The dilemma of the physical activity of sedentary children: There are simple sectors that do not have a deportation offer or save the game

The pandemic in many senses has become synonymous with pants. Fire el mode in which the norm is lost. To contact friends and family. Also buy. And for boys and girls I have a lot of space to play, and one that also educates.

The virtue of great help. Without embargo, augmentation of exponential form of sedentary time. “There are studies that are great for a girl or a girl in Chile permanently. five hours before a pantyhose”, Explained Eugenio Merellano, Doctor of Physical Activity, Director of the EFISAL Investment Group and Academic Board of the Pedagogy in Physical Education of the Autonomous University of Talca.

Children and children should be able to live with me 60 minutes of time the game is structured to free air. Time that alone does not reduce the stress and anxiety, it is the opportunity to lose weight, balance, language and social skills.

Eugenio Merellano, Doctor of Physical Activity, Director of the EFISAL Investment Group and Academic of the Pedagogical Care and Education School of the Physical Education of the Autonomous University of Chile in Talca.

But because of the years, the little movement has become the norm. An investment in Spain, for example, determines that the collection of children implies a significant reduction in the level of physical activity with less than 43.3 minutes per day, y un aumento en la conducta sedentaria de less than 50.2 minutes per daywhich is associated with a reduction in the fitness of the cardiorespiratory system (physiologically related indicator with the maximum capacity of a person to consume oxygen as a response to the energy needs of the body) and muscle.

A complete panorama, because of the figures of infantile obsession, but not very talented. On March, the new Junaeb 2020 Nutrition Map was marked by “an act without precedents of obesity, especially the obesity of the north”. The prevalence rate of malnutrition is extremely respectable to the previous year alcanzando a 54% of the pediatric population.

Esos mismos datos indican que un 12% of the children before the day, 11% of the children and 10% in the first place have a high weight the mayor of the third level of the population that corresponded to his family. You are extrapolated to the infantile population of all countries, approximately 200,000 children and tender children obesity of the north. Pero, además, la mayor parte presentarían pre diabetes o diabetes 2, hypertension arterial, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.

The virtue of great help in a pandemic. Without embargo, augmentation of the exponential form of sedentary time and the use of pants in children.

With a great percentage of children and children with obsession, I can share the part of the day in the shoes of no one else. In this activity, which is defined as the time required to watch television and other devices available as cellular, the recommendation of specialists it is no exceda las dos horas al día.

Without embargo, the students in Chile have a lot of time to prolong their work. In intermediate studies between 6.1 and 5.3 hours diarrhea. The girls are currently playing video games and the girls are browsing the internet. 75% of people have a problem with their bed and sleep 60% of the information is regular, but I have a good night’s sleep.

This time is considered as one new variable in infant and juvenile healthpor ser una conducta que se asocia, entre otros, a patrones de dieta insanos, una pobre calidad del sueño, un aumento en el riesgo de padecer una infermedad cardiovascular ya mayor frecuencia de obesidad.

Physical inactivity and sedentaryism are some of the main factors in the risk of chronic illnesses in the Chilena school, Merellano said. Ambos is associated with un descent into the cardiometabolic health.

Conducts that depend on the age of obesity, probable diabetes mellitus, type 2 diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension, increase the risk of counteract viral infection, including Covid-19.

If the pandemic was in this case scenario of great immobility and few habits of alimentation derivatives of the confinement, it is a situation that aumenta hace años in Chile. Lamentablemente el mayor tiempo frente a la pantalla lo agravó con niveles de very active physical activity.

How do you motivate yourself to have more physical activity? Merellano indicates that in Chile he intensified his efforts to offer better conditions of life, generating public policy orientations to improve the health benefits of the school population, but there are still “indications of a serious inactivity”.

Merellano said that the results of the promotion of physical activity are centered in the situation of biological factors and conductivity of the population. Without embargo, you have tried to analyze the problem with one mirada global is very effective.

Human conduct is influenced by intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, community, physical and environmental, and specific policies. Each has an influential number of dominating the life of all people: occupation, transport, activities and recreation. “Intervene every day, be able to increase the levels of physical activity of the community,” said Merellano.

