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Don’t talk about it, but it doesn’t work. There are also men in the middle of the world who love the deaths of alimentary pastures, as well as the number and number of accents. Anorexia, bulimia, aracones, purgas and vigorexia, can affect the health of the man and include the opposite of life, with our misfortunes and signs that the women

Aunque la prevalencia -el numero total de casos de trastornos de conducta alimentaria- es mucho más baja en hombres que en de las mujeres, según afirma la doctora Rossana De Jongh, you have always observed an incremental tendency. Asi lo he determined la National Association of Trastornos de la Alimentación de Estados Unidossena selala que 1 de cada 3 personas con trastornos de conductina alimentaria es hombre.

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Assimilation, an article published in the Revista Estadounidense de Salud Masculina señala que si bien en algún momento se consideraron raros los desordenes alimenticios en hombres, “existe evidencia significativa que los revela como un problema emergente de salud masculina. Ya no es sostenible ni seguro suponer que los hombres representan una proporcionon insignificante de pacientas con TCA”, And recommends the boarding of different children, as well as the general knowledge about the topic, and the practices to accelerate the recognition, diagnosis and inclusion of the design of specific treatments for masculine patients.

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As for the women, the social networks have represented a negative aspect in the perception of the natural acceptance of the body, through the divulgation of non-commercial parameters; The men are also in charge of being bombed with ideal corporeal ideals. About all we know is the important references to men very muscular who want to be synonymous with beauty, health, excitement y otra larga fila de conceptos positivos.

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Additionally, the stigma of loving men in the face of this type of problem is that it is in the time of permanence calados, occulting its symptoms and sensations in relation to food. Culturally, it is assumed that they do not offer these trastors.

Rossana De Jonghwho is a medical nutritionist, specialist in psychiatric sports, explains that the houses and men are my common communities because you can know a genetic predisposition, you are not exposed to social factors that can be disenfranchised.

In addition to men, I was watching every month when I had to go back to my wife’s doorstep, so she could say that the mayor of the country had a social burden of being a bodyguard to be accepted as well. Mintras que para el hombre se hace cada vez maš intenso un requerimiento de ser fuerte. “The patron saint of corporal beauty for women, all in the western culture, is longitudinal, less than the man’s patron saint. This way, para el hombre, el ser delgado puede ser asociado con fragilidad o debilidad, y es por esto que es menos frecuente que el hombre se someta a una restricción oa un régimen extremo para llegar a la delgadez ”, dice De Jongh.

“When we advertise diet announcements or recommendations for advancing the protagonist figure to a woman. This indication that, in general, the man is less than one of the factors that can be disenfranchised. Sin embargo no está excluido que en algunos casos, por ejemplo, una disciplina artística o deportiva, pueda estar más expuesto a esa exigencia de alcanzar y mantener un peso para desempeñarse con éxito. You can be the owner of the gymnasts, the boys and girls who will stay to support the weight that requires your category ”.

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On the other hand, the doctor said a point that is not described in the manuals of psychiatry, but that the protagonist is a pilgrim. “Se trata de la vigorexia, el cual pudiera estar relacionado con el trastorno corporal disorientation en el cual el hombre, sobre todo, se somete a un régimen muy estricto y exigente de ejercicio físico para ganar masa muscular y definirse, pero estos son terminos más difusos que, aunque ameritan mayor estudio, nos indican que hay puntos de alerta para determinar that a patient can be within the body of corporal dysmorphism ”.

In this case, the patient is able to have the thoughts that he wants to think that flaco is synonymous with being a fool, being a woman and making a decision to make fun of him. Under the symptoms and signs you can observe an exaggerated number of training hours, the person is able to act on his activities, he can stimulate changes in his hormonal processes. We would like to see a trastor that can take care of life.

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But he spoke a lot because he had a problem, which he had to associate with the mental health of the woman, but he really had to deal with mental misfortunes. De hecho, a studio de 2018 ya destacaba que casi un tercio de los adolescentes de Estados Unidos tenían INTERES en desarrollar su musculatura y aumentar de peso.

The trastornos de conducta alimentaria son una poderosa amenaza para la salud mental de hombres y mujeres, le pueden ocurrir a caququiera, y deben ser abordados desde distintas áreas como la nutricional, la psikológica y la emocional.



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