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Expression of good moments, youth and good quality, the artesan cervecería ya es marca de Bariloche, so much like the fields and the landscapes perfect of montages, lagos and forests. La ciudad ya es uno de sus polos nacionales de la artesian cerveza and el 5 y 6 de marzo tuvo su primera gran fiesta.

In the base of Cerro Catedrallas principales cervecerías llevaron lo mejor que tenían y unas tres mil personas, probaron y bebieron cervezas, bailaron y se calentaron en los fogones bajo el cielo patagónico.

In the calendar of Bariloche, the First Fiesta de la Cerveza Artesanal is summed up in the Fiesta del Chocolate, the Fiesta de la Nieve, Bariloche a la Carta, Christmas in Bariloche and others.

First edition of a party with good convocation.

On the other hand, the Fiesta de la Cerveza is another impulse an activity that is not possible and what it offers, to visit Bariloche, an alternative to good food, rest, good humor and a local specialty.

Berlin, musa de los cerveceros

The innumerability of Bariloche is a beautiful iridescent of the lakes that exist, the platoons are like the sun, there is the cordillera, enveloping the islands; of montages and montages of montages and montages, and of a giant giant in all directions. But yes immensity is a method within the heart.

“Berlina se hace con el agua más pura del mundo: el agua de deshielo de la Cordillera de los Andes”, said in the factory.

La fábrica de Berlina está en Colonia Suiza. You can enjoy a tour to know the history of cervecería, including the many premiums he won, because Marco, Franco and Guido commented on the activity in 2004 at the opening of the 12-kilometer brewpub of Bustillo Avenue, which is worth a visit the fan parrots of the artesian cake and the gastronomic property.

Franco, tomando mate, speaks with the visitors who are working on the production. “The people came to take care of him”, Says, and explains that in Europe there is a tendency to brew up, the most artesian production, while in the United States the tendency is great production. In Argentina we want a hybrid. In our house, we have a boutique boutique ”.

There are ten artesian crafts of Bariloche in Manush, Wesley, Berlin and Blest and that “with Mar del Plata, we are one of the polos of Argentina. In principle, we can only miss it hacer buena cerveza. We shot at us, we wanted to sell them. ”

Guided visits to Berlin.

Guided visits to Berlin.

Mili, la guía del tour explica que el water is fundamental for the quality of the cerveza.

“Berlina se hace con el agua más pura del mundo: el agua de deshielo de la Cordillera de los Andes”, says the organ, explaining in detail the elaboration process, including the passages, the ingredients, the techniques, the equipment , the times.

A group of boys and girls lying down, loaded with moths and envelopes in an area of ​​pathogenic nubes. Pasaron varios dias en el refugio Laguna Negra, y lo primero que tocan de la civilización es la cerveza de Berlina (el nombre es el de la musa de los cerveceros).

Afuera de la fábrica hay un gran espacio para quedarse durante horas, extendido en un patio cervecero con fogones, un jardín cervecero, un carrito de café, una tienda, una barra. It’s a rustic border the mount is comfortable, it looks like the view of the mount.

Wesley, the council is busy

The Certificate of Bariloche is a product of the decision of the aquellos, which is also an industrial urbanization, where the impersonal is oppressive and natural, it has become destructive.

Wesley and the history of the three German brothers.

Wesley and the history of the three German brothers.

For that, artesanal cerveza rescata lo singularlo que puede hacerse con las manos, involucrando el alma y el cuerpo, la vocación y la habilidad, o sea el arte.

In the charles about the quality of the cerves, the cerveceros expert experts mentioned many times the name Wesley. In the factory, Santiago Wesley explains that “we turned everything on the product. We want a lot of chico, but we have to work hard ”.

Los Wesley cerveceros también son tres germanos muy jóvenes. Martín, engineer, sample of the teams equipped with their experience in INVAP, in the manner that the Bariloche team also has high technology. Someone imported from the United States and China, and a giant machine to convert the production residues into training for the cables.

We are in an area of ​​15,500 km from Av. Bustillo, legendary of his caballos.

Our abuelo was installed here and our father always offered cabalgatas. We have summed up the production of cerveza and abrimos el patio cervecero, el comedor, y todo quedó integratedo in un complejo turístico ”, cuenta Santiago.

Going back to the cerveza, inform that “pee pega son las broken hearts, for this we dedicate a lot to this ”. Important the range of the United States, where I recommend the varieties that you search for, Malta and Argentina.

The production, with an input of 70,000 liters per month in high time and 20,000 in low time, “is not a very big production”, says Santiago. “We are looking for so much volume.

We are well regionally. We don’t want to be able to conquer the big city centers ”.

