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Selling the statistics, University of Sports we are one of the three teams of most goal scorers (11 players) with three minutes of disputes over League 1. De esas ‘pepas’, Nelinho Quina, defensor central, hizo cuatro y es el makimo artillero del plantel hasta el momento. The demas are repart entre Alex Valera (3), Ángel Cayetano (1), Alberto Quintero (1), Joao Villamarín (1) and Federico Alonso (1). It turns out that there is a problem with the effectiveness of its attacks.

Enzyme, the technician Álvaro Gutiérrez I have a lot of fun and I love you for the lesson of Luis Urruti, for many, the best player in this arranque year. No embargo, las llegadas de Andy Polo y Rodrigo Vilcaambos yamadores para la offensiva zona, darían una solución en los últimos metros del campo.

Rodrigo Vilca: om acomodarse para meterse al once?

Even more utilized than extreme in English football, Rodrigo Vilca, a priori, tendría que acoplarse para ganarse un lugar en el once de Álvaro Gutiérrez. With a super-extreme team, including the league of Andy Polo, joven jugador tendría que ponerse como objetivo integrar el mediocampo de tres hombres que usualmente utiliza el técnico. With Piero Quispe and Ángel Cayetano, inamovibles en es línea, Vilca opuntaría a quedarse con el lugar de Gerson Barreto. On the other hand, with the view of Hernán Novick, there was also a gift of a headband for the charming singer.

At home to win a seat on the steering wheel, Rodrigo Vilca tendré que agregarle el ‘plus’ de la marca a su repertorio. In recent years, in England, in Doncaster Rovers and Newcastle Sub-23, I was always on hand, and in some other places like English. Vienna played 19 games in the last season, registering a goal and assists. A date that men have a contract with in 2023 with the English club, because their lens is still in Europe. For it, you need to sum up the minutes and recover your best version.

The options with Andy Polo

“We have to report and believe in the gangs. Apart, you have a goal, which is very important ”fueron las palabras de Ricardo Gareca about Andy Polo in full 2016 American Cup. Two days ago, it was about the epic fight before Brazil, giving the parade to Filipe Luís, for the unbearable goal of Raúl Ruidíaz which is part of the classification of the final quarters of the tournament.

Ahora, con la baja de Luis Urruti for the lesson, in the paper, Andy Polo tendría un puesto en el once, junto a Alberto Quintero. Obvio, teniendo a Valera como ‘punta’. Su velocidad, despliegue y orden tactico le vendría muy bien a la ‘U’, que reforzaría cualquiera de sus bandas con él. If it is the right one (the most probable), together with Aldo Corzo, it is a good tandem.

Cabe señalar que con Portland Timbers, Andy Polo terminó su contrato (la Major League Soccer también lo suspendió), luego de que fue denunciado por su esposa, Génesis Alarcón, por maltrato a la mujer.

A radiograph of a cream attack

Alex Valera: Your current statistics with ‘U’ are brutal. Register of 16 goals and 6 assists in 35 games, since the debut in 2021, participating in a goal each match and midfield. Apart, there is also an ‘amulet’, you can see what a celebrity, the cream of honor in an 83% of times.

More than the current season, Valera left 11 points in the last 10 free coaches, a tendency to be ratified by the selection of Ricardo Gareca, where there are 2 ‘pepas’ and 3 entries. In summary, the ‘9’ said that he was the main attacker of the attack, and at the same time he was guided by the technical respect of Alvaro Gutiérrez. “It is a great difference to mark, but it is very good with those who come from the front. Tiene buen cabezazo y siempre está exigiendo ”secured DT ‘charrúa’.

Joao Villamarín: For many specialists, ‘Villa’ is not used in the position of the best beach: the ‘point’, as the time of the race with Sport Boys, up to 11 goals in 22 games, while alone with the maximum artilleryman Luis Iberico (Melgar) y algo que le valió para llegar a tienda crema.

Con Valera como ‘9 ′, el técnico Gutiérrez lo viene usando más como extremo por las bandas, algo que repercute en su baja estadística goleadora hasta ahora: un tanto en 7 officio partidos. Joao arrancó en dos de esos duelos, sumando 239 minutos. Now, with the legends of Andy Polo and Rodrigo Vilca, ‘Villa’ tends to repotentiarse para ganarse un lugar en el once initials.

Alexander Succar: Quizá es uno de los atacantes más criticados, pues el hincha espera mucho de él: un ‘9 ′ que en algún momentu estuvo en la orbita para la selección de Ricardo Gareca. Succar apenas arrancó en uno de cinco official parties in this year, y las veces que entró como recambio tampoco fue la solución. For now, take the rhythm and don’t be “sweet” for the goal: your last celebration is in the past of the year, 3-1 against Cienciano. It is clear that it is a natural substitute for Valera; but to continue with its low level, tendría muy pocos minutos en el año.

The houses of Guillermo Larios and Tiago Cantoro

But the debutan is a year old, he doesn’t want a salieron on the list, but he has a piece of reclamation before any situation. Larios, 19 years old, 14 games in the past time and the trust of Gregorio Pérez. Sample ability, speed and a lot of temperament. You can play on the bridge as well as get rid of the costs. Además, cuenta con el plus de que aporta en la bolsa de minutos.

Enough, Cantoro is more ‘9’, a finalist of games. The year passed with a lot of games (89 minutes in total) and even a lot. In addition, DT Álvaro Gutiérrez also has options to reform the attack zone. Ojo que los juveniles Adrián Calero y Jorge Tandazo, con 20 y 18 yang, respectfully, also awaits patients for an opportunity.

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