What are the factors that make real physical activity a reality? Merellano is childish: “Motivation and opportunities”. It is necessary to offer the children a healthy health that promotes only healthy health.

The promotion of physical activity in children and boys, says the specialist, should consider built environment: more green areas, cyclists, parks and inverts in safety for which people adopt healthy living.

I don’t want to repeat that I have more lessons because “it’s okay”. Merellano indica que hay que repent of the cities, the density of the barriers and cities: “It is tested that the zones with mayor density by metro square are the zones with economic resources and less physical activity and, for the opposite, the zones of the city with major areas of land and access to the physical activity of the mayors . The city and the barrier should be invited to the health center”.

The urban areas are an important element for urban development and the quality of urban life which repercute in the health of the persons. But it is not possible to have all the habitats that have equal access.

There are currently 20,004 beaches and 454 parks in Chilean cities. Figures 2019 of the National Desarrollo Urban Council, which shows that 7.6 million people live in communes with a district of the world that “is very busy” divide by the habitat number of the sea less than 10 m2 per inhabitant.

Solo 18 of 117 communes (11.6% of the population living in cities with more than 50 million inhabitants) purchased with this standard.

Figures 2019 of the National Desarrollo Urban Council, senalan que 7.6 million living habitats in communes with a superficial area of ​​the world that “is very poor” with the standard of surfing of beaches and parks within a divided municipality by the number of inhabitants sea of ​​less than 10 m2 by habitat. PHOTO: DIEGO MARTIN / AGENCIAUNO

The boys and girls are conscientious about water. In 2019, the results of the third round of the First Instance of the First Infantry Survey (Enpi) to consultants who are satisfied with the barrier where they live (children of 10 years), the general note of 5.9 (note 1 to 7).

Y los que viven en comunas más pobres saben que es algo que no tienen y añoran. A city of more green, with a mayor of vegetation, trees and flowers, are the elements that have the ideal bar for children and children, specialists of the Center for Desarrollo Urbano Sustentable (Cedeus), in October 2018 with students of the main goal of the College of the Quitalmahue de Bajos de Mena, Puente Alto, and what to ask: ó cómo se imaginan un sppacio público para compartir y disfrutar?

To reduce the indications of obedience and favor the physical activity, say the expert, to be included in soundness, quality and security of the interior. By example: cycles of quality and safety. “There are many cycles that do not come with the minimum requirements and denotate zero intervention of a specialist,” said Merellano.

Augmentar la offer deportiva y recreativa en los kolegios y motivar a los escolares a que realicen transporte activo a la escuela, son otras de las acciones necesarias. “It simply came to our notice then fathers have time to read. In this point, there is also a record of the lack of design in the fields of work of the fathers ”.

The boys and girls are conscientious about the benefits of physical activity. I don’t know what to do. The problem with Merellano is la lack of opportunities for practice.

In the middle of the years and years the Chilenos are created and can be found in the contexts of the conditions of the precarious species, which are comparable to those of other OCD countries. Various studios resaltan cómo los physical aspects of the barrier contribute to the benefitin terms of physical activity and good mental health, in the field of attractive places of interest, security and assistance to play, explore, walk or practice sports.

“There are sectors of the country that simply do not have a recreational or recreational offer, only salir de casa a jugar es peligroso. In these cases, the motivation to be the father, to practice physical activity with his children. It is the only form of children and children of the cross, having the health of the living as the center of the family, ”he said.

Pero las cifras establecen que pocos padres y madres dedican tiempo para jugar con sus hijos. The results of the 2010 Enpi show that a 10% jugaba with its hijos regularly. El resto declara hacerlo nunca o algunas veces (una o dos veces por semana). And one 57% do not realize sports activities.

This study is indicated as the reasons for laboratory jornadas, the incapacity to improve the space of adults with the eyes of children and design access to recreational facilities.

“The invitation is a check these indicators, promoting physical activity, exercise and sports, motivating our children and children in active transport, play and participation in sports ”, said Merellano.

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