Vegan beating for the post-trainings

Find a batter on the base of the remolacha and cherry acid, ideal for incorporating multiple nutrients to finalize physical activity. Do you want to try it?

Vegan beating for the post-trainings

Last update: March 10, 2022

Una vez que finaliza la rutina de ejercicios, it is important to recover energy and mineral minerals at the expense of alimony. Many people use isotonic babies for repositioning, but they also prefer rich rice and protein. Without embargo, it is possible to provide all the necessary nutrients to a vegan baton for the post-training.

The preparations are based on fruits and vegetables, such as breadcrumbs and cereals, in addition to the increase in muscle mass and favorite other aspects of sports performance. For other people, you have a very attractive kitchen, so you can use them.

Why bring a vegan beating for trainers?

Vegan vegetables are elaborated with components such as fruits, vegetables and vegetable proteins, which provide essential nutrients for athletes. Between your benefits take into account the measure of concentration, the increase of muscle mass and the estimation of sports performance.

Everybody is more athletic, so professional as a professional, he consumes what he knows as ergogenic aid. The term abarca differentiates nutritional, mechanical and physiological aspects that have the lens to increase the energy production of sportsmen.

In respect of the alimentary health care for persons who have physically exercised, the protected proteins should include various nutrients. For example, sodio, calcio, magnesio, potasio, creatina o vitamins B, C and D. These components are common lenses that of the hydration have the resistance of the mayor to the rapid recovery of muscular recovery.

Components and benefits of a vegan beating for the post-training

The next bathing is calculated on a removable base and it helps that it works as a complement to sports support. With only 143 calories and 6.5 grams of sugar per serving, you can convert to an ideal diet to recover nutrients from physical activity:

  • Natural B vitamins: obtenidas mediante extracts of guayaba, mango and lemon. Fundamentals for energy production.
  • Vitamin B5: also known as pantothenic acid. It is a waste of other essential nutrients for energy production.
  • Vitamin C natural from acerola cherry: the main shaper of the utilized protein for the regeneration of the pelvis, the tendons, the ligaments and the sanguine vases.
  • Vitamin D natural harina from UV treatments: Igual que el calcio, interviene en el mantenimiento de la salud ósea.
  • Remolacha y guinda: between its multiple benefits, the control of arterial tension and the contribution of carbohydrates that collaborate with energy production are included.
  • Vegetable soy protein (25 grams): fetal muscle support.
La remolacha is on the base of this recipe, contributing to micronutrients for muscular recovery.

Vegan batter preparation method for post-training

Admission of the multiple benefits for health and sports performance, the vegan beating on the base of the remolacha and the help of the team has a sensible method of elaboration:

  • Paso 1: aggregate soy protein sugar confectionery in a recipient with 300 milliliters of water. Mix well the ingredients. As an alternative to water, it is possible to realize the meat with lactose or oatmeal.
  • Paso 2: put the remolacha, guinda and la cereza en una batidora. Mezclar hasta preparar una bebida espesa, similar a un smoothie the lyceum.
  • Pass 3: add different fruits, vegetables or dried fruits to taste. We can modify the sabor and the nutritional portion of the vegan baton for the post-trainings.

Other recipes for beatings for deportees

There are alternatives for providing important nutritious energy to the students. If you are ready, you will not have the characteristics of vegans, which will contain it works like a good energy source. Someone is thinking about the pre-training, I want you to be able to finalize the physical activity.

Plateau beat

Consistency of pelarides and three of the plane trees, you can also mix them in a batidora junto with a natural yogurt, 2 cups of honey and cinnamon in the field. Lastly, aggregate 200 milliliters of almond juice.

Separate from a preparation thought to include an hour before the routine, thanks for the ease of digestion. Además, contains a good amount of potash, magnesium and carbohydrates.

The plane trees are the classic ingredients of the beaten and high energy.

Beat the dried fruits and water

Este batido se consigue pelando 50 gramos de frutos secos, entre los que pueden encontrarse cacahuates y almendras, junto con 1/2 aguacate. Luego, aggregator un platano, un puñado de arándanos y leche a medida.

Además de lograr una fuente de proteinas i carbohidratos, este batido aporta antioxidants mediante los arándanos. It is important to include one that will finalize the trainingsay that your components have the ability to regain energy.

Fruit beating

Another ideal for the post training contiene duraznos, melocotones i platanos cortados en trozos. All these ingredients should be added to a juicer with 1 liter of orange juice. Aggregate a fresco.

Don’t reheat the hydration

Other of the vegan beat sales for the post-training is gluten-free, as well as transgenic ingredients. Without embargo, it is important to have an account that is considered complementary. It’s significant that reimplaza el consumo de otros alimentos.

In addition, it is fundamental to hydration, durability and depressive activity. The water of the isotonic babies can be used, but all of the nutrients are prepared through ergogenic foods.

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