The plan of Australia to sacrifice 10,000 salmon caves and save their native spies

The Australian Governor is faced with a dilemma: ¿sacrifice the salmon cavaliers to protect native specimens, or give free rein to the ecosystem?

Between all the plants and animals that Australia has to do with the most endemic species of the world, the caballos no figuraban en su territory in 1788when a conjunto de once barcos británicos introdujo a los primeros ejemplares al continente.

From there, los caballos (llamados brumbies for the Australians) is extended beyond the south of the country, in a region delimited by the Alps of Australia, which concentrates the unica cordillera superior to the 2,000 meters above sea level in Australia.

More than two words, los brumbies they are an invading species que amenaza a la flora y fauna nativa de los Alpes Australianos. With a salvation of salvation created by the abandonment of cavallos, fugitives and perils, it is calculated that there are about 25,000 brumbies in the provinces of New Gales del Sur and Victoria.

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Y aunque los ecologistsas han advertido desde hace dekadas del peligro que conlleva el crecimiento de su población, considerada una amenaza para animales, plantas y el ecosistema nativo del Kosciuszko National Park .

The plan is consistent sacrifice 10,000 cavallos salvajes to control the population and avoid a major impact on the speculations of flora and native fauna. In a prime phase, the government pretends to relocate to the capital of salvation and private property, in a way that is particularly compromised to make a cargo of the lonely or the rest of their lives.

Without embargo, the deficit and the recurrences of the rebuttal of 10,000 cavallos salvajes obligan al gobierno to include in your plan a medica more drastically: in a case of no compulsion with the comet for the first life, the initiative contemplate sacrificar a la mayor cantidad de brumbies possible via air, dispatched from a helicopter.

“Sacrificar a 10,000 caballos no sera suficiente”: Academia Australiana de Ciencias

The initiative caused a revue in the community of science: if the population is well informed that it is more provocative to provoke the invading specimens and control measures that have been resolved in the mayor’s office, the experts consider that sacrifice 10,000 cavallos salvajes es insuficiente to minimize the impact in the environment.

In the finals of October, a group of 41 members of the Australian Academy of Sciences wrote an open-air chart conducted by the Minister of Energy and the Environment of the New Gales del Sur. In it, the companies insured to protect the animals, plants and the native ecosystem, it is necessary endure the medadas tomadas to reduce the population of brumbies.

Follow the projections of the scientific ones, the number of cavallos salvajes aumenta a un ritmo de 18% annual y ha ha multiplicado más del doble desde 2014 a la fecha. To continue this tendency, the population of beetles can be found 20,000 copies in 2022compromising the future of the Australian Alps.

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