Vacation in Guanajuato initiates 10 of May for groups of 30 to 39 years

A new lot of 143 mil 118 vacuums of the brand Sputnik V y Cansino Bio arribaron al estado de Guanajuato to complement the evacuation scheme of the group 30 to 39 years of 16 municipalities of the entity.

To this day, there are 18 points distributed between the municipalities of Abasolo, Acámbaro, Apaseo el Alto, Apaseo el Grande, Comonfort, Irapuato, Jerécuaro, Manuel Doblado, Moroleón, Purísima del Rincón, Salvatierra, San Miguel de Alleasino, Juventano, Juventano, Juventano, Juventano, Juventano, Juventano, Juventano , Valle de Santiago and Villagrán.

The application will be available to stay on May 10 in a beach of three days with the possibility of extend or reduce the number of days depending on the population ratio. El horario es de 8 de la mañana a 8 de la noche,

It is important to consider the vacuum of Cansino is unidose, it is necessary to use a pharmacist to have immunity in the presence of the two cucumbers as other brands, but also the people who have received this vaccine and other laboratory laboratories.

For the Sputnik-V vacuum case, which lacks the different components for completing an immunization schedule, the question is exactly what we think of the Cancino vacuum, which is very important for the biological population to receive these biologics.

In the vicinity of the Gamaleya laboratory, it is applied in the municipality of Irapuato, in the vicinity of the vacuum of the Institute of Biotechnology of Beijing, destined for the 15 remaining municipalities.

Requirements and recommendations

It is indispensable that the persons present at the meeting with the representatives of the vacuums provided with the certificate of evacuation issued by the Federal Secretariat of Health on the portal or via WhatsApp en the number 56 17 13 05 57 of Dr. Vacuna.

Take the opportunity to return the goods with all your personal data.

The security of the site on the portal

Present good food and hydration

Download blouse or short cardigan

Read more, umbrella or umbrella to avoid exposure to the sun.

Leave a plume that complements the vacuum solubility format.

Vacuum points

Poliforum – Abasolo – Cansino

Comude – Acámbaro – Cansino

Deportiva “Manuel Ávila Camacho” – Apaseo El Alto – Cansino

Municipal Auditorium – Apaseo el Grande – Cansino

Unidad Deportiva Campo Azteca – Comonfort – Cansino

Deportiva Sur – Irapuato – Sputnik V, Ii C

Hospital Militar Irapuato – Irapuato – Sputnik V, Ii C

Uqi – Irapuato – Sputnik V, Ii C

Caises “Jerécuaro” – Jerécuaro – Cansino

Deportiva Solidaridad – Manuel Doblado – Cansino

Centro De Convenciones – Moroleón – Cansino

Municipal Auditorium – Purísima Del Rincón – Cansino

Caises – Salvatierra – Cansino

Comude – San Miguel De Allende – Cansino

Caises – Juventino Rosas – Cansino

Caises – Uriangato – Cansino

Unidad Deportiva “Santiago Lira” – Valle De Santiago – Cansino

Municipal Gym – Villagrán – Cansino




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