the hero that Spain wants to be a zombie apocalypse

Many years ago, in front of the fusion peloton, the captain Jan Lozano had to record that he was killed in the death of a man who died for a suicide mission. The example of Gabriel García Márquez’s speech – debatedly adapted – resulted in a demented demeanor tentation to meet her. But as soon as possible MalnaZidosa film about the adventures of the Civil War in Miki Esparbé, Franco’s official, was ingenious and recurring in the affairs of a republican militia party to find a mayor: a mayor of the city: like the skulls of the warrior, the dead levantan.

Basada en la novela Noche de Difuntos del 38de Manuel Martín Ferreras, the action we left on the third stage of the Reich to use zombies as a definite weapon.

In the Civil War

The Franks and the Republicans are trying to find a pilgrim mayor: like the hands of the aquella copla, the dead die

It will be the 11th of March.

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The film, which Javier Ruiz Caldera with Alberto de Toro made in the first instance as a codirector, translated from Spain by the bandas in arms as a context for a game of adventures that absorbs the fantastic, historical, dramatic and inclusive genres. torno a un guion con el sarcasmo de quienes no saben si verán el proximo amanecer.

The zombies, the fruit of a nazi experiment, are landlords.

The zombies, the fruit of a nazi experiment, are landlords.


For example, you can pay the price without having to repeat your questions: you can tell me this and save it. He thought he was an actor

Miki EsparbéActor

Miki Esparbé (Manresa, Barcelona, ​​1983) is licensed in Humanities before the actor – a candidate for adverbial and sentimentally temporally – because he has a well-informed role in working on the 11th of March. His father, master of art and painter of art, insisted that he study something conventional through his exposition on the project of life. Les hizo caso pero se salió con la suya: “Una vez que acabas de estudiar interpretación, cuesta mucho dar el paso y decir“ soy actor ”. He talked to his friends. For me there is a point of inflection: the first example is that I can pay the price without having to pay for it. Supe que me podía dedicar a esto y sobrevivir. I think you are an actor ”.

En MalnaZidos Asparagus is the sarcasm of the heroic hero, the one who celebrates the triumphs because of the demasado conoce bien el vinagre de la derrota. “Javier and Alberto have miles of references in the hut because we have a lot of money and talk a lot of humor in the game of sarcasm, irony and the pulses of those people who want to fight for the war. And we talk about the papers of Kurt Russell and Search in New Yorkde Harrison Ford como Indiana Jones and de Bruce Willis en The Jungle of Crystal”.

Aura Garrido es 'la Matacuras'.

Aura Garrido es ‘la Matacuras’.


Como se busca el ‘clickbait’, nos obligamos a sujetar los caballos a la hora de contestar. Finding the Leyes of the Market But It’s a Foam Because of the Soldiers’ Encounters

The film is also dedicated to the common sense and empathy is the best antidote against fanaticism. Miki said to himself: “I will always be very reasonable and planar to all the possibilities of any kind of my life. I am a methodical player with a lot of dynamics to work but I am not affected by the way I think about expanding my life. I don’t want to be killed in a gang ”.

Miki mastica cada frase, se le nota contenido. Discovery. His Twitter account explicitly: from the very beginning, a salute from the principle of Guillermo parece una peineta. And with tento. “As we search for ‘clickbait’ permanently, our profession must oblige us to search the cavalry choir. Finding the leyes of the market is a penny because we have a lot of money in an interview. Mira el caso de Luis Tosar con la entrevista por Maixabel… Fue muy injusto. We pretend to be proud of the great gifts we only want to promote our work, but not against it ”, laments.

The official at the end of the day.

The official at the end of the day.


Save the rest of the rest of the experience of the proxied Aníbal Ledesma in the series The innocent and the resulting result, together with my very competent skills The scavengers o Stories to sleep most of the time, he showed that he had the talent to seduce the cliché of resolute comedy actor.

I believe that the league is equal to me and defies me normally, I also created you. Igual otros le sacan more part pero jamás se me ocurriría decir “soy actor”

Well parecido, y con un sobresaliente 1,86 de estatura, tampoco encaja en el estereotipo de gallan de fin de semana ni siquiera con su profesión como imán para la conquista: “Si te digo la verdad, yo soy muy timido; I don’t know what to do next, but in my house. I believe that the league is equal to me and defies me normally, I also created you. Igual otros le sacan más partido pero jamás se me ocurriría decir “soy actor”. Come on, I’m dead to death! (risas) ”.

The actor, in a recent photo in Barcelona.

The actor, in a recent photo in Barcelona.

Roberto Maroto Polo

We will end up with something that is not possible. ‘I don’t have a lot of hair but I have a lot of things that I have, a lot of people have a character in the game. What happened to Miki Esparbé in particular? .

Miki specials about the following games: A man of action y Una vida no tan simple.

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