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Mimbreños, a trip from Stefano Casini al Oeste de los EE. UU. tras la guerra de Sececión norteamericana

In Mimbreños, the new publication of cARTEm Comics of Italian Stefano Casinia master of an adventure in the North American virulent, pulverulent and realist of the long life that he has to endure in the water of the epoch in the albor of the United States as a nation.

This volume takes into account the volume integrated between 52 pages Mimbreños – You can see the tea AQUÍ-, originally published in French with 12 extra pages introductions to history that allow the lecturer to learn more about reading.

Pese a que el titulo incite a pensar otra cosa, los protagonistas no son los apaches mimbreños, sino que estos son el hilo comun, conductor de tres historias diferentes que convergerán en el nudo de la trama y serán esenciales para el desenlace. The first story is the protagonist of the Captain of the 9th Regiment of Caballería, Everett y su hermano; the second show to a cabaret woman and a friend so dudoso; sending the third and last, the protagonist by entering the candidates: the gang of Teeth.

The mode of historical curiosity, el 9th of Caballería created in 1866, with the results of the states of Louisiana and Kentucky, sending one of his missions the protection of the colonies on his way to the west. It was one of the regiments that came with black battalions among its peasants and one of the military forces implied in Indian states.

The expansion of the West, the Secession War and the Indian War

Con la independencia de los Estados Unidos, América del Norte sufrió cambios radicales a lo largo del siglo XIX. From the third original colonies, the territory is affected by the el Mississippi River with the purchase of France of Louisiana in 1803. It is also built in Florida and Spain in 1821. The theory of “Destiny Manifestation”The young nation impregnated many of its conductors and colonies, which led to the expansion of the west as a moral and civil obligation, without importing any territory, an independent of Spain in 1824, corresponding to Mexico.

Tras un enfrentamiento bélico, en 1837 Texas is independent of Mexico and is united in the EE. UU. in 1845. Between 1846 and 1848, through contienda entre EE. UU. and Mexico, the second most important in the territory of the territory in favor of the first, which is all over the eastern continent. To settle in the territory, the ejército estadounidense approves the four most important things, but also the day before to go to the front native tribehabían enfrentado contra los dragones de cuera spañoles y los mexicanos, como los apaches.

La war of the North American Secession (1861-1865) permanently unstable in the west and across the victory of the Union of the Union, the tropics of the Confederate Confederates that accepted the war, thanks to their military experience and the war of guerrillas, the conversion of criminal gangs (bushwackers) que imponían su ley en un territorio escasamente habitado y muy extenso. It’s the house of the gang of Teeth in the presence of the Casinos.


The protagonists of history are a representation of amalgam of valores existing in the epoch, referring to the most current collections with EE. UU. as the protagonist, in addition to the pattern of the recent history of news about them

The captain Everett Cole he is an idealist with the nation of the country, with solid values ​​and impressions of the fire, with a sense of justice, he should be included before his superiority as the coronel of the funeral home where he recovered from Herman Joshua.

Joshua es contrario a su hermano, un pendenciero a quien los valores morales no le hacen mella y ve en el dinero y el poder, ejercido a través de la violencia, los objetivos vitales que ha de seguir, más chordes con las viejas familias sureñas y the confederate values. I feel sorry for him the gang of Teeth it is reflected in these creations.

Virginia the cabaret woman who wanted to start a new life in Lordsburg, the city of Silver City, to live in a cabaret with a living as an institute in the “land of opportunity” Mr. Morcock .

The history is a chronological order that arrans with the liberation of Joshua by German, and by the way that Virginia and her companion cruised the dessert when they attacked the members; en Silver City The gang of Teeth came to the house of the Sheriff of the city, but he had the right to do so, but the destiny was to confuse the characters.

Incredible action lasting 52 pages

The good of Stefano Casini The canon is a classic of introductory-nudo-desenlace, writing a classic history of the genus without edulcorar en las las películas de Hollywood de antaño, puesto que no omite los horrores de los conflictos armados ni la violencia contra los indefensos. The story with a plurality of characters satisfactorily, including interesting gyros that do not allow the lecturer to teach in the dynamics of narration. There is an incendiary length of 52 pages.

La verosimilitud de la history pergeñada por Casini en Mimbreños hace que el lector sienta de forma vívida la angustia de la persecución de los mimbreños, la tensión del ambiente i la sequedad del camino. This is the history of disparos no son of surgical precision and caballos también los sufren, los buenos y los malos no son blanco y negro, sino que tienen muchas escalas de grises, conforme a sus different types of heads and values.


El dibujo embedded in the work is an intermediate term between definition and esbozo, por lo que es más que apto para esta narración y, de hecho, la ensalza. The action scenes are very well-received and mustard to the lecturer of the frenzy and the tension of the moment, while the prelude to these scenes is perceived by the pilgrim on the horns about the characters, excellently represented in some scenes like the one on the pass. llegar a su parte superior, la mesa.

El color it is an essential element in this history, which represents the moments that want to reflect the guinea pig and the debtor. The beautiful scenes use a palette of sweet colors and desserts, contrasting with the beauty of the whole world and the brilliance of the solar watermelon. The cloves, when the action has a place between interior and exterior, are perfectly reflected also by the colorist. For the last time, the night with its colors and fresh colors can be transmitted to the lecturer by the temperature of the desert and some sensation of pain, which obliga to follow the alert.

The present comic of Mimbreñosen conclusión, resalta la experiencia del autor italiano en el medio, con un gran classic style guideun arriesgado dibujo which is the best result for narration and un colorido que realza el guion y el dibujo haciendo las delicias de los lectores, tanto de aventuras del Oeste, como para aquellos que se aventuran por primera vez en este género.



El Captain Everett cabalga junto a su hermano JoshuaI say goodbye to a penitentiary to collaborate with a criminal gang, with the idea of ​​working in the village more than I want to do it with you and the ferry will serve to enforce his work, but the ambassador’s fireplace and his intentions with an attack by los mimbreños, which will help you find the right one. For other people, la gang of Teeth intenta escapar de un asalto al banco y acaban adentrándose también en el territorio apache. La escasez de agua y comida no serán lo único de lo que deban preocuparse.

La codicia, la traición, el valor, el amor y el honor se diluyen bajo el terrible sol cuando la amenaza de los mimbreños it is located in the region of the countries of hype and the new communes.

A story that recovers the ambience and the salvation of the West in an unbelievable western evening in Spain, created by the Italian author Stefano Casini.

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