List of convocados de Perú para partido vs. Uruguay and Paraguay: declarations by Ricardo Gareca at a press conference FOOTBALL-PERUANO

No surprise because I trust the base to reclassify the World Cup classification. Ricardo Gareca There was a press conference in the village of La Videna, where everyone spoke: Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfán, the present of Gianluca Lapadula hosted the fiction of Cristian Benavente of the Lima Alliance. El ‘Tigre’ dio 29 nombres en su lista de convocados, para los duel dulos frontu u Uruguay y Paraguay, que se disputarán por la última jornada doble de las Eliminators in Qatar 2022. We present all the declarations.

Minute by minute of the conference

  • About Chistopher Gonzales: “What we see inside the game camp, we taste it. Ojalá se le pueda dar la posibilidad de irse al exterior ”.
  • About Andy Polo: “It simply came to our notice then. I don’t have the security of the connoisseurs. It manifests itself against the violin, about all the women, but I am not the owner of what happened to me. Lo de Andy, she is extremely football-friendly ”.
  • About the laterals: “It simply came to our notice then. With Corzo, I give you guarantees that you can pay for the two parties. It’s what the doctor and the physician prepared for me. The lesson did not revise a pregnancy. In a case of no production that is not in the first part, it is Jhilmar ”.
  • About el hincha and Peru: “Our people who did not lose their lives. We can win in any script, but we also know what we can choose. Simply, I believe that in this last stage, you can do everything. All the weight to define a classification. Aquella selection that only has experience, but that separates capital, as well as the yield of the players. The feeling of solidarity that you have in the game camp ”.
  • About Benavente: “Let’s follow, we have all the possibilities of triumph. We prefer that this life is in the Peruvian League before Irish (Egypt). We think Andy. If he had continued, we preferred him. I hope to have enough of that. ”
  • About the chance to go to the World Cup: “We are in search of the second World Cup, the right moment, the contestant. We have great sensations, it’s a beautiful stage. Vivir processes that have the lens of alcance, are situations sought after by our trainers ”.
  • About Percy Liza:We believe that there is a great promise of football in Peru, but I have a lot to say about these two elimination games, but I have a motive to change the attacks, we decide to have this continuity. Let’s take Lisa as an important project, which makes sure to search. This is the ultimate part, we decide this ”
  • About Yoshimar Yotun: “I wanted to play for 90 minutes. Lo vimos enthusiastic, metido. We are definitely waiting for the game because it is important to respect the technical issues. Ojalá le toque la poibilidad de jugar ”.
  • About Christian Cueva: “We are always admired for you. Son de esos que tanto tiene Peru que habitualmente que está en la convocatoria. We are trying to get this right to be in the convoy. Always have responded and we are very happy ”.
  • About ‘Chacho’: “I want to argue with my colleague. For more information on international levels, there are reviews. We only need to know the interests of the Selection ”.
  • About the match before Uruguay: “Peru is not to be speculative, Peru is to save and win every game. Peru has something to be up to when it comes to success. Yo jamás tuve ese atrevimiento de leer el futuro. But sirvo para eso. Peru balances with South Uruguay with the best that you have and in the best state of form. We have a great respect for Uruguay, the Uruguayan player. We have a lot of fun for us ”.
  • About Paolo and Farfán: In the case of necesitarians, we follow the search for evolution. If you want someone to play football practice. Respect a little of the processes that inform our doctors. Hasta que yo no tenga una orden, no nos metemos en ese aspecto ”.
  • Gareca sobre el repechaje: “It simply came to our notice then. I don’t know the situation as I end the situation. The only thing you can say is that it’s a game. We don’t know what to do, we’ll be with all the pilasters. The ideal series of other scripts, but this one, is what you decide ”.
  • Ricardo Gareca about Lapadula: “I agree with you that the problem with the club has been solved in an affirmative way. We have the opportunity to work for 30 minutes. We want to see the theme of Lapadula so many years, see the theme of ‘Yohi’ in Videna. Let’s see how Arianca Gianluca is. I have to wait for him. I don’t have a strategic plan, the strategy has nothing to do with it. ”
  • The convoys of Peru: Pedro Gallese, José Carvallo, Ángelo Campos; Luis Advíncula, Aldo Corzo, Jhilmar Lora, Carlos Zambrano, Christian Ramos, Miguel Araujo, Luis Abram, Alexander Callens, Miguel Trauco, Marcos López: Josepmir Ballón, Yoshimar Yotún, Raziel García, Wilder Cartagena, Renato Pepárac, Sergio , Christopher Gonzales, Gabriel Costa, Jairo Concha, Christian Cueva, André Carrillo, Edison Flores; Gianluca Lapadula, Santiago Ormeño, Alex Valera.
  • We are a minute away from the meeting of the ‘Sele’ press conference.
  • The press conference took place in the middle. A lot of emotion for the list of convoys.
  • Peru is located in Uruguay and the Centenario de Montevideo, which is located in Paraguay in the last place of the Classifiers.
  • 20 minutes from the conference of Ricardo Gareca. All of Peru in the city of the numbers given by the DT of the Peruvian Selection.
  • We are 30 minutes away from the ‘Tiger’ from the last list of convocados for the present Eliminators.

Video of the conference

Present of the Peruvian Selection

La Selection Peruana se ubica en el quinto puesto de la tabla, con 21 puntos ya uno de alcanzar a Uruguay, rival al que enfrentará el próximo jueves 24 de marzo. If you have been to the last visit centers (before Venezuela in Caracas and Colombia in Barranquilla), what you see in Montevideo is not for cardiac patients.

The principal figures of the combined national team with wheels, in special, Gianluca Lapadula, who can take care of a gift with Benevento, a place of some misfortunes between ambassadors. No embargo, who is breaking the vienna Christian Cuevaquien ha marcado goles y assistencias en las últimas semanas.

Who also has minutes to play for the fans who will be killed Yoshimar Yotún: the last March was announced as a new Sporting Crystal fiction. El volante nacional estuvo preparándose en la Videna y jugando algunos amistosos, para estar presto para llegar directo a disputar cotejos con su nuevo club.

On the other hand, Uruguay is located with 22 points and empathized by honor, superiority with Peru’s creations in the classification; have the account that they want to eliminate the Eliminators before Chile. Mentras que Paraguay se encuentra con 13 puntos y su primer cotejo sera contra Ecuador en Asunción, para luego viajar a Lima para medirse contra la la ‘bicolor’.

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