Genetic differentiations help to explain that arthrosis of the uterus affects more women

According to Canadian researchers, a genetic difference in meniscus makes it possible to be 50 years old because of the most vulnerable women in the world.

The basic symptom of a patient with osteoarthritis of the mother is the patient. Al principio, el dolor es muy leve, sólo aparece cuando se ha realizado una físivad física muy importante y cede rapidamente con el reposo. Photo: University of Navarre.

La arthrosis de mother it’s more frequent women que en hombres, pero las hormonas por sí solas no son suficientes para explicar esta diferencia.

Without embargo, a new investment, published in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, has identified a genetic difference in the meniscus that makes it important to be 50 years old. women be more vulnerable to arthrosis that the men and that the rest of women.

Researchers at the University of Alberta (Canada) found that their experiments were simulated in the conditions of great pregnancy in space, a situation that imitates the fact that you can find the meniscus for lack of energy.

“Some of the genes that will be found in the houses that respond more to the micrograved space simulada también are associated with the development of arthrosis de mother“, explained the principal investigator, Adetola Adesida.

The study suggests the possibility of an analysis of the blood identified in the port of a high-risk gene, which allows the implementation of temporary interventions. You can also allow it women last more time in space.

“We have discovered the mechanisms that lead the mayor to respuesta, and we expect to release pharmacists who are looking for you and you are blocking them,” Adesida said.

The menisco acts as a distributor of cargo for all the weight of the body. You think that it is like the appendix and that you don’t want to miss it.

But now I know that only a little dessert in the menisco -generally causal for a deporti- lesion- aumenta el riesgo de arthrosis more appropriate, you have eliminated the Danish team. On the other hand, the lack of use can also provoke the disengagement of the meniscus and increase the risk of arthrosis.

The team of Adesida has released the title of the manisco of bioengineering cultivated to the extracellular cells of the meniscos given by individuals through the demos sanos.

The hope is to reimburse someone who took over the median transplanted, preventing the despair of the arthrosis de mother.

To experiment with the differences of sex, the team studied as a function of bioengineering in repos and in the conditions of cargo and mechanical loading.

For the cargo, use a device that hydrates the pressure of the cells. To download, watch the cells in a bioreactor designed by NASA to imitate the conditions of great pregnancy.

“Our experiment of loading and unloading imitates what we really believe in a clinical situation in which it is possible to disarm the arthritic changes in mother induced by microgravedad in los vuelos espaciales “, comment.

“I’m helping you have relevant human models to study arthrosis de mother in the future. And our investment has its benefits in the land as well as space “.

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