The humo of bus chatters affect the pulmonary and heart

The chat buses are only affecting the population with the regulated constants, the service and the trips as “sardines”, which also contains the black man who emits a negative impact on the health. The pulmones and the heart are affected by the organs of the nocivas, explicitly the doctor Mabel Peralta, neumologist and coordinator of the Posgrado de Neumología de la Facultad de Ciencias Medécas de la UNA. Currently, there are many consultants in the field of air contamination.

The black humo contains various contaminants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, organic compounds and particles in suspension known as PM, for its English words, which is holly, polve, humo and otros.

These contaminants when you are at least 10 micrometers are very good for your health. “Because of what 10 people are generally deposited in the respiratory system. When more pecks are introduced in depth. When I was 2.5 or less, I could go to the torrents and only to the point of getting to the level of the pulmonary, but to the level of the heart ”, he warned.

The contaminated components are occasionally in the form of water; on the beach, a day long beach. It is also said that the most vulnerable people are children, adolescents, major people and those who have an ailment of the disease that causes asthma or the obstructive obstruction of the Chronic Obstructive Disease (EPOC).

“The law of these contaminating substances directly affects the superficiality of nasal and bronchial mucosa and provokes an inflammatory phenomenon.” The patient experimented with symptoms such as expectoration; catarrh without color, and respiratory failure.

The components of the night are sometimes patients with the presence of a crisis present or exacerbation of their pictures. These are the most important consultations for emergencies and hospitalizations. “Vulnerable persons can also cause respiratory infections due to contaminants that produce inflammation.”

A long time ago, in individuals predisposed to susceptibility to EPOC, “you can see that these contaminants can cause cancer.” Ante el elevado ambiente contaminado, la doctora Peralta, recomienda evitar hacer ejercicios o actividad física al aire libre en dias de intenso humo i estar informados con relación a la calidad del aire en las ciudades, antes de salir para una jornada deportiva o recreativa o recreativa.

“We want to be informed about what happens in the past, and there is an increase in northern contamination.” Patients with base diseases should be exposed to very contaminated areas. You have to pay attention to the symptoms.

ANNUAL CONTROL. In the Municipal Council of Asuncion, he was present for a minute of solicitation of the Intendencia, through the direction of the Ambient Gestión and the Transit Municipal Police, which will reopen the operations of controlling the emission of human negro from the circulating vehicles. city. It is also said that the mechanisms are in place to meet the requirements of the guidelines directed at this type of controls, in order to refer to the teams required to carry out the operations. The pedo fue presented by Juan Carlos Osorio (ANR).

Pilgrim in the transit

Bus vetusto choca y deja 13 heridos

A 37-C Line bus stop is located opposite a tree on the central road near Fernando de la Mora Avenue Bruno Guggiari, in Asuncion, and has 13 people.

Gerardo Aquino, Interviniente de la Policía Nacional, informed NPY that there were 12 passengers and the hereditary driver. Todos sufrieron lesiones leves y fueron trasladados al Hospital de Trauma.

Apparently, the driver checks the control of the public transport unit, carriage hall, sub-central and choke counter against the tree. But this involucrado is still born.

The conductor indicated to the interveners that the manor was going to pass a bachelor, but it was assumed that the accident was due to the cause of a mechanical defect.

The collective team has open communities in an uninhabitable place, which is more than just a conductor for the conductor for the use of the bus.

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