de la casa para mantener la seguridad, el se encargaría de ello. I’m sure you don’t have any incidentscertified by one of the police officers who came to the department.

Assimilation, the law of Genessis Alarcón diffused an audio that demonstrated that representatives of Portland Timbers, exequipo de Andy Polo, intentaron convencerla para que no denuncie al futbolista peruano por violencia doméstica.

Distinguished auditions for the Genesis Defense at the United States will be supported by the executive of Andy Polo.


Magaly Medina, conductor of Magaly TV La Firme, confirmed that Andy Polo will face a civil law at the United States on the grounds of aggression against the expansion of Genessis Alarcón.

It is located here in New York and Oregon and is located in the Portland area. He was in a black truck that was in the garage, the person was found waiting for the train to enter the car. ”dijo Michael Fuller, abogado de Genessis.

The letter explains what Andy has 30 days to get on the court and what are you guys who will determine the amount of economic compensation for the victims you determine the accuracy of the accusation.


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