The power of polo: the secrets of sports are exclusive

The formation of Alegría Assist Card (Instagram Alegría)

The teams. 4 jackets for loading. Every player plays a taco, pared to a golf course. The games are divided into as many times as possible – which are broken by chukkers – for 7 minutes. The lens: converts to an arc shaped by two members of the 7.3-meter distance between them. The queue year, gana. The basic rules of polo are simple and casually unique, but the polo envelopes many factors that are the game. The most important things are the propio game.

In the coquette barrio of Recoleta, in the majestic Alvear Hotel, on the terrace with impressive views, the presentation of one of the teams that made the most of the last years was realized. Alegría, que sumo appellido a su nombre y paso a llamarse Alegría Assist Card. The marks as part of the numbers of the different teams are a tendency to save. Ellas les deben la “banca” de la temporada de la Triple Corona, que reúne Tortugas, Hurlingham y Palermo, los maximos torneos locales.

The polo is a game and a tambourine that is unique to the rodeo. “The atmosphere is full of everything. It’s a very quiet atmosphere, which can be with the family and feel like the protagonists. the part of the social status. It is good that everyone can conjure up the perfection and every part of the party for the deporte. The parties that live with normalcy “, commented a Infobae The specialist periodical Darío Welschen, director of the Prensa Polo website, is a blog that reunites all of the auto tournaments.

Allege pretending to stop the champions of the world, Dolphin and Ellerstina
Allege pretending to stop the champions of the world, Dolphin and Ellerstina

In the terrace of Alvear there are many personalities of different variations. From fashion, Ricky Sarkany I can pass the watch and enter the conversation with the children of the guests. From the act, Facundo Arana está entre los presentes por su estrecho vínculo con el sponsor que le permitió escalar el Everest, el objetivo de su vida. The actor has to talk to Infobaebut your first phrase is that it comes down to what the polo is.

“When I arrived, I was coming to a place where I heard about the Everest escalation. Many of you have known that when you say ‘Are you going this way?’. Facundo Arana commented on mountaineering in 2003 and this moment is not a child. I had the intention to escalate the point of the highest world in 2012, but I did not have a long life, but this is because of the organization.

The new adventure of 45 days. “All of you think you don’t care. Todos los días era pensar en bajar y abandonar, pero me decía a mí mismo ‘quedate un poquito más’ y lo logré “, relata. Facundo Arana también es parte de esa diversidad que atañe al polo.

The formation of Alegría junto los Pumas Sánchez, Landajo y Creevy, and the actor Facundo Arana
The formation of Alegría junto los Pumas Sánchez, Landajo y Creevy, and the actor Facundo Arana

“The polo is a good deportation of a familiar tradition. It goes from generation to generation. You are the father of polo football, a sea of ​​amateur style, certainly playing polo polo “, Welschen explains. Argentina has a strong tradition in sports. It is considered the main potential of the world. Alegría es uno de los equipos que se encuentra maś search for destinations in Dolfina and Ellerstina, the eternal champions. Guillermo Caset, Hilario Ulloa, Fred Mannix and Lucas Monteverde conform to the actual formation.

Guillermo Caset, in the world of Polo in Guillermo, sino el Sapo. It’s a notable job that has a gala of your 10 handicaps, the maximum value. Hace tres años, el Sapo estuvo al filo de la muerte por una bacteria aircraft, llamada estafilococo aureus, what I did in a coma. It’s great to be sick and to be able to mount. . For that, as I say, I will not lose my strength “get emotional.

Accustomed to the real estate of the police, 70% of the population is caballos. The guardians who take care of the animal are orphered. “Those who have a high handicap have an improper preparation, with persons only dedicated to their care: every horse has a petite, which has a boss, veterinarians, men, a pilot (who prepares for competition) y después viene el jugador “, punctuated the Welsh periodist.

Hilario Ulloa is the best team member with 10 handicaps, other attacking players. This review is a qualification: “I have a responsibility. I am obliged to train every day to be a sample of the song”, he said. The team of complete Lucas Monteverde, the mayor of the experience, and Mannix, a Canadian who has 10 years of radicchio in the country and parece have learned a little about the idiom.

“Se dice que los equipos o jugadores no ganan plata. Y puede que sea cierto. Pero estos torneos lo juegan por prestigio y trabajo”, says Welsh. The handcuffs live by your handicap because of the position you can work outside. Discouraged patrons of contracted contracts for services to play with ellos. To live the game experience with the best. Además, el caballo también form a millennial industry. From the sale of pure blood, embryos and host clones of animals.

In the finale of an open house in Palermo, a cavalry insignia fractured. “Que lo salven como sea”, expressed by Adolfo Cambiaso due to the maximum figure of sports at the level of the World Cup, is not the case with Aiken Cura. The magic solution will clone the animal and, from there, the proliferating practice.

The event in Alvear ya llega a su fin. In the circular terrace of the canapés there are more exotic ones that have a view. The assistants dissect the small dialogues of the dialogue that have been formed and that the alley of the first spring is. Between the invitations, there are also three players from the rugby team. Martín Landajo, Nicolás Sánchez and Agustín Creevy, the captain, said: “I love to be a caballo, but I’m so angry that I’m peeing with the derecha. I’m too small with the derecha. I don’t want to go to the hut.”

Most of the differences between the sports teams, Puma found similarities between rugby and polo: . The climate of the imperial camaraderie between the Pumas and the polistas of Alegría. See, intercambian cells and get upset with a prom. Harmony in diversity. This is also a polo ball.


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