Cultural, sports and recreational activities to enjoy the fullness of the city

In different points, during the holidays, Saturday and Sunday, the Municipality prepares an abanic of cultural, recreational and sports facilities for veterans and tourists. Además, has a new edition of the Feria Ciudad Diseño and Cervesas Artesanales in el Cambá Cuá. La Peña de Ciudad prepares a homenaje por el Mes de la Mujer.

The city is full of pleasures for tourists and tourists to be able to enjoy the week of multiple cultural, sports and recreational events. As always, the activities are totally free of charge from which you can participate in the established sanitary medics established by the coronavirus pandemic; in the cuales se pedirá carnet de vacunación o comprobantes de las applicaciones Mi Argentina o Cuidar.

As all of them, the Feria de Artesanos will take off at the Cabral beach, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. In the middle of nowhere, the majority and tourists meet with a great variety of products in wood, wood, tea, ademas of regional sweets, typical foods, ornamental and traditional plants.

In the brand of the activities of the Muse de la Mujer, the viernes of the 20, in the Casa del Bicentenario (Caracas 3,400 of the barrio San Gerónimo), the cycle “La Importancia de la Mujer en el Arte” is realized. In the morning, Alicia Rossi wrote and recognized the cultural writer. Also, the book “El Clan Ariam” by Luciana Ramírez is presented and the importance of women in literature is analyzed.

The Sabado Continuation of the Cycle of Narratives “Ñande Roega Ñe´ poty” at the Adolfo Mors Cultural Center (Pellegrini 542) starts at 7.30 pm.

In the sports hall, near the Municipality, in the club Boca Unidos (costanera Juan Pablo II and avenida Jorge Romero) you can get rid of the viernes 11 al domingo 13 el padne turneo de paddle Copa Sidespin. It is also said that the Sabbath of 14 and the domination of 7.30 in the beach Arazaty II -costanera Juan Pablo II and Necochea- tendrá lugar la Liga Nacional de Beach Cestoball (feminine and masculine), organized by the Confederation of Argentina Cestoball.

The Sabbath, in the Arazaty II beach sports district, is located on the 19th of the last Saturday of free zumba classes and Latin rhythms. To participate in these activities only that you will find a place in the established and summary schedule; respecting all the established protocols before the Covid-19.

Domingo desde las 19, en la playa Arazaty II, tendrá lugar la primera fecha de Súper Cardio, una decitivad deportiva gratuita en la que se pueden sumar personas de todas las edades y estará a cargo de la profesora Pamela Gerez.

Enough, as all the sabbaths and domingos, from 17.30 to 20, habilitará the practice of volleyball in the balneario mencionado, donde personal municipal presta pelotas, siendo la utilización de las canchas por order de llegada.

From the 19th, in the Cambá Cuá park, this Saturday is a new edition of Ciudad Diseño, an opportunity to find local entrepreneurs with quality products and good price. Between the events, most of the students can find an instrumental design, industrial, 3D impression, games, deco hogar, between other products realized by the current handlers.

In the opportunity, we enter the reconsidered women of business. Además, has artesian cerveza producers; an opportunity to taste the best local cerve and approve special promotions; como así también accompany gastronomic entrepreneurs.

Domingo desse las las 19, la Peña Oficial de la Ciudad suma su aporte musical con el el “Homenaje a la Mujer”, en el Paseo Arazaty de la costanera Sur. Between the events, this is the presence of the Malambo Femenino, the women’s group of Corrientes Baila, the folk ballet San Juan Bautista, the embassy Playadito with Nélida Argentina Zeno and with the special invitation Mariela Campodónico de Entre Ríos; además dirán presente Enzo Fernández “El pomberito de las 2 hileras”, Los Caminantes, Santiaguito Porras and Los Correntinos.

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