Two trap alternatives, ‘CORA’ and ‘NOS DEJAMOS DE HABLAR’, the album

Here we are in 2022 with new topics, but we want to keep track of what we have

a special with Colombian discos (studio and EP albums) to be able to diversify the musical diversity of the country. You can also buy one eye

to the best of 2021 in this special . Here we present CORA de Polo y Teban.

  • We invite you to listen to our playlist Local Rearga and Amazon Music Colombia.

Seamlessly on the platforms, there are millions of songs, between the shocks of news Shock is enfoca en darle play a lo Colombiano. Polo & Teban will be part of these artists who will enter the competition for multiple reasons. The example of what we can do when we hear KU $ H CA $ H with Brokix, but now they have their official debut with CORA.

Let’s talk with them to have a panorama of our project.

  • What is the history of Polo and Teban?

Polo y teban is a story of two parts, two stones, two initiates. Los dos, a pesar de ser tan distintos sabían algo. Each of the contacts with the creator of his property is written, ambos podian podoan su su antojo su destino, pero juntos podían hacer algo mucho más grande, podían crear universos de sentimientos, mares de historias con las que lograran cumplir su misión, llegar a quie you need to listen to your messages.
In essence, we are young, with our problems, love, moments of sin and mental crisis, but also with our illumination and love of being a champion for this world. Polo and Teban are one of the best friends of the other planet who came with their stories to live the movie complete with the stars.

  • Qu What is your dream debut, what are your rhythms and how do you define music?

CØRA is very special for us to find the base to find out what we are exploring and evolving in our actual product. Nuestra onda es el Pop, tenemos mucha influencia anglo como referencia: Justin Bieber, The Kid Laroi, Skrillex, Avicci, Drake, The Weekend, Billie Eilish y otros más son algunos de los sonidos con los que crecimos y nos mantenemos.
Our ladder will also be included as an essential part of the sound that sounds and contrasts in our lyrics and melodic melodies with EDM and its futuristic tone this long year.

The work in conjunction with our producers and other producers has a fundamental basis for this, characters like Sabesdesebas, YOFF, J. Cavid and El Mismo Teban in his version of the producer’s part of our history also. We like to share with big mentes. Asi salen los PALOS.

  • Are we talking about CORA and the topics that are being treated here?

This first topic is an introduction to a first university in the world “everything is a good piece”, CORA it feels like a difficult situation at the end. All of us have this personality that can be seen in your life, but your fragments and fragments of the cortan of the mayor’s office and when the heart is beaten, the whole thing is still alive and for those who are going through this phase of the cycle. love game

This song is available to stop destroying the day and start, start the video without the song with this positive panorama, but we can say that this is the first entry in the final feliz of a vision without hope, the tambourine also has a lot to do with what we have prepared for this 2022.

  • What is the story of the video?

As we say, part of our essence is to create worlds and qualify CORA and his sentiments with an apocalyptic university in the land of Polo and Theban include the paper on the entry of travel agents who are searching for a hacker with intentions to decode the information to save the planet. El giro se da cuando está mente brillante del mal se enttera del plan de nuestros héroes y lo usa en contra de ellos para capturarlos y finalizar su cometido, llenar con un virus su esencia y dejarlos en un estado de daño critiko. What time is it now that the world is a pilgrim?

  • What are the plans for 2022?

The number 2 has been added to us for a significant symbology of our project, because it is implicit in our essence and we have to meet this 2022 as the beginning of a new era. By the way, we want to celebrate with gold brooches and ready meals at the end of this year our first album debut “NOS DEJAMOS DE HABLAR”. Esa vaina es un libro de historias y momentos, viene también con algunas colaboraciones bien duras entre ellos, claro, artistas muy hijueputas de nuestro CaliGang como Kuanb, los mismos BrokixX y alguna sorpresa que verán por allí.
CaliganG is alive and well.

What moment do you recommend listening to this song?

This first story is a grit of respect for love and its destruction, all of us feel sent and saved, trailed and abandoned, CORA es para pasar esos momentos en donde sentis que estás roto y porque no, pa ‘tirar la mala también si la quieren dedicar, pero ojo porque si la dedican es porque esa relación no puede volver a suceder. No sean tóxicos jajajaja.

Colombian music is ours!

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