Caribbean Baseball: Puerto Rico & Colombia Classic has more than 2 teams

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In the aftermath of the infantry baseball, a question was taken: queuing teams from different countries to find compromises to increase the level of leagues, which is the age of the year and to create more international experiences. El Puerto Rico & Colombia Classic, an initiative of the Cangrejeros de Santurce, a series of answers. Pedro Salcedo Salom, President of Diprobéisbol, informed a Con Las Bases Llenas que Cangrejeros (PR) y Caimanes de Barranquilla (COL) no serían los únicos que participarían el el mismo entrel el 28 y 30 oktubre de est eño en San Juan, Puerto Rico, it is also the sum of Criollos de Caguas (PR) and Vaqueros de Montería (COL).

Puerto Rico & Colombia Classic has been born in the Caribbean Series of Santo Domingo 2022. Salcedo Salom is with Con Las Bases Llenas that lasts this event Cangrejeros le había ofrecido a Caimanes la invitación a este evento, donde se llevaron a cabo una serie de conversaciones para darle forma a la idea.

Without embargo, the decision includes the two teams (Criollos y Vaqueros). Hector Fabio Cordero, President of Vaqueros, confirm that this is the goal that will be accepted by the invitation to participate and that you will be able to realize the processes you want to do. La Diprobéisbol, commented Salcedo Salom, is this process, but it turns out all the guests of the Colombian ambassadors are corrected by the part of us and what the Diprobéisbol has not been in the economy.

Analyzing this panorama, ¿Podrán Caimanes and Vaqueros will meet the recurrences for it, finding out which Colombian Baseball Professional League does not generate big finances? Are you a member of these organizations, logically speaking, to meet all the people you want to have, which means that the processes in the Colombian inversion league are the most important in other leagues?

It is clear that an opportunity to be supported, but only because of these teams (especially in Puerto Rico, is not the only one in the Caribbean Series 2022 and that Colombia has an emergency baseball). , also called porque, in the house of Colombia, was given to know more. In the Caiman House, it is an organization known for its high monetary investment capacity; and for Vaqueros, he was able to lead the important processes and always contact with relevant figures (for some reason he also discussed the last finals in Colombia).

Este torneo, por otra parte, puede llamar la attención de otros equipos internacionales para también participar, aunque no se ha hablado de ello ahora. En el caso de la Lidom, LMP y LVBP sería difícil que participaran debido a que, aunque no se tiene establecida una fecha de inicio aún, para finales de oktubre ya estarían en competencia, además de que no se tiene certeza de si estaría abierto other nations.

In 2018, from 5 to 6 October, Tigres del Licey visited the Edgar Rentería stadium in Barranquilla to have a long series in Caimanes, a team that will end up winning the victory. Figures like Gio Urshela, Dilson Herrera, Tito Polo, Nabil Crismatt and Adrián Sánchez participated with Caimanes, while José Mosquera, winner of the Caribbean Serie 2022, was able to lead the barranquillero team.

Written by: Dayana Villalobos Dimare
Twitter and Instagram: @_dayanavdimare
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