Wesley also has a cervecería in the center of Bariloche, always rebosante de Jóvenes de todas las edades, in la que replica el estilo de granja.

In the area between the monasteries and the lake, the real mountains pass by the people, together with a historic truck, while a little girl from Belgium montan enters with high lustrous cavalry, with which the Campanario camp will be restored. In return, recruited by a Porter, a Nitro Stout or a Golden Ale that sells a perfect target.

Patagonia, the glorious landscape

La cerveza también es el Bariloche que es una ciudad de gente con ánimo de initiar algo nuevo. Mucho most of the product, is the opportunity to be young, to celebrate the permanence of a generation of young people, to be united, to the allegory of living contracted.

Patagonia offers good visits.

Patagonia offers good visits.

A fascinating place Circuito Chicoen lo que fue un campo de lavanda, está enclavada la fatesica artesanal de la cerveza Patagonia, que se propone como una “experiencia cervecera”, que incluye, además de la cerveza, el landscape in the high front of the lakelas montañas y los bosques, el maridaje con una gastronomía sophisticada y la elaboración a la vista.

In Bariloche, Patagonia elaborates alone experimental variationsexplica Valeria, the master of cervecera who guides a tour through the factory.

“Experimenting with regional products”, details, “like brakes, rosette, pine nuts, lavender and pine nuts”. The first recipe that salió aca fue la 24.7.

Good luck and a great landscape in Patagonia.

Good luck and a great landscape in Patagonia.

From the following we have worked on 90 recipes. In the main bar we have 12 cannulas and in the area of ​​30 ”.

Passionate about their Valeria, which is part of the Community of Women Cerveceras, sostiene que “la gente pide cervezas lupuladas o con sabor a frutas. What you need to know is the extreme variety, such as the most acidic, double fermentation or wood-based stations ”.

Aggregate that we consider very important communication for the people who know better than the artesian cerveza and as well as the best teacher. The communication is internal, to the comrades and bartenders, for which they transmit and promote marketing ”.

Valeria takes care of the fabrication of the visitors by the giant cobras, tanks between the two lonely explicit teams, the laboratory where there are various investigators and at the end of an exclusive salon for catarrh of the best places.

A sommelier offers all the questions, the most defiled unsustainable assembly plates.

Los ventanales dan uno de los patios cerveceros, en los que la gente se sienta en reposeras al borde del acantilado que da al lago. In a fireplace that belongs to the eagle through a forest, brotan dos burbujas transparent and in its interior some people toman cervezas en sillon and escuchan music.

Instructions for learning a story

Valeria, the Maestra Cervecera de Patagonia recommend:

  • For example, observe the cerveza in the vase and contraluz as an enamorado: percibir el color, the opalescence and the tamaño de las burbujas.
  • Luego, Tomar el vaso con delicadeza y llevarlo a la nariz quieto, para senir el primer aroma.
  • At the end of the year, you will be able to express your taste in the dish with the aroma, and with the company.
  • Entonces, sentir sabor. I don’t have to worry, I have a job, but I have a lot of money, I have enough money to make sure I take care of all the places in the interior of the bottle and we want to feel love, the malt sabor, the fermentation sabor, the dura el sabor, o sea, si el final del amor es corto o largo.


Come on. On the plane, from Buenos Aires vuelan Aerolíneas Argentinas (from $ 20,000), Flybondi (from $ 17,000) and LADE (from $ 18,000).

On the bus, from Buenos Aires (24 hours), Chevallier has a pass from $ 13,150, Via Bariloche from $ 16,000, El Valle from $ 13,000.

Where to stay. Hotel Huinid: in Av. Bustillo 2.6. Double-bedded room with buffet, wifi, spa, air-conditioned pool with view, gym, sauna, station, game room, bar, restaurant, for $ 26,500. Tel. (294) 444 1860 / /

Nativo Hotel: two of the Civic Center. Triple room with a single mattress and a single or 3 single rooms, with an inclusive station, wifi, access, LCD TV, safety deposit box, from $ 9,300. Libertad 195. Teléfono (294) 4422229 / /

Hostel Inn Bariloche: is in Salta 308, in the center. Common kitchen, bar, cable TV, library, wifi, free of charge pc, sink, bathroom included, 24-hour front desk. 4 in 6 compartment bed, from $ 2,085, double marble or double room with private bathroom, from $ 5,758. Tel (294) 442-6084 / facebook @HinnBariloche /

How many. Guided tour of Berlin: $ 1,500 per person, including four tasting cups. Guided tour of Patagonia: $ 3400 per person, $ 5000 with tasting and a very tapestry.

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